Tralee goes ahead

johnboy 27 April 2007 43

Jon Stanhope has taken a minute out from the fun of the Labor conference to rail impotently against NSW’s decision to build more suburbs under our airport’s flight path.

“Building homes at these locations will do three things: it will undermine the Canberra International Airport’s attempt to divert air traffic away from Jerrabomberra; it will lead, over time, to calls for Canberra residents to share the burden of aircraft noise; and, again over time, it will create pressure for there to be a curfew on the airport’s operations, thereby affecting its capacity to operate as a economic driver for the regional economy. In addition, locating homes right next to Hume – the ACT’s second largest industrial estate – needlessly creates the prospect that NSW will one day try to restrict particular kinds of industrial development, as being incompatible with residential development.”

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43 Responses to Tralee goes ahead
tommy tommy 4:54 pm 01 May 07

It’ll be ACT taxpayers forking out for the roads to run 24×7 “flight to truck” freight plan of the Canberra Airport.

And it’ll be the ACT taxpayer listening to the freight planes land/takeoff 24×7 too. We’ll be hearing that regardless of the noise sharing plan (which apparently will never happen according to Airservices Australia saying that the current flight paths will not be changed).

Sadly only the Queanbeyan (and Jerra/Tralee) residents will have to voting power to curfew the airport – being in a marginal electorate. If that happens, the Snows will have to be happy with a booming office park and a struggling discount warehouse. Can’t say Jim Murphy’s is packed either.

Al Al 3:02 pm 01 May 07

Think you’ll find he has made a lot more comment direct in the media than just those you see in formal media releases. In fact he’s been ballistic about this issue – and rightly so.
It will be the ACT residents who bear the brunt of noise redistribution (not to mention those in Queanbeyan itself – so why do they vote for Pangallo???) and ACT taxpayers who pay for the road upgrades so they can drive to work here while not paying any rates.

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 9:06 am 01 May 07

Johnboy & Caf, there have been 2 releases from Stanhope on this issue. The release just put out and the release you mentioned Caf in December – hardly ‘quite a lot’ of statements from the fearless leader.

No egg here.

johnboy johnboy 7:17 pm 30 Apr 07

I was going to say that before Caf jumped in I was thinking of quite a lot of Stanhope statements on Tralee and how easy it is to find them on his website.

caf caf 6:53 pm 30 Apr 07

Ha, I actually work in private enterprise and have no connections whatsoever to any political party or the government.

All I did was click through to the press release linked in the article and pop “Tralee” into the search box on that page. You know, the kind of simple research that save you from getting egg on your face when you make wide-ranging assertions.

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 5:30 pm 30 Apr 07

Caf – considering you can even remember that release just proves you work for His Highness – the point I was making was that whilst the NSW election was being held in MARCH 07 – Stanhope chose to stay silent – there seemed to be a large campaign in Qbn about aircraft noise and Stanhope stayed quiet.

If he cared so much about the ACT why didn’t he say something during the election when he had the best time to lobby the NSW Government regarding the Tralee issue.

Maybe you could check with him and get back to us.

caf caf 4:14 pm 30 Apr 07

qvII: What, you mean like this press release from December? Oh and by the way inconsistency and hypocrisy aren’t the same thing.

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 3:44 pm 30 Apr 07

Why hasn’t Stanhope come out against the land at Tralee before this??

Was he just waiting until after the NSW State Election so as not to hurt the chances of Steve Whan and the Iemma Government?

It’s all well and good to stick up for the ACT – but Stanhope needs to do it ALL the time and not just when it suits him – he’s a hypocrite!

Al Al 2:06 pm 30 Apr 07

Have been involved in management of an airport with a new development under flighpath.
People will move in. They will complain. Flighpaths will be spread out. These are facts.
I only hope that Frank Sartor and the good Mayor Pangallo are around to say “I was wrong – I’m sorry.”
The ACT Government should jam a bloody great billboard up on the Monaro Highway warning about the airport noise and in turn driving the sales away from the damn developer.
Dumbest thing ever.
I have told all of this to Pangallo last time I saw him too. But it’s water of the duck’s back.

miz miz 10:37 pm 29 Apr 07

Sammy, I am not the only one see here – comment from abc guestbook. I admit there has not been one for a bit but it happened for a few weeks in a row around all the storms, and a coupla times after, which made me concerned given the ads on the radio that were running at the time!

Mess Mess 4:38 pm 29 Apr 07

I agree seepi, im in chisholm too, and even though i hear planes occansionally, its never too loud. And when i flew in from Melbourne earlier this year i flew right over my house, and apparently all the flights from melbourne fly over my place and i hardly ever hear them

caf caf 4:13 pm 29 Apr 07

Particularly since it’s owned by the ruthless (and well-connected) macbankers.

johnboy johnboy 4:02 pm 29 Apr 07

Freight has to come from somewhere and go somewhere though.

I can’t see Sydney airport letting Snow eat their lunch like that.

ant ant 3:55 pm 29 Apr 07

Seepi is right. Flights will increase, and noise will increase. They (the airport and the Civil Aviation mob) have already released a colour coded noise map for the surrounding region. There are Red zones which are slated to suffer from considerable noise 24 hours a day (approach paths etc). Snow has never been shy about stating that a big inducement for him to buy Canberra Airport was the lack of a curfew. The 24 hour freight operation is the most likely major use for the airport, and freight planes are bloody noisy.

Sammy Sammy 3:28 pm 29 Apr 07

I live in Chisholm, and i’ve never heard a plane so loud that ‘you can’t hear the telly’.

johnboy johnboy 2:42 pm 29 Apr 07

Tommy, would you like to write an article about this for us?

tommy tommy 2:31 pm 29 Apr 07

I think the PR campaign from the Airport is stepping up again – check out the Canberra Airport wikipedia entry.

An IP address matching to “” has removed sections of the article they apparently didn’t like – essentially astroturfing the article.

cranky cranky 2:10 pm 29 Apr 07

Pandy, you are correct in the PM/VIP aircraft turning in a lot closer than the normal air traffic. It would appear the pilots are only up to VFR, and have been instructed to follow the Monaro Highway north to a bit past the Gull servo and then hang a left – they should then be able to see the runway.

Of course, it could also be that Little Johnny is so paranoid of being shot at that the lower, faster and less predictable the approach, the less chance of Al-Quida (or disgruntled citizen) suceeding in removing him.

footyboy footyboy 1:35 pm 29 Apr 07

If you buy at Tralee, be prepared to join a militant protest group. Stage some noisy protests at the airport, cause a ruckess and attract a media circus. Once you have made your point and the public is on your side proceed with a class action against the local government.
Sue for damages such as stress due to intolerable noise and then you may win a big compensation settlement.
The tax payer will ultimatly foot the bill for this incompetant planning farce.

Pandy Pandy 7:18 am 29 Apr 07

Miz, You may have some noise in Chisholm. But have you actually seen the aircraft and type of aircraft flying overhead? Or are they flying over the Hume corridor?

Some of the big jets now have a GPS landing system that allows them to do a bit of a dog-leg pushing the flight path further west AWAY from Jerrabomberra. The last 10 kms though all aircraft want to be lined-up witht he airstrip. Maybe some of the VIP/PM jets are turning in more sharply(?)

If Miz, you have aircraft flying over Chisholm, then according to Tom Snow and Airservices Australia this should not be. They should not however be less than 2km in height at this stage anyhow and thus may be outside of the noise causing envelope. I have had this discussion with Tom before. Send them an email with time and date and demand an explanation.

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