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Tractors trundle into triangle

By Kerces 12 August 2005 27

About 200 tractors and bus loads of farm folk crammed into the protest area in front of Parliament House this morning protesting about labelling laws regarding imported foods. For more information about the laws and the farmers’ win regarding their changes, have a look at this ABC story.

The tractors and a few accompanying trucks arrived at about 11am and lined the roads around the grass area in Federation Mall.

Row of tractors

There was a fair crowd of people, most wearing yellow vests with “Buy Aussie vegies” written on them. There were also a fair few youngish farmer blokes eager to be in a photo every time this photographer pointed her camera anywhere near them.

Protest crowd

Also making up the crowd were lots of cute little kids like this one, always sure to be a media drawcard.

Kid with tractor

The kid’s tractor wasn’t the only one with a sign by any means. A fair few of the real tractors had flags and banners hanging off them as well as signs in the windows.

Tractors with signs

At the front of the crowd of people was a stage thing set up in a van. I didn’t hang round for the speeches since my hands were like ice, but all the media were stationed around here and there were lots of people in suits, presumably waiting for Mr McGauran’s announcement. Also in front of this van was a table of various foods that use imported produce.

Foods with imported ingredients

And to finish off, yet another row of tractors (200 tractors is really quite a lot). It was commented that since the tractors were off the edge of the designated protest area, if it weren’t for the large bunch of protestors the area wouldn’t have looked much different to when it has large numbers of tour coaches lining the streets.

Tractors in Federation Mall

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Tractors trundle into triangle
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Thumper 8:12 am 18 Aug 05

Hehehehehe…. Nice turn of phrase there…..

Maelinar 8:06 am 18 Aug 05

There’s always the clandestine drugs trade business, cash crops and plenty of demand. Probably uses the same types of fertiliser as potatoes as well.

The problem is old farmer joe has only ever grown potatoes, only knows how to grow potatoes, potato chips, potato fries, mashed potato, potato flavoured potato.

If’n you’re as dumb as Bubba, don’t come asking me for help dumbass, I’ll only send you to school. Which is exactly where some of the current regime of farmers in this country should have spent a little more time in instead of hanging out with Shona in the back of the ute drinking VB stolen from the farmhands.

footyboy 10:12 pm 17 Aug 05

This issue is not just about potato farmers, it is all about the unfair corporate playing field,no rules,no ethics,no care,to wheel and deal for the best price on goods and services but not within the boundry of fair play.The farmers service to provide potatos to Mcdonalds is simply being outsourced.
Factory,farming,public service almost any job can be outsourced to China for 80 cents an hour so if you dont thing some sort of protectionism is necessary please dont complain when your position is off-shored and centrelink awaits.

Maelinar 9:56 am 15 Aug 05

Seepi, I would love for the government to introduce a law that a percentage of the fresh foodstuffs on the shelves in the big supermarkets had to be produced in Australia, but unfortunately I can’t see that kind of anti globalisation trade law happening outside America.

seepi 11:02 am 13 Aug 05

Yes – Stanhope re-zoned my mother’s rural lease to get her out. It worked too – and in a decade Kenny will be sitting on their property.

But back to the farmers – I think it is in all our interests to have healthy farms in Australia producing produce for us. IN Europe farmers are veneraqted and supported, becuase during WW2 the peopole were starving, and couldn’t buy food from other countries. We want to be capable of feeding our own country. And apart from anything, wouldn’t you rather eat fresher fruit/veg from close by, than stuff that has sat in frozen containers? Also, local stuff we are policing with our own laws about chemicals etc. We have no control over what has happened to foreign fruit. I can’t see any good reasons at all Not to support our local farmers.

Maelinar 3:32 pm 12 Aug 05


Function: adjective
: capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (as microorganisms)

Any of a large number of natural and synthetic materials, including manure and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds, spread on or worked into soil to increase its capacity to support plant growth.

Thumper 3:31 pm 12 Aug 05

He’s already doing that in a different way. ie, the rural lease holders out along Coppins crossing way have had their leases changed so it is unviable for them to stay there.

Plenty of room to rezone it residential once they’re gone.

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