Trouble in the muslim community

johnboy 17 January 2007 4

The ABC is reporting on a nasty stoush in Canberra’s Muslim community with some of Imam Mohammed Swaiti’s flock disagreeing with his spending priorities.

In particular they want money spent on repairs to the mosque.

The Saudi embassy provided money for maintenance 13 years ago but to date it is being held onto for a rainy day.

Perhaps the Saudi’s might inquire as to what has become of their money?

More likely Comrade Stanhope will leap on this chance to reach out to the Muslim community, and get on WIN News hugging a Muslim, with another un-tied bung of our money.

Time will tell.

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4 Responses to Trouble in the muslim community
Adam84 Adam84 4:13 pm 27 Feb 07

I don’t know why the papers keep describing the Canberra Muslim community as being disgruntled. As a member of the community I have found only a number of people who are unhappy with Imam Swaiti. In fact the week after the “embezzlement” story was reported in the paper a petition was signed in support of the Imam. Almost everyone who attended the mosque that day signed the petition I saw very few people pass on the opportunity to support a man who has served them for so many years. This is just a case of the media trying to sensationalise a very uninteresting story. How it made the papers baffles me.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 11:35 am 17 Jan 07

Speaking of news I hate Win News. It should be called Lose News. Geez, it even rhymes.

terubo terubo 11:10 am 17 Jan 07

Interesting point, LdD. I guess it all hinges on the strength of feeling within the congregation…at what point does it become newsworthy? And I don’t think ‘Dear Leaders’ have been involved so far – that was merely a johnboy whimsy.

La di Da La di Da 11:03 am 17 Jan 07

Is it a slow news day at the ABC or what?

You get that kind of thing in Christian churches (or any religion, come to think of it) all the time, but it’s not news to print “Anglican parish committee angers congregation by not fixing leaking gutters with the money from donation earmarked for such” or “Synagogue fails to spend pledge on new heaters, congregation v. cranky indeed”.

So pointless, and it only leads to further pointlessness by making Dear Leaders whip up publicity opportunities.

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