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Tic Tac Tile?

By tylersmayhem - 10 November 2008 20

At the risk of this being a “the best coffee in Canberra” post, I’ll give it a shot anyway, because my options seem to be narrowing quickly.

Where the hell does anyone find a wide selection of used roof tiles in Canberra?  I’ve tried Aussie Junk…both of them – no dice!  I’ve tried a few roof repairers – sure, they can locate a few but are keen to do a full roof repair, or charge extortionate prices for a couple of tiles.

I figure there has to be something out there, and surely I’m not alone on this one.  Being the owner of a 30+ year old house with broken tiles that are causing leaks would be a fairly common problem?!

Any ideas folks?

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Tic Tac Tile?
Kramer 4:12 pm 10 Nov 08

Like I said – new tiles are cheap.

In Canberra most roofs will only have every second row of tiles nailed down. Slide some of the un-nailed tiles above the broken tile up, and then you can lift out the damaged tile and replace. It’s not hard to do – you don’t need a uni degree to fix roofs 🙂

tylersmayhem 3:48 pm 10 Nov 08

Thanks all! S&J Thackeray have the tiles I need and was going to drop by to see them, but I have since ended up scoring 80 brand new of them for $30 elsewhere – RESULT!

Now for how to fit them?! Something else to learn by trial and error I suppose. Wish me luck.

Holden Caulfield 2:02 pm 10 Nov 08

tylersmayhem said :

I get on great with my neighbor! If you’re thinking along the lines of asking if they have a spare couple under the house – they have different roof tiles to us 🙁

Haha, I was thinking if you didn’t get on with them you could just nick one!

And before all the killjoys, wowsers and knuckleheads tell me what an arse I am, my previous comment was a joke. 🙂

Snarky 1:46 pm 10 Nov 08

I’ll second Zac at S&J Thackeray. We extended our house and Zac came up with tiles of the same age and almost exactly the same colour as our ex-govvie. You can’t tell them apart! If you only have few to replace now I’d suggest buying a couple of dozen because sooner or later you’ll need ’em 🙂

tylersmayhem 10:44 am 10 Nov 08

I get on great with my neighbor! If you’re thinking along the lines of asking if they have a spare couple under the house – they have different roof tiles to us 🙁

Holden Caulfield 10:43 am 10 Nov 08

How well do you get on with your neighbour?

tylersmayhem 10:35 am 10 Nov 08

Hi Thumper. Already has some good flashing, but the crack is just where it stops. Keen to just replace the tile.

Thumper 10:24 am 10 Nov 08

You could get some lead flashing to cover it up?

tylersmayhem 10:18 am 10 Nov 08

Please keep the suggestions coming. Some good leads I’m going to look in to. Yep, I’ve thoroughly searched under the house and only found a 30 year old stash of broken bricks, asbestos sheeting and empty Tooheys long necks (go figure).

@Thumper: cheers for the suggestion, but this really won’t work in this case. The broken tiles are butting up to the chimney, therefore have no tiles on one side to support them, and heat to contend with. Kind of like trying to glue a piece of window glass back together and hope it doesn’t blow in. Cheers tho for the sugg.

cranky 10:13 am 10 Nov 08

Try Zac at S & J Thackery. I believe he has a yard with old tiles from demos. You can probably even select a patina to match.

Kramer 10:04 am 10 Nov 08

Just go to Boral or Monier and get some new tiles – take a sample of one of your current tiles. They will sell you a few new files for very ittle cost.

peterh 9:21 am 10 Nov 08

handyman’s trading post. butch may have some.

dexi 9:12 am 10 Nov 08

Have you looked under the house. You might find a stash of the original tiles poked in a corner.

Thumper 9:08 am 10 Nov 08

You can fix cracked tiles with a tube of silicon. Seriously, just glue them back together, it works a treat.

pug206gti 9:01 am 10 Nov 08

I’m told there’s some sort of an industrial bulding supplies recycler at Fyshwick, around the corner from OfficeWorks I think on Whyalla Street. I couldn’t tell you any more than that though.

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