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Tim the Lyneham stabbing victim speaks out, and sends in a picture of his wounds

By johnboy - 20 November 2008 117

[First filed: November 20, 2008 @ 07:01]

In the discussion of the Lyneham Flats stabbing a new commenter claiming to be the victim has had his say at 4:30 this morning. I’d advise taking this with a grain of salt, but he’s also sent in this picture of his injury:

    Thanks for all yr support out there ppl, Thanks willo,.. cept 4u mary how can someone deserved 2b stabbed…

Please show some respect and go easy on his language as the bloke is obviously going through a lot.

While it might be a bit daunting, if anyone can help with walking his dogs email me ( ) and I can put you in touch.

UPDATED: Tim has requested, on advice from the officer in charge of his case, that his comments be removed. Interesting while they lasted.

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117 Responses to
Tim the Lyneham stabbing victim speaks out, and sends in a picture of his wounds
Swaggie 9:00 am 20 Nov 08

DJ – leave “what” for the Courts? Probably a suspended 2 months sentence at worst… and as ‘Tim’ says isn’t it an offence to carry a weapon in the street, it is but when was there ever a deterrent from our courts not to do so?

pug206gti 9:00 am 20 Nov 08

Note to anyone ever involved in whichever way in crime – don’t make public statements before the hearing cause they just come back to bite you later.

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realityskin 8:30 am 20 Nov 08

ice is bad kids mkay

DJ 8:27 am 20 Nov 08

Leave it for the courts

H1NG0 8:19 am 20 Nov 08

See kids, this is what heppens when you take drugs and flunk out of school.

Jonny534 8:06 am 20 Nov 08

If I were a few years older I would walk the dogs. I surely hope he finds somebody to do it for him.

dexi 7:55 am 20 Nov 08

Starscream is just upset Hrazor lived. Who’s going to supply the bigoted, uninformed, abusive, generalizations about government housing tenants now?

Hope you heal well Hrazor. Just take it easy for a while. Scars are sexy.

Whatsup 7:48 am 20 Nov 08

Wishing you a prompt recovery Tim. As someone who has also had the sternum cut for surgery I can suggest take it easy, if you try to hurry things up it will really hurt.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

johnboy 7:42 am 20 Nov 08

Having failed to show any respect to either Tim or me, Starscream is now in moderation.

As JC said, we’d like to encourage contributions like this one to make it a more interesting site for all our readers.

Discussion back on topic please.

Joe Canberran 7:37 am 20 Nov 08

Back on topic – Tim thanks muchly for sending in your pic and giving us, the Riot and broader Canberra community, some idea as to your take on what occurred.

Hope you heal quickly and that your dogs get all the exercise they need while you are laid up.

New Yeah 7:33 am 20 Nov 08

That’s a nasty looking cut – hope it heals up well.

Joe Canberran 7:32 am 20 Nov 08

Starscream JB doesn’t say give him respect but “show some respect and go easy on his language”

Showing respect is just being polite and courteous – it does not indicate your feelings towards any individual or that any individual has done anything to earn your respect. Also, a point that is often missed on Riot, just because someone is not eloquent, has l33t sk1lls, can spell, type or has perfect sentence/paragraph structure does not mean the content isn’t interesting, informative or more importantly, given the open forum Riot strives to be, contain an any less deserving or valid opinion than anyone else’s.

Starscream 7:30 am 20 Nov 08

Why exactly does he deserve my respect? Its not something i give away.

He got stabbed becuase he lives in some junkie flats and had a junkie gf, not becuase of videogames.

He should not even have dogs living there.

johnboy 7:12 am 20 Nov 08

Last warning for you Starscream. That was not an optional call for respect.

Starscream 7:10 am 20 Nov 08

Respect? Why does he deserve it? Just becuase he got stabbed he automaticly deserves respect? I do not think so. Blameing violence on games and tv makes me want to abuse him.

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