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Transact… Too Expensive.

By Nickamc 29 November 2007 26

Ok, so we’ve finally gotten the ump of Transact and their ridiculous line rental and home phone fees. We’re jumping ship, but we’ll also need to jump ship on internet ISP’s, cause Grapevine is affiliated with Transact and apparently wont work with a new service (Is this true?) or our other option of not having a home phone at all.

So, any recommendations for new ISP’s? Currently playing 70 bucks a month for 40gb limit, with download speeds of around 110kbps, and upload speeds of around 12kbps. Would love to find something better (and potentially cheaper).

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26 Responses to
Transact… Too Expensive.
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Holden Caulfield 12:12 pm 06 Dec 07

Another vote for Internode here. I’ve been with them for about 3 years and they’re great.

ADSL2+ (inner North) @ $60p/m with 20GB in downloads

Ally-J 11:01 am 06 Dec 07

Hey not to mention their customer service. I was looking to get all my services connected a few months ago, got on the transact website and sent them an email to enquire about bundling. got the usual auto response, then got tired of waiting so called them up a day or two later to get connected to water,gas and phone. About 2 MONTHS later I got a call from a very young man from transact saying I sent them an email to get transact connected. I was pretty dumbfounded! I couldnt even remember sending them an email. I asked for what connection? (I needed a reminder)He couldnt tell me. I hadnt got the phone connected yet so I assumed that he wanted to sell me a phone connection – Wrong! He had no idea what he was trying to sell me he was just replying to my email. i give him the benefit of the doubt and tell him I still need a phone connection, hoping he would give me some options. Wrong again, he was completely lost for words. I had to remind him at this point that he called me, then I cut the conversation short, I was at work and had other things to do. What a waste of time! As vacuous as he was I can appreciate maybe he was a newbie, but come on Transact – you take 2 months to reply to an email and then offer nothing? Why offer a service if you cant cope. I am way against outsourcing but I have to say the service I have had from India poops all over some of the locals.

Mælinar 10:57 pm 30 Nov 07

P.S. limited connections are shit for porn.

Mælinar 10:56 pm 30 Nov 07

A long while ago I signed up with dodo ADSL – all you can eat 256k connection for $60/mo. Surprisingly they keep calling me to offer me a limited connection and think it’s a better offer !

At any rate, shop outside the square and you might find some gems is my advice. Canberra internet connectivity doesn’t start and stop at ACTEW/INTERACT offices and you may get deals with big providers wanting to get a foothold in Canberra.

johnboy 10:04 am 30 Nov 07

Worth checking the iBurst services for unwired broadband.

I used their desktop modem very happily for two years in Turner.

No additional data charges, just shaping to dialup speeds on most plans too.

Ally-J 9:35 am 30 Nov 07

hi Toriness, I have been looking into 3’s plan myself as I have no need for a home phone whatsoever. It appears that they use their own network of which you need a password to use, they described it much like their phone network. Hence it is secure (my concerns were that of the usual wireless security guff) Also they have a map to check if this ‘mobile broadband’ service is available in your area. As I understand it though if you take the card outside the service area you can get charged $1.60 odd per Mb down/upload. Something to watch out for. You can also log into your account to keep an eye on your downloads and charges, which would be the go until you get used to using what you have paid for. For me its looking pretty good, Im a small time internet user, average 100Mb a month. I can pay for the modem straight up – about $400 and be on no contract just the $29 a month for 1Gb, if I add $10 I get a free modem on a 12 month contract, if I sign up for 24 months I get the free modem for $29 per month. When you think saving phone line rental of about $30 per month it makes sense. I agree with Jemmy tho, this is just the start, this service will be offered everywhere pretty soon. Im yet to check out whirlpool but im sure someone has posted about 3’s mobile broadband already. thumbs up from me…

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