The secret symbolism of Canberra?

johnboy 7 January 2008 12

Do you have six minutes of your employer’s time to waste?

Of course you do!

Someone called Hookman101 has posted video demonstrating how Canberra is a nest of occult symbolism (or possibly simple geometry).

It’ll make sense without audio so enjoy, but if anyone can place the theme music I’d be interested to here (Some Michael Bay thing?)

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12 Responses to The secret symbolism of Canberra?
Eyes Eyes 12:30 am 11 Dec 07

Check the 1994 book by Peter Proudfoot “The Secret Plan of Canberra”. He says that the Griffin design for Canberra contained hidden symbolic elements.
Using Marion Burley Griffin’s original drawings as evidence, Professor Proudfoot concluded that the plans were based on sacred crystals and the principles of sacred geometry or geomancy including Chinese feng shui.

Neocom Neocom 9:19 pm 10 Dec 07

Canberra the looper capital of the world!

pauljamieson pauljamieson 8:30 pm 10 Dec 07

look at “mount ainslie” -Canberra- on google earth, you forgot the snake path dude…
which aligns perfectly mindway into the “piradmid” —“kundalini serpent power” any
one? bringing to power “up thu the spine and bringing it into the third eye..
also, actully Also, the top of pailiament house is the face of —— you be the judge… two horns… third eye… two eyes.. you’ll see…..

dobaman dobaman 9:29 am 05 Dec 07

It is so obvious now. Burley-Griffin was behind 9/11. Wake Up Sheeple!!!!!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 1:35 pm 04 Dec 07

What about Lake George: one minute full of water – next minute empty?

Mmmm, I smell pentagrams here.

Thumper Thumper 1:12 pm 04 Dec 07

Yeah, my favourite underground US alien base….

They are there you know, I read it on the internet…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 12:50 pm 04 Dec 07

And not one mention of the ‘sinister’ Belconnen Naval Station: is this a conspiracy within a conspiracy?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 12:19 pm 04 Dec 07

What the hell? Kabbalah’s like that fashionable religion all the celebs are into. Masonry is a silly little boys club where they may or may not have butt-sex with goats or whatever the hell. Whatever they are, this is the most insanely stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

Want a real conspiracy, nutcase? Look at that damn brethren. Fund conservatives, don’t vote, are incredibly rich and religiously weird. Isn’t that enough? Goddamn spoiled conspiracy theorists! They all want the Illuminati!

Thumper Thumper 11:32 am 04 Dec 07

Damn, I love a good kooky conspiracy theory, pity I can’t watch it…

burninator burninator 11:32 am 04 Dec 07

… yeah, and Moby Dick predicted the death of Princess Diana.

He could have saved us 5 minutes, and just written “geometry exists” with some pirates-of-the-caribbean-esque music.

pierce pierce 11:25 am 04 Dec 07

Newsflash – architects use shapes.

Now I love a good conspiracy theory as much as (and probably more than) the next guy but there are a bunch of shapes here that barely even match up.

It’s nice to see that we’ve evolved from densely handwritten screeds stuck to powerpoles but this is lame.

caf caf 10:48 am 04 Dec 07


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