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“tremendous picture” or just unkind?

By johnboy - 14 December 2007 90

I’d really prefer this site not become just a “wot the CT done” talk shop.

So when the buzz started yesterday about *that* picture I thought we’d let it pass through to the keeper.

But now it’s national news let’s take a swing.

So this adorned the front page of Canberra’s only broadsheet yesterday.

It’s the work of Brendan Esposito, a Fairfax photographer.

Mark Baker, the CT editor, says it’s a “tremendous picture” and informs us that anyone thinking they can see anything untoward are “imagining more than is there”. (Bearing in mind that Mark has access to a higher resolution version than the rest of us)

I’m sure you’ll all have an opinion but frankly I have trouble believing this line:

“It didn’t occur to me that people would have a problem with the issue of the dress,” he said.

There might not be anything “to see” but it’s still a gutter up-skirt shot for mine (and yes I considered having this discussion without reproducing the image for just that reason but I think we can assume the damage is done). I also thought using a shot capturing her laughing in such an ugly way was unkind and not something we’d do at any publication I’ve worked for.

Anyone want to guess what the increased relevance is worth compared to the cancelled subscriptions from readers who prefer not to have an up-skirt shot on their breakfast table?

UPDATED: The CT is running an AAP story justifying it’s own decisions, but the letters to the editor have few kind words.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Journalism academic Julie Posetti is not at all impressed with the CT’s actions and goes so far as to claim that elements within the paper are also very unhappy.

What’s Your opinion?

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90 Responses to
“tremendous picture” or just unkind?
Thumper 9:56 am 14 Dec 07

The CT letter writers are up in arms. How dare the CT publish a photo as such of one of their darlings.

(Sorry, can’t do the linky thing)

Mr Evil 9:37 am 14 Dec 07

“and on the same seat! :)”

Agreed. I think she’s an over-rated twat, and my bet is Bennalong will be a Liberal seat again next election.

Thumper 9:34 am 14 Dec 07

The CT could have Kate Ellis as a page three girl…

barking toad 9:33 am 14 Dec 07

and on the same seat! 🙂

Mr Evil 9:31 am 14 Dec 07

Hey there’s two c*%ts in that photo!

Skidbladnir 9:28 am 14 Dec 07

If the CT is a broadsheet because they are putting photos of pollis on the front page.

If they were a tabloid they would be putting this on page three.
(So you could read it on the bus\train\ferry and not get glared at by other passengers)

barking toad 9:20 am 14 Dec 07

The shot was selected for front page publication for 3 reasons :

1. To show JH looking like a grumpy old man;
2. To show Maxine supposedly berating JH about something he’s done wrong; and,
3. To give a hint of beaver to try and lift the pathetic circulation of the Canberra Age.

VYBerlinaV8 9:01 am 14 Dec 07

Looks like the panty hamster’s ready to go for a run on its wheel.

Thumper 8:46 am 14 Dec 07

The CT mate…

Pandy 8:44 am 14 Dec 07

Uncalled for the CT to publish the letter or for me to report what is in the public domain?

Jazz 8:41 am 14 Dec 07

lol, its reminds me of a certain sharon stone moment in basic instinct.

Thumper 8:39 am 14 Dec 07

Uncalled for.

I heard the explanations this morning on radio samuel and it was a pathetic excuse for using a slightly risque up the skirt shot.

The CT really is sinking faster than the New Zealand dollar.

Pandy 8:29 am 14 Dec 07

as the letter to the editor said today:

Maxine is after the Brazillian vote.

Neocom 8:15 am 14 Dec 07

While the CT might be in a broadsheet format, the editor is operating at well below tabloid level.

Shame Mr Baker!

futto 8:09 am 14 Dec 07

I must admit i prefer the real “thing” to the old one wearing a tie next to it.

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