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The Pratt calls for roadside drug testing

By johnboy - 6 July 2006 49

Steve Pratt is warning us that drastic action is needed to stem the tide of drug addled maniacs behind the wheels of cars on our roads.

The evidence points to a growing problem with drug driving across the entire country. No state or territory is safe from drug drivers

More people are taking drugs? More drug takers are driving? I’m at a loss as to how this can be a rising problem.

But as Steve’s solution is random testing of drivers for drugs, what it’s really about is unwarranted searches.

With Random Breath Testing for alcohol we bought a little safety at the expense of an essential liberty (to not have searches performed until there is positive reason to suspect us), but at least the actual drinking was not illegal, just the driving when drunk.

Anyway I’m sure the safety nazi’s will be thrilled to see liberties further eroded for a minute hypothecated statistical improvement in road safety.

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
The Pratt calls for roadside drug testing
Thumper 12:58 pm 06 Jul 06

And a big brown suit that seems just a tad too big….

barking toad 12:54 pm 06 Jul 06

and he doesn’t have a porn star mo

barking toad 12:53 pm 06 Jul 06

No. If he was he’d be pushing for .15

SLBrown 12:31 pm 06 Jul 06

Is barking toad really hargraves?

Growling Ferret 12:16 pm 06 Jul 06

I did see a motor cycle copper checking speed on ANZAC parade this morning, holding his laser. Are cameras attached to this, or was he just doing a baseline to prove everyone drives along at 70 down the hill?

Thumper 11:39 am 06 Jul 06

Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Can’t even send em to a panel beaters, they go there smashed and get hammered there as well. And come out with a nice afterglow….

Ari 11:27 am 06 Jul 06

Won’t work, thumper.

Cars in wreckers’ yards still tend to get hammered.

Thumper 11:24 am 06 Jul 06

Stoned cars should be locked away in a wreckers yard until they learn their lesson.

Absent Diane 11:02 am 06 Jul 06

drink driving generally is a lot more dangerous the drug driving. But then again it does come down to the driver….

ant 10:58 am 06 Jul 06

Too right, Bonfire. I have not seen the police doing any actual road policing in years. Just sneaking around with speed guns blazing (and those are usually either cameras, or civvies in white vans).

QBN has a few cops around the place, and when one is spotted, see all the tailgaters fall away!

caf 10:57 am 06 Jul 06

Maybe they could show that it’s about road safety rather than unwarranted searches by allowing that evidence of drug use collected by a random drug test can only be used to prosecute drugged-driving charges.

barking toad 10:31 am 06 Jul 06

What’s wrong with a policy of testing for drugs whenever there is a test for alcohol. Why should us drinkers be singled out for punishment?

And, slightly off topic – the limit for seasoned drinkers should be .10. Leave the .05 for the alco-pop guzzling kiddies.

bonfire 10:14 am 06 Jul 06

if i saw more POLICE cars on the road PULLING OVER idiot drivers for offences which cause accidents, such as inattention and dangerous driving, perhaps i’d think politicians really cared about reducing the road toll and not reducing my liberty and increasing their revenue.

andy 9:54 am 06 Jul 06

my drug taking days are pretty much over, but,
the number of people i know (myself included) who drug drive, is huge. mainly because we all know that, at present, you can’t really be caught for it.
I’ve been pulled over a couple of times on my way home, and while it was clearly obvious, i don’t think they could do anything. in fact, right out side the city watch house, sent me on my merry way.

People will continue to do this, just as they continue to drink drive.
The problem is that drugs stay ni your system for much longer, and can prevent you from driving the next day, or whatever, due to the length of the halflife

Ari 9:52 am 06 Jul 06

There’s no need to test, the way many Canberrans drive it’s safe to assume they’re on drugs all the time.

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