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The top secret night club finger print machine?

By johnboy - 5 December 2008 47

On the ongoing saga of night club finger printing, PM has posted an account of his efforts to document the process:

    “A few weeks ago I tried to take some photos of the machine and I was asked by a bouncer to stop because it was private property 🙂

    So, appreciating the opportunity to further highlight the irony of the situation, I tried to take a couple of photos of them. It was probably a bad idea, but until that time my friend and I were just being lighthearted.

    They chased me and my friend across the road where we stopped at a police van – no police around, but things calmed down. We figured the police would be nearby, and no bouncer’s going to attack a couple of blokes right next to a police van.

    I was told that if I ever came back they’d bash my f**king head in, or words to that effect.

    I know many bouncers – most are great. But the main bouncer that night was a right cockhead who shouldn’t hold a security license.”

UPDATED: A slideshow of PM’s death defying investigative photography is below:

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47 Responses to
The top secret night club finger print machine?
S4anta 1:34 pm 05 Dec 08


Its how the place works. Find something intersting about Canberra that deserves sharing, link to it, write what you think, sit back and watch the vitriol!

PM 1:02 pm 05 Dec 08

luther_bendross said :

why are 13 of the 15 posts on the main board copies of info found elsewhere on the interweb?

Because to create interesting news it seems you need to place oneself in harm’s way 🙂

H1NG0 1:01 pm 05 Dec 08

True Luther, has anyone got any stories? Maybe you were overcharged for a pizza? Tell us!

johnboy 1:01 pm 05 Dec 08

Sidenote is not on topic (much as I’d like to say how very wrong you are and apparently unable to count.)

luther_bendross 12:57 pm 05 Dec 08

PM, you’ve been rorted mate, although I’m not surprised by the reactions of the gorillas dressed as people guarding their lair.

SIDENOTE: why are 13 of the 15 posts on the main board copies of info found elsewhere on the interweb? I stick my neck out here because I’m a little concerned that the ideas of other RiotACT members are becoming buried at the bottom of the page. I’d suggest that most RiotACTers also read the Canberra Times and probably don’t need their website replicated here. Should I now kiss my membership goodbye?

PM 12:55 pm 05 Dec 08

That’s how I told it, so I’m sticking to it.

ant 12:53 pm 05 Dec 08

Is that the incident where teh rider hurled himself off his bike to avoid a car?!

PM 12:50 pm 05 Dec 08

Tell me about it. I also didn’t use a box or helmet when I played cricket at the one-dayer between the Pot Belly and the Woodduck Inn on Sunday too. I have a deathwish or something.

Speaking of the bike ride, where’s my bike?

ant 12:49 pm 05 Dec 08

Fair’s fair. if they can take pictures of your fingers, surely you can take pictures of the machine?

H1NG0 12:48 pm 05 Dec 08

Didn’t you know? Bouncer = cockhead

S4anta 12:45 pm 05 Dec 08


you are having a bad month. Nearly run over on the bike ride and now picking fights with bouncers… you need a job playing rugby league

PM 12:43 pm 05 Dec 08

It was at night, and I was trying not to have my camera smashed. I’m not a great photographer at the best of times, but I’ll find them and send them in anyways.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 12:43 pm 05 Dec 08

Put the photos up at least.

dexi 12:41 pm 05 Dec 08

Name and shame…………

p1 12:39 pm 05 Dec 08

Still got the photos?

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