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Tralee goes ahead

By johnboy - 27 April 2007 43

Jon Stanhope has taken a minute out from the fun of the Labor conference to rail impotently against NSW’s decision to build more suburbs under our airport’s flight path.

“Building homes at these locations will do three things: it will undermine the Canberra International Airport’s attempt to divert air traffic away from Jerrabomberra; it will lead, over time, to calls for Canberra residents to share the burden of aircraft noise; and, again over time, it will create pressure for there to be a curfew on the airport’s operations, thereby affecting its capacity to operate as a economic driver for the regional economy. In addition, locating homes right next to Hume – the ACT’s second largest industrial estate – needlessly creates the prospect that NSW will one day try to restrict particular kinds of industrial development, as being incompatible with residential development.”

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43 Responses to
Tralee goes ahead
VicePope 1:53 pm 28 Apr 07

This is a really bad move. In five or ten years, or maybe less, the poor souls who moved into houses under a flight path – which will be cheaper because of that – will start bleating that others (that’s us, Canberra people) should share their pain. Flight paths are a Commonwealth thing, and Eden-Monaro is a seriously marginal electorate. So, we’ll all get some totally unnecessary grief because of a developer and a council trying to get a short-term advantage.
Nor will the houses in the new development massively increase the region’s water resources which are already overstretched. They will increase demand.
Some people could treble their intelligence and still be more stupid than pond slime.

tommy 12:41 pm 28 Apr 07

The airport is carefully staying away from the fact that with or without cross border housing, the airport will be very noisy once it goes fully 24×7 or becomes any “busier” with larger aircraft.

You don’t notice planes so much during the day, but at night time when you’re trying to sleep and everything is quiet you can easily hear the Dash8s and 737s warming up and arriving/departing at the airport from Kingstorn Foreshore (3km from the runways), Griffith, Reid and Campbell.

It’ll be the 24×7 freight operation which brings their night curfew back onto the state and federal political agenda.

johnboy 10:51 am 28 Apr 07

I mean it ridiculous that after buying a property under a flight path people complain. It’s not rocket science.

Great way to make a pile of money if you have superior complaining skills though.

nyssa76 10:45 am 28 Apr 07

seepi, I too lived under a flight path in Sydney – as a child.

I know how bad it can be and if the facts re: changing flight paths is correct then Tuggers will be “hit” – where I am.

I think that as a part of the condition of sale it should be included – you move here, you know there’s a flight path over the site, don’t complain.

I mean it ridiculous that after buying a property under a flight path people complain. It’s not rocket science.

Then again, we could always build a drag way* near Tralee if the flight path is changed, just to annoy those complaining idiots.

*I’m not a fan of drag ways

seepi 10:33 am 28 Apr 07

Nyssa the problem is that once people are living at Tralee, and when the aieport becomes busier, then flight paths will be spread further around Canberra and a huge amount of people will start to be affected.

Most people in Canberra don’t realise how annoying it will be. Where I live we get sporadic planes overhead – sometimes a lot in the afternoon/evening, aqnd the odd really loud one. It is annoying, and I don’t want to be stuck with heaps more just because QBN has decided to build under the flight path.

Any chance of making homebuyers promise not to complain later??

simbo 10:22 am 28 Apr 07

Well, it has. Admittedly in fits and starts (special flights to New Zealand, a run of flights to Fiji for a while, plus a few diplomatic flghts that have landed here rather than fly through Sydney or Melbourne).

So it is an International Airport, just not a very active one.

Genie 4:01 am 28 Apr 07

Nyssa – Exactly, let them build houses there.. if noone moves in or buys them – then thats their problem. It could help solve the public housing debate..

As for Canberra being an INTERNATIONAL Airport.. will that EVER happen ?

Ralph 10:42 pm 27 Apr 07

Sonic is only worried about this because any development outside the ACT border doesn’t (directly) line his Government’s pockets.

So why is the Airport (Federal land) becoming a snowdome, and housing estates about to boom outside the ACT border? Only he can answer that question (but it’s fairly obvious to the rest of us). People are voting with their feet.

nyssa76 10:01 pm 27 Apr 07

That’s ok, let them build at Tralee.

It will become the new “struggle town”.

I ask you, who would be that stupid as to buy a house under a flight path?

Vic Bitterman 9:48 pm 27 Apr 07

I reckon it’s a great idea.

But then again, I’d love the house that the Kerrigan’s owned in “The Castle” being the aircraft nut that I am 🙂

cranky 8:30 pm 27 Apr 07

I can appreciate both sides of this arguement, but I feel the citizens of Qbn may have been ill-served.
There seems to be a degree of ‘stick it up the ACT’ with less thought as to how the lack of land for development in the area surrounding Qbn could be solved.
Yes, this (Tralee) land can be readily developed, but at what future cost?
Pangallo strikes me as a far more worthy individual than the incompetents we are saddled with on this side of the border. I would have expected a more statesmanlike effort on his part to explore other expansion plans for Qbn. Surely sticking it up the ACT is a copout for not entering productive discussions with surrounding NSW shires, when the potential downside of Tralee in future years rears it’s ugly head.

Surely the whole (NSW) side of the arguement does not boil down to which council levies the rates?

shiny flu 7:50 pm 27 Apr 07

Good ol’ NSW councils… no further comment.

seepi 6:36 pm 27 Apr 07


Dumb decision.

Pandy 6:18 pm 27 Apr 07


Curfews: Bring it on. Works OK in Sydney/Adelaide. Bugger the profit margins of Snowton.

Noise sharing? Only happens with take-offs, most of which happen to the north anyway.

Lets face it, Mr Snow is quivering with the prospects of curfews.

b2 6:04 pm 27 Apr 07

he’s right for once though

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