trout fishing in the Brindys?

dusty 12 March 2007 15

I have a friend staying with me, from Newfoundland Canada, who is having a blast here in Canberra and before he heads home he wants to know where is a good spot in the Brindy’s to try a spot of trout fishing.

I have absolutely no knowledge or experience to share with him on this one, so any advice and / or directions would be greatly appreciated.

Also what in the way of fishing licence would he need, and where do we get it?


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15 Responses to trout fishing in the Brindys?
dusty dusty 12:31 pm 14 Mar 07

Thanks guys, your advice is appreciated.

shauno shauno 6:16 pm 13 Mar 07

Yeah I didnt mind giving it away because I know longer live in Canberra lol

justbands justbands 8:38 am 13 Mar 07

> I’m not silly enough to give away good local trout streams on an ineternet forum!

Haha…exactly. Generic spots only. Mind you…your account name on here ain’t a bad little river to fish either. Certainly there’s a few around it that our my absolute favourites. 🙂

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 6:05 am 13 Mar 07

I took a nice brown for the Goodradigbee at Flea Creek last year – than and I’m not silly enough to give away good local trout streams on an ineternet forum!

shauno shauno 11:48 pm 12 Mar 07

No the place I’m talking about is a long way up stream. Im guessing maybe 20km or so but not looking at a map so not sure.

Sammy Sammy 9:59 pm 12 Mar 07

Two foreign invaders — redfin and carp — displacing another two — rainbow and brown trout.

Sammy Sammy 9:59 pm 12 Mar 07

The Goodradigbee at Flea Creek

In recent times, this section of the Goodradigbee has been overrun with redfin and carp.

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 5:36 pm 12 Mar 07

The Goodradigbee at Flea Creek in Brindabella National Park is good for trout (could alos be the place Shauno is talking about). Take the Gentle Annie fire trail from just near Picadilly Circus (get a good map) and follow it down till you hit Flea Creek, cross the creek and you’re at the Goodradigbee – you can fish right there, but will probably have better luck heading up streama piece. Don’t try descending the Gentle Annie unless you have a decent 4WD, and take some camping gear in case it rains, ’cause unless you’ve got some serious mud tyres, the track will get seriously greasy aftert a spot of moisture.

shauno shauno 2:19 pm 12 Mar 07

Best place and usually drought proof if you want to fish in the Brindys’is Goodradigbee River especially if you dive up and park at Mt Ginnini its a hell of a walk down following a a dirt road which ends in a very isolated part of the Goodradigbee River totally pristine wilderness and abundant trout. You have to walk up inside the river as its to over grown on the sides and not really suitable to fly more like Number 1 or 2 celta. Ive seen plenty of feral pigs down there as well. Its more an overnighter as its a good 3 hour slog back up the 800m vertical elevation to the carpark.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:07 pm 12 Mar 07

A reasonably easy place to get to would be to head along Coppins Crossing, and take the turnoff to Uriarra Xing. Head down to just past the Scout camp, there’s a couple of nice recreational areas down that way. I’ve seen the trout jumping out of the water down that way, although I’m told the majority of what you’ll catch is carp.

Finding a potential fishing spot is relatively easy using google earth. Look for a river that’s in close proximity to a road, or as far away as your legs will take you, done deal.

justbands justbands 10:58 am 12 Mar 07

Why the Brindies specifically? There are some decent spots (on the Goodradigbee River for one, also the Goobragandra River & creeks that feed it, some other spots), but the Snowies is where it’s at really.

Thumper Thumper 9:16 am 12 Mar 07

Can’t help although Potato Point and Blackfellows Point down near Bodalla were fishing well when I was down there a month ago.

Got myself a ripper of a trevally off the rocks. A superb looking and fighting fish, especially on light tackle.

Released him of course.

Ari Ari 9:11 am 12 Mar 07

His best bet would be the Snowy lakes.

Take the Boboyan Road (through Tharwa) to Adaminaby and then you’ve got easy access to lakes Eucumbene and Tantangara. Both are producing plenty of trout despite the drought.

The Boboyan Road crosses a heap of streams which hold trout, but the thick tea tree vegetation generally means it’s difficult to fish.

Also remmeber that the closer a stream is to Canberra, the more likely it is to have been hammered hard by trout anglers (e.g. the Naas River).

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 9:06 am 12 Mar 07

He can get a NSW fishing license at any tackle store (even ones in the ACT), or online at the link Sammy posted. If he’ll only be fishing inside the border of the ACT, he won’t need any fishing license. I don’t know of any good spots to try though.

Sammy Sammy 9:00 am 12 Mar 07

Once you move into NSW you’ll need a NSW fishing license. Most of the streams in the Brindabella’s are either dry, or overrun with redfin.

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