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The PM’s XI, some thoughts

By johnboy - 11 November 2006 23

A vast plethora of news sources report on the titanic thumping the PM’s XI gave the touring English yesterday.

If Cricket ACT was not run by rude, unprofessional incompetents (earlier story and evidence) we could have brought you pictures during the day of the colour and movement in the crowd.

As it was Che and I did get a pair of tickets and attended in a non-reporting capacity from which I shall share some observations.

1) The buses actually worked rather well at getting us to and from the ground for $3 each way. It helps that we were meeting in Civic and going back there at the end of the day but it certainly beat trying to get a taxi.

2) It was amazing that so many people could get so profoundly drunk (the beer was expensive at $5 for a plastic cup but cool), despite rationing through the second innings, without any major agro.

3) Most of us in the crowd that I saw did indeed get astonishingly drunk. I now have an enourmous respect for the Barmy Army members planning to do this for five days in a row, five times through the course of the series.

4) The organisation of the food was pathetic. After standing in a non-moving queue for a long period of time eventually the hungry cricket fan would be told that what he wanted was no longer available, asking what they still had would get him a panicked stare, eventually get something and asking for sauce on it would lead to the discovery that they were out of sauce and didn’t know when it would be arriving. When trying to keep 10,000 drunks happy and healthy in the hot sun it might be a good idea to make it easy for them to get food in their stomach.

5) Finally, the colour and costumes in the crowd were a riot (I’m so very sorry we couldn’t share it with you), and the cricket itself was only marred by the miserable capitulation of the hopeless poms.

[Oh, I nearly forgot, the lunch break entertainment was not entertaining. It was boring and confusing. I don’t mind seeing the kiddies running around but could we not have 10 different games (including netball) going on at the same time with no commentary at all? Fortunately I’d brought a book]

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23 Responses to
The PM’s XI, some thoughts
Jey 4:32 pm 12 Nov 06

JB is much less the ‘proper cunt’ than you’d expect.
In fact, he doesn’t resemble much of a vagina at all.

Jey 4:31 pm 12 Nov 06

Canberra deserves better

That does make a good byline, though.

barking toad 1:45 pm 12 Nov 06

And as for “the sycophancy displayed by everyone to the all-wise JB” well that’s just pettiness by you pierce.

Never met the bloke. And for all I know he might be a proper cunt. I still enjoy RA so get fucked pierce.

barking toad 1:39 pm 12 Nov 06

Well pierce,I’d rather read what’s posted on RA because it gives me more information on what is actually happening in the town than the shit that is written in the canberra age. Robert Fisk pieces ffs!

As for Jonestown, the book says as much about the author as it does about it’s subject.

And if you don’t agree with what’s said on RA don’t bother reading it. You’re not a nohope advisor are you?

Jey 1:18 pm 12 Nov 06

pierce, thanks for the props, but Kerces also has journalistic credentials, she’s yet to graduate officially but those credentials are in the bag

johnboy 1:10 pm 12 Nov 06

Good to see you got that off your chest Pierce.

Can you point us to another online source that covered the match from the community’s point of view rather than a sporting contest?

That’s what we could have brought to the party and as previously stated we would happily have accepted a decision to refuse our media accreditation (something we’ve been given to other major events, ACT budget lockup, summernats etc).

But instead we were promised a reply and then never heard a peep. That’s rude and unprofessional.

As to my journalistic credentials, I guess 9 years in the press gallery keeping the nation’s government relations pros ahead of the loop isn’t enough for you, for that I deeply apologise.

pierce 12:46 pm 12 Nov 06

Oh for the love of God Johnboy, are you going to bitch and moan about not being taken seriously as a journalist or a serious media outlet every week now?

How exactly does editorialising on the work done by actual journalists (ABC, CT, SMH, shit even 2CC) and posting the odd report on something people saw as they were driving by the Lodge (a blurry truck with a log being loaded into it) or Christmas decorations at the Canberra Centre or most impressively, the appearance of the ramp to the carpark at the Canberra Centre give anyone here the right to claim journalistic credentials. (Ok, Jey aside perhaps)

Delusions of grandeur much? I would have thought that the Concatenate would have brought that back to Earth.

Yes, I enjoy the discussion of local events and issues, even if most of it is whiney in nature, politically slanted and underinformed, not to mention the sycophancy displayed by everyone to the all-wise JB. .

This frothing at the mouth about the “rude, unprofessional incompetents” at Cricket ACT because they refused to kiss your arse reminds me of another self-important media figure I’ve just finished reading about in Jonestown. (Of course, he has several thousand times more than 20 or 30 mindless yobbo rednecks feeding back to his rants)

Perhaps my rant would be better directed at him but that’s Sydney and Canberra deserves better.

vg 10:51 am 12 Nov 06

And the Poms were beaten by the Argies at Twickenham last night.

There is a sporting God

Growling Ferret 10:46 am 12 Nov 06

As one of the 10,000 who ended up enjoying (?) a Tooheys New or 20, I’d report that the beer lines were the shortest on record – they were well organised. Food queues were a joke – so most people on the soup gave up on eating and consumed more piss…

The poor lass at the Coffee stall never had a customer all day.

As for crowd disturbance, I didn’t even see a fight at the Kingo after the game – everyone was in good spirits and there was no agro.

I wish the PM’s XI was on every month. Although my liver, and my wife, would probably disagree…

johnboy 8:40 pm 11 Nov 06

I’m sorry to disappoint you Vic, but yes, I do read.

Vic Bitterman 8:24 pm 11 Nov 06

Nice followup Johnboy. Sounds like a great day afterall!!

Please set something straight though. Did you really “Bring a book” to read between innings??? Please say “No”.

We always laugh at those people who walk along in the shops in their lunchbreak reading a novel of some kind. Same for those sitting in the food courts, head buried in some sort of Asimov trilogy wishing they didn’t belong to this life.

Absolute, total losers, lunchtime book readers.

I’m sure *you* only said it as a figure of speech, right?? 🙂

resches 7:33 pm 11 Nov 06

is it like other events banning you from takeing in your own food and drinks? i know a bloke from work who went and smugled in a heap of booze

johnboy 5:24 pm 11 Nov 06



ant 5:15 pm 11 Nov 06

You’re plagiarising my suggestion for your report! You didn’t mention how much they would have charged for the tomato sauce, had they had any.

See, this kind of reportage reminds them what happens when disgruntled media are allowed to roam, unmanaged, through the event.

bonfire 5:14 pm 11 Nov 06

provision of food at manuka is ALWAYS a joke.

thye always run out of pies etc by half time.


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