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They’re back! (CTF return to wage war on Canberra)

By jennybel75 - 11 August 2010 54

[First filed: Jul 22, 2010 @ 9:39
Second filing: Jul 23, 2010 @ 12:20]

UPDATE: It seems this is definitely on! DING DING, Round Two!

#43 Skidbladnir
14:25, 10 Aug 10

The event is still on
At the bottom is this:
For those who are unable to join us on Mt. Ainslie in Canberra this Saturday 14th August, there will be a special prayer meeting for the federal election at the CTFM base in Melbourne (Hallam)
Jason Golden

CTF Screenshot

Although the actual page seems to have now been removed from the Catch the Fire Ministries website, a Google search still shows that they plan another assualt on prayer meeting at Mount Ainslie on 14 August 2010.

[Catch The Fire text from the Google Cache below]

From reading their site it seems this meeting is to try and get rid of our athiest PM Ms Gillard. Their site claims that one of the biggest successes of their last Mt Ainslie adventure in October last year was the removal of Mr Turnbull as leader of the opposition not long after.

So, people are you willing to make the Catch the Fire Ministries welcome once again? I sure am!

[ED – For those who missed it the First Battle of Mt Ainslie was quite the show]

Cached text:

National Prayer Assault from Mount Ainslie in Canberra and other High Places across Australia on 14th August / By Pr Daniel
Published by Office 2 July 21st, 2010 in A Call To Action, Australia, Bible, Christian Church Issues, Courage, Elections, Politics, Prayer, Rise Up Australia, World News

Dear family & friends in Christ,

First let me take this opportunity to thank you for the overwhelming number of responses we have received to our emails over the last few weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to write. It has encouraged us greatly to keep doing what we are doing for the King of kings and the Lord of lords to rise up our nation of Australia to fulfil her prophetic destiny as the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

I thank the Lord for the many prayer movements and networks that have called our nation to prayer and fasting heading up to the Federal Election. It is wonderful to have so much prayer going up to our Heavenly Father for the Federal Election. I am sure we all know what is at stake if the enemy is allowed to put un-godly people into Federal Parliament.

Catch The Fire Ministries is calling upon every Christian across Australia and the Nations to please pray urgently for our Federal Election to be held on 21st August 2010. Please join together with us and the wider Body of Christ on a spiritual warfare assignment of 3 days of fasting & prayer from Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st August.

On 14th August we would love to see you join us on Mount Ainslie in Canberra once again from 10am to 12noon to stand in unity with the Body of Christ in the power of the Spirit of God to pull down the strongholds of the enemy over our Nation and Federal Parliament. If you cannot be there please gather a few friends or family members and go to a high place in your area and pray for the election. Please encourage your Pastor to promote this National Day of Prayer on Mt Ainslie in Canberra and other high places around Australia on 14th August and also the 3 days of fasting & prayer heading up to the election. Also encourage the congregation to Pray and Act wisely in how they vote in this election, as the decisions we make today will definitely determine our destiny.

Let us VOTE for Godly leaders who will continue to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage so that our Sons & Daughters will enjoy the freedoms we value so much in our nation.

Following are some very important prayer points.

1) Pray for a Prime Minister to be elected who will Honour God.
2) Pray for many Christians to be elected into Parliament from all political parties.
3) Pray for un-godly leaders to be removed from Government.
4) Pray for deception to be exposed.
5) Pray for the media to report the truth.
6) Pray for Christian leaders to be bold in encouraging their congregation to vote for those with Christian Moral values.
7) Pray for the protection of our Judeo-Christian heritage.
8 ) Pray that there will be no vote fraud.
9) Pray for righteousness to exalt the nation.
10) Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead people in whom to vote for.

Looking forward to seeing you on Mount Ainslie in Canberra from 10am to 12noon on Saturday 14th August!

May God bless you mightily in your faithful service to Him!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Daniel Nalliah

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54 Responses to
They’re back! (CTF return to wage war on Canberra)
farq 1:49 pm 22 Jul 10

Hopefully they can make this an annual event!

These people are freaky. They ran around salting the earth to protect it or something last time. They were casting spells and crap.

Come out and enjoy the show, before Pastor Danny goes all Jonestown on us.

Bring a vuvuzela.

Disposable 1:49 pm 22 Jul 10

How is underpants man going to cope in the middle of Winter?

S4anta 1:14 pm 22 Jul 10


Try this

Bosworth 1:03 pm 22 Jul 10
Dante 1:02 pm 22 Jul 10

PeaJay said :

Annual Canberra Hospital Psychiatric Ward field trip? 🙂

Not funny.

ramblingted 1:00 pm 22 Jul 10

This is just an excuse for the cynical, atheist belief-bereft of the nation’s capital to pour scorn and derision on some devout, well meaning but perhaps a little misguided individuals…

Of course I’l be there!!

PeaJay 12:52 pm 22 Jul 10

Annual Canberra Hospital Psychiatric Ward field trip? 🙂

Jim Jones 12:08 pm 22 Jul 10


BimboGeek 11:34 am 22 Jul 10

I’ll go if there’s foam!

Thumper 11:00 am 22 Jul 10

Oh F*ck, not again…

Don’t these people have constructive things to do in their lives?

krasny 10:53 am 22 Jul 10

Hmm, scheduled the same day as marriage equality marches happening across the country. Coincidence? I suspect not.

PBO 10:50 am 22 Jul 10

I’m gonna rock out with my flock out! My mates and I had a ball last time and we are so there this time. Might even wear my priest costume. I love get togethers like this.

ConanOfCooma 10:50 am 22 Jul 10

Hmmm, might have to sound out the other NERF warriors, see if they are up for some foam basedpeacekeeping.

qedbynature 10:48 am 22 Jul 10

Maybe they’re hoping to find some tablets or perhaps they expect a biblical flood to wash the infidels away. Or just maybe they just had so much fun last time they want to do it again…

The christian lobby must be mortified by the prospect of an agnostic female PM especially after all the trouble they went to in hosting 2 hours of web tv with Abbott and Rudd a short time ago. Surely God should have warned them or perhaps God was feeling that the arrogant self importance demonstrated by the organisers deserved suitable retribution.

It’s bound to be a fun afternoon, should be the highlight of weekend! Bring a virgin or two and let’s celebrate in style 😉

Grail 10:48 am 22 Jul 10

“prophetic destiny”? What prophesy? By which prophet?

1) I pray for politicians such as Julia Gillard to continue honouring God by not claiming to serve God, and for politicians bearing false witness to repent their sins
2) I pray that the Christians and Muslims and people of other faiths will serve the common wealth and common good of the country, not their own religion’s special needs
3) I pray for politicians bearing false witness to any faith to be removed from Government
4) I pray for deception to be exposed, and for deceivers to be punished
5) I pray for extremist religious groups to report the truth
6) I pray for all Australians to vote for the politicians that will promote the policies that the voters support
7) I pray for the protection of Australia’s multicultural heritage, with tolerance for all beliefs and lifestyles, with no religious group seeking to impose their religion as a form of Government
8 ) I pray that there will be no vote fraud. I seek to keep religious extremists and Liberal Party goons away from the ballot boxes.
9) I pray that those who feel they are the unbiased light of righteousness to admit their delusion and seek professional psychiatric help
10) I pray for all voters to be lead by conscience, reason and their deity of choice, not by the false witness of extremist religious groups

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