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Todd Carney strikes again

By johnboy - 8 October 2008 21

Former footballer and celebrity party boy Todd Carney has made the Canberra Times again:

    “Former Canberra Raider Todd Carney found himself on the wrong side of the law again at the weekend when the half-back was arrested in a Goulburn pub.
    Police picked up the 22-year-old in an Auburn Street hotel about 10.50pm on Saturday about an incident earlier that morning.

    Carney was initially accused of smashing the window of a mobile phone shop early on Saturday morning.

    NSW Police confirmed Carney was taken into custody at Goulburn Police Station, questioned about the incident and then released ”pending further inquiries”.

    They would not say if the wayward playmaker was drunk at the time of his detention.”

Wasn’t he supposed to be playing somewhere miserable in the north of England?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Todd Carney strikes again
tylersmayhem 2:18 pm 08 Oct 08

Wasn’t he supposed to be playing somewhere miserable in the north of England?

Probably was and has been given the arse already. What a shocker. He had a brilliant income doing what so many would kill for – but gave it all away because he couldn’t prioritise his drinking habit and football. Indeed…what a wanker.

I’d love to see him pull his behavior in the UK – coupla feisty football hooligans and he’d get cleaned up pretty quick!

Granny 1:53 pm 08 Oct 08

Ooh la la, Terd! Yer ner yer ser syuperb! Yer un feen specimon, non?

Overheard 1:33 pm 08 Oct 08

He’s such a catch. Why oh why oh why did we e’er let him go?!

Oh…. I was just going to write a plea for him to return in French, but that’s the other tosser, isn’t it?


Granny 12:15 pm 08 Oct 08

Oh, Todd! That was just beautiful … *sniff*

SINNER ACT 11:55 am 08 Oct 08

The purpose of this letter is to clarify some things to fans of the Canberra Raiders, Rugby League fans and the public in general.

I feel I need to tell my side of the story regarding yet another incident involving me alchohol and a pub. It has been well documented that I am a complete toss.

I am extremely sorry for yet another incident which occurred, however I believe that whatever i do is right and I am just a legend around Goulbourn and now i can fight my own reflection in windows as well cause i have tuff stickers. The line between good fun and inappropriate behaviour was crossed yet again but i dont care.

It was not my intention to smash a window i only pointed at the glass and I am regretful of the incident and the ensuing media circus and am embarrassed at the unwanted focus on myself

Look, I am not an angel – far from it. I am a 22-year-old I love myself and having a good time on the dingers. I am the first to admit that I have had some issues off the field – just Google me! I am also very aware that I have had some problems when drinking alcohol and being a toss. I do not have an alcohol problem in needing to drink all the time or anything like that; more a problem with not handling myself or my pee pee in a proper manner on occasion when on the drink and now with my guns smashing windows.

Furthermore, whilst there have been some things I’m not proud off in the past, I don’t get around barking at women or deliberately trying to antagonise people, contrary to some media reports but i am barred from Al bar nun and nobody in any clubs in canberra likes me but thats cause i am just so tuff.

Todd Carney
what a wanker!

jmac 11:40 am 08 Oct 08

Just proves the Raiders made the right decision…

Thumper 11:19 am 08 Oct 08

He was probably assisting police with inquiries.

or doing what Sssssanta said…

Pesty 11:16 am 08 Oct 08

Maybe he wasn’t really arrested, the police were just “taking the piss!”

S4anta 11:01 am 08 Oct 08

Case of Guinness says he was picking a fight with his own reflection.

PBO 10:48 am 08 Oct 08

captainwhorebags said :

11pm Saturday in a pub…. Do we really need the police to tell us if he was drinking or not?

Maybe he was out their teaching the youths in the area about the perils of alcohol and the choices that people have to live with when they stuff up.

Unlikely, but one can dream of a socially acceptable reason as to why he was there.

Granny 10:47 am 08 Oct 08

Ooh, break out the ballad and add another verse!!

*tee hee*

p1 10:38 am 08 Oct 08

Maybe he was just out with friends, enjoy an alcohol free good time?

Nah, I don’t believe that either.

captainwhorebags 10:25 am 08 Oct 08

11pm Saturday in a pub…. Do we really need the police to tell us if he was drinking or not?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 10:20 am 08 Oct 08

Like I’ve said before, Carney’s an asshole.

Thumper 10:12 am 08 Oct 08

Wow! that didn’t take long. I too thought he was living in the hell hole coal pits of Northern England.

tine to break out the Ballad again 😉

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