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The tale of the cursed dress

By lastresort - 1 September 2008 30

I really shouldn’t bitch, I should just let this go, but I can’t. I need to vent, and take comfort in the fact that my experience may deter others from making the same mistake I did, and shop at Soho and Momento.

Two weeks ago I bought a dress from Soho for a wedding I attended last Saturday. The dress was not cheap, and needed to be altered and dry cleaned which the young saleswoman assured me would be done by Thursday at the latest. Thursday rolled around, and no word.

Friday arrived and I called the shop, asking after my dress. No one seemed to know, then the penny dropped and oh yes, they discovered that it wasn’t ready for me to pick up. The young girl politely asked if I could pick it up from the drycleaners on the Saturday. I politely said no, that I was expected at a wedding at that time, hopefully wearing the dress. Instead of an offer to make it up to me, I was given excuses, I was told that they were having trouble with their staff, who had trouble writing down the details.

How the hell is that my problem?

It was only when I made that clear to her that she said they would organise to have the dress delivered to my home early Saturday morning. I thought the ordeal was over. Think again.

I get a call late Friday from the manager/owner saying the dress is ready to be picked up from Manuka early, so in I swing, expecting to be able to put this experience behind me. No. The dress isn’t there. It’s at the store in the city. Right, I think. Keeping calm, thinking happy thoughts.

Saturday morning, four hours to wedding, I’m sitting outside the Soho store at 9.30 in the city waiting for it to open. 10 o’clock approaches and still no sign the store will open (even though, it advertises a 9.30am opening time). I then call the manager, who tells me, no the dress is in Manuka. So, I drive over to Manuka to pick up the now cursed dress and expressing my disappointment at the way this whole ordeal has played out.

Of course there was an apology and plenty of excuses, but no offer of good will. No “what can I do to make it up to you”. Nothing.

Whatever happened to customer service? There is no way this would happen in Sydney or Melbourne.


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30 Responses to
The tale of the cursed dress
Fiona 8:54 pm 01 Sep 08

awww 🙁 I’ve only been in there once, and I had a good experience. Mind oyu I did do the walk in feeling like crap, got befriended by the girl… and she actually told me that some of the things looked crap, so I bought one of the things that looked hot.

Glad I didn’t need a rushed alteration though

ant 8:42 pm 01 Sep 08

I hate it when people in shops come and bother you. I shop on weekends, in my best torn up tracky dacks and rude t shirt. It doesn’t work in Manuka though, they zero in on you anyway, befriend you and produce stuff that wasn’t on display and you walk out with 3 pairs of bloody italian shoes. I never learn. It happened again last weekend. I’m going to wear a I (heart) Queanbeeeyyaaaaan t shirt next time, that’ll scare them off.

OzChick 8:36 pm 01 Sep 08

Damn, those dresses are NOT cheap…

I would have asked for a refund, for the shoddy service…

Yes, I would agree that those girls in those stores are really pushy…

rosie_bubz 8:25 pm 01 Sep 08

yea i find that whenever i do enter momento they are to busy talking to each other and never offer help…
if i ever do need some new clothing, momento is my last last last choice

Whatsup 7:52 pm 01 Sep 08

In Sydney or Melbourne you would find yourself driving at least an hour between stores for a similar run around. Your frock adventure sounds lousy, but its not a Canberra thing.

I hope after all that it was a good fit and / or you had an excellent day.

BigDave 7:48 pm 01 Sep 08

Of course it wouldn’t happen in Sydney or Melbourne! Perish the thought! They are just too perfect…

dragonflygal 7:36 pm 01 Sep 08

A friend of mine found her wedding dress at Momento over 5 years ago, and due to the lack of service and professionalism from the staff, actually ordered it directly from the manufacturer.

Obviously no improvement there!

AussieGal83 7:28 pm 01 Sep 08

Thats just awful. You’re right, there is no such thing as customer service these days.

ARTistic-U 6:53 pm 01 Sep 08

So then, after all that running around, did the dress float around you like a boat sail?

Thanks for the heads-up.

Pandy 6:31 pm 01 Sep 08

Will tell Momento about this.

New Yeah 6:17 pm 01 Sep 08

“The tale of the cursed dress”? To be honest, I’m a wee bit disappointed! Where are the supernatural shenanigans? And no Jackie Chan-esque wacky hi-jinks (see ‘The Tuxedo’) either.

Scissors 5:26 pm 01 Sep 08

I had a very similar experience at Momento. At the time and I vowed not to shop there again, but since it is one of the only shops in Canberra with a decent selection of women’s clothing I have gone back. I wouldn’t get them to arrange the alterations again though.

peterh 5:20 pm 01 Sep 08

it does happen in sydney or melbourne. BUT, there are more choices to go and buy elsewhere.

canberra is so small, that you would think that these people would work out that you have told at least 1,000 people through your post.

maculicauda 5:15 pm 01 Sep 08

What a crappy experience! I personally find the sales assistants at Soho and Momento a little pushy at times. They tend to stalk you around the store offering opinions on every piece you pick up. Or on the other hand they’re too busy talking to each other to offer any service.

jessieduck 5:14 pm 01 Sep 08

Sounds like very shoddy service but I hope youhad a great time at the wedding and enjoy wearing the dress in the future. Let it go- I can completly understand the stress but in the grand scheme of things…

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