Trolley Fiasco at Jamison Centre

gkcasey 6 March 2012 5

Anyone else been experiencing problems with the random chaos of the trolley collection contractors at Jamieson shops?

Damage to cars, tractors racing around, people slipping on wet floors, trying to avoid being run over by loose trolleys, tractor blocking parking spots….the list goes on. The Centre Owners are pulling their hair out trying to get Coles and the Contractors to fix the problems.

The last straws have happened for me in the last week….because I use the shops and that entrance the trolleys are pushed through.

Complain loudly to Coles. If you or your car is damaged, f you see them pushing more than 10 without them being secured with ropes, etc………..complain.

I have emailed the Chief Minister, Workcover, TAMS and the Transport Workers Union.

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5 Responses to Trolley Fiasco at Jamison Centre
agent00 agent00 3:19 pm 15 Mar 12

I believe the majority of the trolley collectors are imported labors – Koreans on working holiday visas. Somebody should go and make sure DeMarco who runs Jammo is paying them sufficiently to get their jobs done right.

p1 p1 12:59 pm 06 Mar 12

ps0104 said :

A few weeks ago on a sat morning I returned to my car to find it parked in by their tractor/trailer…..

I would have got on the tractor and moved it. Odds are the keys were in it.

ps0104 ps0104 12:49 pm 06 Mar 12

Yep, add me to the list of people who have experienced the chaos.

A few weeks ago on a sat morning I returned to my car to find it parked in by their tractor/trailer. Two of the trolley collectors were nearby sitting under a tree. No probs I thought, I will just ask them to move it so I will just ask them to move it so I can get out. Turns out neither of them spoke any english, the best response I could get was ‘please, minute’, ‘please, minute’ repeated over and over.

Things started getting really weird when one collector started getting agitated and the other one started to physically restrain him. I thought he was going to come and hit me for getting cranky about his tractor so i went back to my car to wait a minute like i thought he was trying to say.

5 minutes later, still nothing. I go back to them again, starting to get pretty peeved now. All I got was ‘please, minute’, ‘please, minute’ all over again. Same scenario, one gets agitated and restrained by the other, I walk off to Coles to find out what the deal is. Coles have no idea and send me to centre management, but there is nobody there.

I return to the car, it has now been close to 15 minutes. The two trolley guys are still there so I try for a third time. This time one of them gets on the tractor and moves it. Was that so hard?


neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 9:32 am 06 Mar 12

I shop at Jammo regularly and have never had an issue with the trolley collectors. I do, however, take umbrage at the cretins who randomly dump trolleys in carparks, on foot paths and other non-trolley bay locations when they could easily walk the 20 metres to put the trolley in the appropriate trolley bay.

I also have an issue with the tight arse twats who shop in Aldi but will take a trolley from Coles just to not have to insert $2 which you get back anyway.

PBO PBO 9:28 am 06 Mar 12

Seems like someone has some very specific gripes, rival contractor maybe?

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