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Tropfest dumped due to NCA cuts?

By morto1980 - 17 February 2008 29

The Canberra Times is reporting that due to the recent cutbacks at the NCA, Tropfest may no longer go ahead in the ACT.

Is this just scaremongering? Many other cities and regional centers manage to screen Tropfest – surely the ACT can still manage? It seems like the various states have different methods of sorting out the funding/planning – for example Tassie has an arts centre, a nonprofit org *and* a state government agency all chipping in to help get it off the ground.

I’m surprised that the National Film and Sound Archive don’t get involved, given the good screenings they do at their HQ (admittedly for a fee).

Will this become another reason other cities can bag Canberra? Wagga, Singleton and Port Augusta get screenings for Pete’s sake!

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Tropfest dumped due to NCA cuts?
V8 Berlina with a th 5:34 pm 18 Feb 08

Tropfest is a great asset to Canberra’s social calender. I don’t go to it, proffering my own TV, but I know a lot of people enjoy it. Where’s private enterprise? Sure the NCA are being twits dropping it and other activities out of spite, but the Canberra Show, Floriade and so on occur with out NCA financial support because of private sponcership. NCA staff didn’t work last night so it can obviously go ahead without NCA staff.

John Tuttle 5:27 pm 18 Feb 08

Canberra needs a variety of events and Tropfest screening is probably not a bad thing. Tropfest itself is fairly major, but screening it in Canberra doesn’t make it nationally significant, so no NCA funding is fine by me.

Does it bring extra tourism to Canberra? I doubt it, so I wouldn’t want to see any local Gov’t money wasted on it either.

Good idea Ralph – someone run it as a private event, charge a few bucks. If done by a non-profit bunch, let them keep the profit. If done by a profit-making bunch, then charge them full-whack for using the venue (ie revenue to the local Gov’t).

Thumper 10:12 am 18 Feb 08

Indeed, how about a giant statue of Gough in front of old parliament house?

Maybe build some apartments in lieu of tyhe tent embassy?

How about another Grassby satue in the triangle?

Maybe we could have a memorial to, well, god knows with Stanhope’s mob…

Crikey 10:00 am 18 Feb 08

Close the NCA and allow the likes of Stanhope and future clown-like-Assembly’s to run roughshod over the National Capital. Emphasis on NATIONAL CAPITAL. Sounds like a plan to me.

caf 8:53 am 18 Feb 08

I don’t think that’s allowed in the agreement with the festival organisers.

Most of the cost would be covered by the extensive sponsorship, it’s probably just the NCA staff time and use of Commonwealth Park that the NCA currently picks up the tab for.

I’m sure the ACT Government will pick up Tropfest if the NCA drop it (or maybe the ANU – already major local sponsor).

Ralph 8:48 am 18 Feb 08

How about if people want to watch it they pay an entry fee.

Novel idea, I know.

Crikey 8:30 am 18 Feb 08

Yeah Pandy is right and 20,000 Canberrans are wrong.

sepi 8:30 am 18 Feb 08

I dont see why this is an NCA thing anyway – wheres the griffin legacy in tropfest – or the need to maintain Canberra for all Australians not just Canberrans.

They should just lose the NCA altogether.

AndyC 12:34 am 18 Feb 08

Sounds like the NCA are taking their bat and ball and having a cry about their funding / staff cut backs. I was just wondering the other day what NCA actually did – and the more they whinge, the more they seem redundant. As morto says, other states don’t use Federal funding to put the show on, so why does Canberra need the NCA to do this? It seems this would be a good opportunity for Mr Stanhope and crew to pick up some brownie points, and chuck some money towards ensuring next years show goes ahead. I know they love giving money to the arts (giant pears, bounders, girders anyone?)
Oh and congrats to the Canberra and Tassie entries this year, nice to see them picked in the final 16 – and the Canberra guys picking up a prize.

Pandy 12:28 am 18 Feb 08

1) Been there, done that. Never again.

2) Typical of boring Canberra. The other States have far better things to be going.

3) So what if Tropfest goes. There will be another one next month somewhere.

SamTSeppo 12:17 am 18 Feb 08

1) The view from even a distance wasn’t too shabby.

2) That’s fine, but there’s something to be said for sitting outside with a beer and some folks and watching the shorts there.

3) … such as?

Pandy 12:15 am 18 Feb 08

So what?

1/ Watching the show on a screen that subjectively looks smaller than your average telly because you have to sit so far back.

2/ The DVD will be in the newspapers in the next few weeks.

3/ There are way too many short film festivals.

el ......TECortina 2 11:40 pm 17 Feb 08

I hope not. What a great night.

SamTSeppo 11:36 pm 17 Feb 08

Yeah, apparently 20K+ people at the Canberra showing (frankly, those numbers seem a bit high, but …), and we were #2 in the country behind Sydney. Surely they won’t drop it here, given that. Surely?

adeptacheese 11:32 pm 17 Feb 08

im just back from tropfest and they said that canberra had the 2nd highest amount of people there out of any australian city so I certainly hope not.

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