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The Pratt v. The Cabbage – Set a (s)Pratt to catch a mackerel?

By johnboy - 27 July 2005 9

Our elected leaders appear to have taken leave of their senses as Liberal MLA, and seeming despiser of all civil freedoms, Steve Pratt, has decided to attack the Chief Minister for not sufficiently condemning terrorism. Now many of us feel the Mr. Stanhope has not been sufficiently held accountable for a chunk of the city burning down, but (foreign policy forays notwithstanding) it’s really not something he’s supposed to be responsible for.

Not to be outdone in rabid hyperbole the Chief Minister had this to say:

“Mr Pratt will one day discover that noxious ideas are best demolished by rational dialogue and convincing argument, not by censorship and bonfires in Garema Place

My! Bonfires in Garema Place!

Frankly though, Steve Pratt’s jackbooted ideology has opened him to this sort of attack.

The Chief Minister’s committment to civil liberty is admirable and consistent. If the Liberals were worthy of the mantle of either Liberal, Conservative, or Tory their’s would be too. A right wing party that has no care for these things begs comparison to the fascist monsters of the past. The titans of conservatism, Lincoln and Churchill, took the sword (literally) to such as those.

What’s Your opinion?

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The Pratt v. The Cabbage – Set a (s)Pratt to catch a mackerel?
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bulldog 1:39 pm 29 Jul 05

I think at that level they should be above name calling; unless it involves four letter words which aptly describe one’s odour, aesthetics or attitude.

Mr Pratt should look further than his trusty (and no doubt well read) copy of “The Tonka Book of Insults”.

Pack of bitches.

Thumper 2:46 pm 28 Jul 05

Its the same sort of thing that when you are losing an argument, simply call the other person a fascist.

They will then spend a few minutes working out what they said to make you think that and in that time you can reconstruct your argument and get back on top.

or so it goes…..

RandomGit 2:35 pm 28 Jul 05

isnt there some debating rule about once you compare someone to a nazi, you basically lose the argument ?

Godwin’s Law.

On a related tangent, Hitler is a fundies dream when debating the basis of good and evil only truely deriving from God. Godwins Law is especially useful in these occasions.

kimba 2:28 pm 28 Jul 05

I’d like the idea of a bonfire in Garema as long as Stanhope is strapped to a stake in the eye of the fire.

bonfire 9:40 am 28 Jul 05

what a ripper. classic angry man. isnt there some debating rule about once you compare someone to a nazi, you basically lose the argument ?

having traversed europe and visited several industrial scale murder establishments euphemistically referred to as concentration camps, i dont see how pratt can be compared to that gang of bavarian monsters.

choose your insults a bit more carefully mein kapitan.

bonfire 9:38 am 28 Jul 05

i am not in Garema Place.

Thumper 9:00 am 28 Jul 05


book burning is a very disturbing thought….

Thumper 8:58 am 28 Jul 05

I thought Stanhope went a bit over board when comparing Pratt to Hitler, Stalin and Lenin…

Maybe that’s his sense of humour?

Yeah, I’m in. I want to be Minister for parties, music and cricket….

bulldog 8:51 am 28 Jul 05

I for one am excited about the prospect of bonfires in Garema Place. I reckon that when a mob is angry enough they can be talked into doing anything…

At this point we can march on the Legislative Assembly and take control of the ACT.

I want to be minister of keeping it real; but you’ll have to put me up in a govvy house.

Who else wants in?

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