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There’s something in the waters

By weeziepops - 25 May 2009 23

As I watched the swans and ducks enjoying a balmy May afternoon on Lake Ginninderra, I was surprised to see a creature interrupt their play. 

It was four legged and had a tail and swam in the water before coming to shore.  Apparently I shrieked something like, “Look!  Look!  A beast!  A beast in the water!” – in a courageous manner, I’m sure. 

The birds were not overly disturbed by said beast but I am now puzzling over what it could possibly have been.  It seemed too big to be a rat, but I can’t think what else it could be. 

Any insights, Rioters?

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23 Responses to
There’s something in the waters
Jim Jones 12:42 pm 25 May 09

I was running around the lake this morning and saw a truly massive water rat scampter across the bike path to get to the water, the girl running in front of me freaked out at how big it was, turned around and ran back the way she’d come.

Special G 12:38 pm 25 May 09

Some of the water rats in LBG would probably take your leg off if you got close enough.

neanderthalsis 11:30 am 25 May 09

Sorry Astro, the reptiods are only to be found paddling through the blue-green algae on weekends when there are rowing regattas.

astrojax 11:26 am 25 May 09

ahh, not a reptoid then, neanderthalis..?

neanderthalsis 11:20 am 25 May 09

More than likely a water rat. Hydromys chrysogaster, a native species and quite common around this part of the world, are normally nocturnal, but in colder months venture out during the afternoon.

They can grow up to 30cm in body length with a tail of 25cm or so.

captainwhorebags 10:31 am 25 May 09

Saw something very similar climb out of the water at Weston Park two weeks ago. It was about the size of a small cat, but otherwise looked like a rat.

I didn’t think rats could get that big, but there you go.

caf 10:26 am 25 May 09

Concur that it was probably a water rat, they’re pretty large. We used to feed bread to them sometimes, way back when I was a student at LGC.

Thumper 9:24 am 25 May 09

Platypus are actually surprisingly small.

weeziepops 9:12 am 25 May 09

A friend just read my post and honesty compels me to give her perspective – she reckons The Beast was about 10cm long including tail. I say it was at least 30cm long.

However, based on the wisdom of Kramer, I choose to believe it was a platypus.

A Noisy Noise Annoys 9:11 am 25 May 09

Loch Ness Monster?

astrojax 9:08 am 25 May 09

a reptoid without its human disguise? mebbe was johnboy!

Kramer 9:04 am 25 May 09

Platypus perhaps? I have seen one in LBG having a late arvo swim…

taco 9:03 am 25 May 09

Apparently they prefer “Rakali” nowdays

puzzlepunk 8:41 am 25 May 09

A water rat most likely – I’ve seen a few in Lake Burley Griffin.

Thumper 8:40 am 25 May 09

Probably a water rat. There’s heaps of them in there.

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