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Truck convoy on Northbourne Ave

By Kerces - 17 February 2007 22

Enjoying the sun a couple of blocks away from Northbourne Avenue this afternoon, I became aware of an odd noise coming from that direction so I went down to investigate.

It turned out there was an enormous convoy of trucks travelling down the Avenue, all blasting their horns.

I vaguely remembered this was some kind of annual charity event (for kids with cancer?) and that they get so many trucks it normally goes for about 30-45 minutes. Most of the trucks’ cabs were full of smiling, waving people and many had children in them.

There were several families parked along Northbourne to watch the spectacle, including this well-prepared one.

If you’ve got more details than my half-remembered ones, go on, share your knowledge with the world.

UPDATED: Ralph has sent in his own observation of the convoy from Duntroon.

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22 Responses to
Truck convoy on Northbourne Ave
Ralph 6:24 pm 19 Feb 07

Oh well you’re a fcking idiot aren’t you? Get over yourself it was for a kids charity. And you’re a hypocrite too with your V8. Tool.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 5:53 pm 19 Feb 07

Joking? It was noisy, smelly, environmentally unfriendly, and just downright antisocial.

I am disgusted by this type of event.

neanderthalsis 1:26 pm 19 Feb 07

The said convoy eventually made its way to the Queanbeyan Showgrounds amid much horn blasting and diesel fumes. I was almost run over by a large orange “Your Rights at Work” bus (instantly turning me into a WorkChoices supporter) whilst wandering down to see what all the fus was.

Ralph 12:10 pm 19 Feb 07

This would have had a much more positive impact on the environment, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

I hope you are joking.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:08 am 19 Feb 07

Maybe they could have collected all the $$ otherwise spent on diesel and given that to cancer research. This would have had a much more positive impact on the environment, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

simbo 6:29 pm 18 Feb 07

From memory, CC was convinced she knew where you lived, yet I don’t think she ever did anything. So far, we don’t seem to have attracted anybody kooky enough to actually DO anything nutty (as compared to the people who will talk about nutty things, which pretty much embraces the entire Riotact crew).

Hasdrubahl 4:10 pm 18 Feb 07

I hof bin lookin fir zis johnboy flat fir kvite sum tyme now…

vg 3:56 pm 18 Feb 07

Just giving you a friendly tip is all. CC has proven there are some kooks out there

Al 3:52 pm 18 Feb 07

There was a public notice on the paper last weekend that the road would be closed.
Mitchell was pretty full up with their trailers this morning…

johnboy 2:53 pm 18 Feb 07

these ones are from the ABC.. arrghh! the conspiracy unmasked!!


Anyway we’d prefer not to discuss our security and privacy arrangements online if that’s OK.

vg 12:46 pm 18 Feb 07

The pics from your driveway give the actual building away, but if that doesn’t concern you, then it doesn’t concern me

johnboy 11:31 am 18 Feb 07

The inner north? hardly a secret.

vg 9:34 am 18 Feb 07

You know you boys virtually give away where you live based on your pictures?

Ralph 7:09 pm 17 Feb 07

Apparently it finishes up at Queanbeyan showground with rides for the kids, live music etc

Geoffco 5:43 pm 17 Feb 07

I think it was the Convoy for Cancer fundraiser. here’s a link to 2006 info

We were driving down Northbourne a bit before 2pm and almost got taken out by an enthusiastic Border Express truck that seemed to be part of the convoy that started off a bit too early… (there were about 5 of them and they cut us off to change into the right lane and turn back the other way).

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