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Toot Toot! Greens promise light rail rollout by 2015

By johnboy 30 August 2012 66


Showing the other parties what policy development looks like the Greens have announced a plan for light rail as well as a handy summary:

The ACT Greens will:

— Commit to building light rail for Canberra
— $200 million initial Government funding committed to light rail;
— An ACT-wide light rail master plan, covering existing and developing areas;
— Construction on Canberra’s first light rail route beginning by 2015.

— Independently manage the project through the Canberra Urban Transit Authority, a new independent body to design, cost and manage funding and construction of light rail in Canberra.

What’s Your opinion?

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66 Responses to
Toot Toot! Greens promise light rail rollout by 2015
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Kiron2222 3:08 pm 04 Sep 12

It is good to see that good old Australian “Lets do nothing because mah roads and any other infrastructure spending is for stupid hipster innercity greenies” attitude is still alive and well.

Truthiness 5:16 pm 02 Sep 12

each hour I spend on public transport is an hour not spent working or doing something I enjoy

Pork Hunt 3:22 pm 02 Sep 12

Truthiness said :

I love the idea of public transport but I still don’t catch busses. At the moment it is cheaper and quicker to drive to work, if busses were free that removes one of the impediments but not the other.

it takes a bus an hour to do a trip that takes 15 minutes in a car, and that’s a hard one to change. Unfortunately this means it is still cheaper to drive thanks to lost time. Taking the bus would cost me an hour and a half each day, i cost $60p/h, so catching the bus would cost me $450 per week in lost billable hours. There is no way I am losing that kind of time or money for the opportunity to sit for prolonged periods in an uncomfortable box which is filled with cameras, harsh lights and people all staring. Action busses have all the style, comfort and atmosphere of a centerlink office.

Maybe if they had couches, coffee and wifi, but even then, that’s an awful lot of lost hours.

Which side of the counter at Centrelink are you referring to?

How does the time taken to commute (i.e. not at work) affect your paypacket?

Pandy 8:16 am 01 Sep 12

I love this comment from the ACT Light Rail web-site:

BullwitterAugust 18, 2012 8:48 AM
No matter how many buses and bus lanes we get, we will continue to demand light rail. If we get light rail, we won’t be demanding buses. Forget about the second best option and just go straight to light rail.

True colours shown

kakosi 12:46 am 01 Sep 12

watto23 said :

kakosi said :

Let’s see, light rail or a hospital system that has enough qualified doctors and nurses to cope with basic daily demands…I know which one I prefer and would vote for.

Yep i’d vote for a better health care, the problem is health and education are bottomless pits. How much money to you throw at these to improve them? Also it gets to a point where you need to throw significant amounts of money for minor improvements.

Its a rather simplistic view in my opinion, one that is used to argue against the NBN also and other infrastructure projects.

Trouble is that our hospitals cannot cope with normal demands right now…if you think they are a waste of money and we have the luxury of investing in wish lists like light rail instead, wait until you or someone you love has an accident or something else happens and you and find yourself waiting for hours in emergency or in a ward where the nurses are too busy to answer your buzzer. And God forbid anything happens on a weekend when the hospitals are on skeleton doctor crews.

Gungahlin Al 7:25 pm 31 Aug 12

watto23 said :

Currently Action say that the inter-city bus routes are the most popular and profitable (if that even occurs on any bus route). I can see no reason why if these were not replaced by light rail that was quicker than buses that usage wouldn’t in fact go up.

My concern though would be that any light rail network, will be like trams, stop at traffioc lights and defeat the purpose. Public transport needs to be faster and easier than using a car. Of all the people I know, the only reason most give for not catching public transport is it takes too long. Cost is rarely an issue, because to be honest a car costs more.

So a light rail proposal that cuts transit times between the cities would be a good thing. Although this could be done with buses, just bypass intersections/traffic lights etc.

The lights would be less of an issue than you may think. Once the crossover cycles are done, the through route is clear and the tram would quickly be up to speed and moving much faster than the traffic lanes.
But this depends on the rails being down the centre. If they were down the outside as per one of the options, then the side roads would present a lot of conflict points.
Same reason why the cycle lanes should be down the middle not outside.

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