Trouble at All Bar Nun last night?

johnboy 21 May 2007 36

An unsubstantiated tip just though about trouble at All Bar Nun last night:

“Lost of people yelling and several cop cars, paddy wagon etc. groups of people huddled and some running…. does anyone know the deal? It was about 9.00 maybe. Just thought I’d ask.”

Anyone know anything more?

UPDATED: The much improved police media release system appears to have some answers:

ACT Policing have arrested a 29-year-old man for attempted murder after an incident in O’Connor last night (May 20).

Police will allege that the Dunlop man deliberately struck the 28-year-old victim with his vehicle, after an altercation at an O’Connor licensed premises.

The offender has fled the scene in the company of another male. Both men were located by police at a City nightclub a short time later.

The alleged offender was arrested and will face the ACT Magistrates Court today, charged with attempted murder, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resist police and possess knife without reasonable excuse.

Police would urge anyone who may have witnessed the incident and have not yet spoken to investigators to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Attempted murder?

UPDATED: Loadedog suggests that an education campaign is needed to make sure than polo shirt wearing lads know they’re meant to be going to Mooseheads and not messing up Canberra’s more pleasant bars where they become violently confused by the long words used in conversation in those places.

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36 Responses to Trouble at All Bar Nun last night?
bigred bigred 7:44 am 24 May 07

A very reasonable reply. Thank you. While I probably don’t agree with everything you say, I appreciate a lot of this is about perceptions. I have a list that just keeps growing. With the attitude displayed here by your colleagues such as DJ I will decline to share, mainly so some involved people who fear retribution (yes, even afraid to take their gripes to AFP management or politicians) can remain anonymous.

TAD TAD 12:23 am 24 May 07

There is no great relationship between bouncers and police other than we both have to deal with drunks. I don’t know of any bouncers who are ex police and restrictions on secondary income certainly restrict any moonlighting.

Anybody in this town is certainly able to report assault and the police reaction like anywhere in the world comes down to the seriousness and circumstances of the incident, the available evidence and resources available at the time.

The reporting of assault by bouncers, I agree can be difficult because (a) to some extent bouncers are allowed to physically eject persons from private premises (b) the complainant and his witnesses are usually obnoxious, drunk twats who probably deserved a bit of manhandling and are unable to give a cohesive story.

An attempt murder will always get the works and not due to the occupation of the victim.

Read the media release again. No implication made that the victim was a patron. Just not stated at all.

Bigred you obviously have some beef with police. Care to share?

bigred bigred 8:38 pm 23 May 07

TAD I have no issue with someone who allegedy threatens another’s life being hauled before the courts and being given an appropriate custodial sentence. You and your mate DJ got that?

What I want to know is why so many incidents in this town don’t receive a similar outcome. I also want to know why patrons who have been assaulted (allegedy of course) by a bouncer receive lip service when they attempt to get police assistance.

Also, are there any moonlighting coppers working as bouncers? Any ex coppers?

Also, interesting how the impression was created that the victim was a patron. Any comments?

TAD TAD 8:21 pm 23 May 07

Bigred, the victim was run over. Do you think police asked him his occupation before deciding to take action?

TAD TAD 7:54 pm 23 May 07

“was wearing one of those white bodysuit hoody things that they give to offenders whose clothes aren’t suitable for court.”

I think you’ll find that the bodysuit is given to the suspect when his clothes are seized (forensics etc)

bigred bigred 7:37 pm 23 May 07

A bouncer? Say no more!!

TAD TAD 7:33 pm 23 May 07

Sorry I re-read. Yep DJ was being a bit of a knob.

I did find Bigred’s comment offensive too though.

Police don’t only take action when it involves one of our own.

TAD TAD 7:29 pm 23 May 07

The victim was a bouncer. Police did a good job arresting the suspect when he tried to resist with a knife. (all allegedly of course).

Where exactly is the critism directed JB?

DJ DJ 7:29 pm 23 May 07

A very reasonable question. Not according to all reports – do you think that fact wouldn’t have been reported?

But you didn’t ask a question – “to score that many charges he must have tried to murder an off duty plod!”

bigred bigred 5:41 pm 22 May 07

DJ, tell me, was it one one of Canberra’s finest that was on the receiving end? Isn’t that a reasonable question?

johnboy johnboy 4:17 pm 22 May 07

DJ, I don’t need to make the argument that your conduct is offensive.

You make that better than I ever could.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 4:05 pm 22 May 07

As an external (and disinterested)observer DJ, it does seem like you’re the one with a chip on your shoulder – you either cant help rising to a blatant troll or you seem to see somthing malicious in what would otherwise appear to be fairly legitimate and straight-forward observations by other posters.

DJ DJ 4:05 pm 22 May 07

Still unable to back yourself up with anything eh? Hearts and minds? Are you kidding?

johnboy johnboy 4:00 pm 22 May 07

Yep, that did it, totally made me see the error of my ways.

That’s how you win hearts and minds!

DJ DJ 3:52 pm 22 May 07

I’ll let JB do them justice shall I? His petty dribbles, caustic remarks, misrepresentations and biased spin should sort things out nicely – typical of a journalist type really.

Heaven forbid somebody should make comments about him. He seems willing enough to post his rants without anything to back them up. I made an observation and he goes off on a rant again – name calling indeed. He just can’t give credit where it’s due. That’s just rude.

I challenge JB to back up his “many law abiding citizens despise the police” comment with evidence. The evidence will put him to shame with opinion poles disagreeing with him.

I too am occasionally found in All Bar Nun – I’ll look out for you JB and we can sit down and thrash things out. You’ll be the one with the chip on your shoulder? I’ll be in jack boots and goose stepping to fit into your perception of who I am.

S4anta S4anta 11:58 am 22 May 07

high fives JB. DJ you really dont do the boys in blue justice.

johnboy johnboy 8:50 am 22 May 07

You know DJ not only are you stupid, but your personality and attitude to the public is exactly why many law abiding citizens despise the police.

While I am sometimes to be found at All Bar Nun, Sunday night was not one of those times.

Heavs Heavs 8:46 am 22 May 07

All Bar turned into a real hero hangout on sundays after they expanded. Edgars is the new AllBar for a quiet Sunday session.

DJ DJ 8:29 am 22 May 07

Sounds like JB was there at some point and possibly others – you made the effort to provide any details to Police?

DJ DJ 8:26 am 22 May 07

So the Police caught an offender in a busy nightclub shortly after he attempted to murder someone with a vehicle.

A highly aggressive person who attempted to kill another person and then had a go at them (the resist charge)and was armed at the time of his arrest (the knife charge)…

And all we get from Bigred is a dumbass comment – I kind of expected that from JB trying to further his hopeless case against the AFP.

Credit where it’s due folks.

Now we can wait for the Courts to drop the ball – that would probably make Bigred happy too.

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