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The possum torturers of Hughes

By johnboy - 18 December 2008 37

The RSPCA has broadcast its horror after a live scalped possum was found in Kitchener Street, Hughes and brought into them.

The little fellow had to be euthanised.

Shame Hughes, Shame!

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37 Responses to
The possum torturers of Hughes
pinklink 3:34 pm 18 Dec 08

Thanks for people’s thoughts and interest in this story. I’m CEO over at RSPCA, I’ve seen the photos and the possum, incisions are neat and tidy and symmetrical, almost surgical. What was done was done by a (low life scum) human unless there are some pretty handy knife wielding cats out there!!

peterh 3:22 pm 18 Dec 08

Duke said :

Erm, here’s another thought, it was a cat, not a person! We’ve had several local possums shredded because some rotten pet owners refuse to bring their cats in at night.

not too expensive for the cat owners to buy and install a cat run. I did. though my moggy would have a cardiac just trying to catch a cockroach.

Duke 3:19 pm 18 Dec 08

Erm, here’s another thought, it was a cat, not a person! We’ve had several local possums shredded because some rotten pet owners refuse to bring their cats in at night.

AussieGal83 2:47 pm 18 Dec 08

Good advise poptop.
Done and done.

jake555 2:45 pm 18 Dec 08

Apart from the obvious horror, I find it particularly sickening that the poor creature was still alive. It makes me hate people.

FC 2:39 pm 18 Dec 08

reading this acually made me feel physcially sick

54-11 2:18 pm 18 Dec 08

Um, just a thought, the perp may very well not be from Hughes. These crims travel around the place a bit, you know.

Having said that, I believe that a possum fur industry (and possibly possum stew as well) would be a good thing. Provided it is done humanely, of course. Same as roos – rather than culling and disposing of these animals, they should be put to much better use, particularly as we are now well into BBQ season.

ant 2:18 pm 18 Dec 08

Re putting Wildcare’s number in one’s phone:
I found a roo that’d just been hit by a car on the captain’s flat road one morning recently. He was a big one, and was lying propped up on one elbow, stunned and puzzled why he couldn’t get up. The car was still there. I don’t have signal at that point so drove up the hill (about 500 metres) and called Wildcare from there. The lady said I was the 5th person to call about that accident! So evidently many locals heeded the advice to program in Wildcare’s number.

poptop 2:10 pm 18 Dec 08

While it’s at the top of your mind, punch these numbers into you mobile and/or stick them on a Postit Note in your glovebox

For injured wildlife please contact these RSPCA numbers:
02 6287 8113 (Business Hours)
0413 495 031 (After Hours)
Animals found in NSW: Wildcare on 6299 1966

When you see an injured animal you won’t want to be faffing around looking for the numbers.

ant 1:52 pm 18 Dec 08

There are some fiendish, evil people walking among us.

toriness 1:37 pm 18 Dec 08

i was at the old canberra inn last night sitting under the giant vine out the back beer garden and one of the resident possums was hanging out right near us – it was so cute!!!! i can’t comprehend feeling the need to hurt one at all 🙁

peterh 1:37 pm 18 Dec 08

regardless of how it has happened, it sickens me at the thought of that animal in such pain…

toriness 1:35 pm 18 Dec 08

awful 🙁 animal cruelty is such a sickening cowardly act.

New Yeah 1:35 pm 18 Dec 08

I hope that it wasn’t a person that did it. Very poor form.

Gobbo 1:34 pm 18 Dec 08

Do they know whether it was scalped by a person, or whether another animal had managed to take the scalp off?

I once knew a cat that used to take the scalp and ears of bunnies regularly.

The bunnies never survived though.

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