Two nights of rain gives tolerable fireworks outcome

johnboy 14 June 2005 12

ABC Online is reporting that the Minister Not Responsible, Katy Gallagher, is happy with our behaviour over the Queens Birthday long weekend.

“But if it shows that people are still not doing the right thing, that complaints are increasing, that the community’s really getting intolerant of fireworks, then the Government will have no choice but to move to a ban.”

If it’s based on what the community wants then why not trust it to a plebiscite? Then rabble rousers like me would have nothing to grumble about.

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12 Responses to Two nights of rain gives tolerable fireworks outcome
bonfire bonfire 4:20 pm 20 Jun 05

jb – yep, and thats a problem faced by all representative democracies.

johnboy johnboy 7:12 pm 15 Jun 05

I should note that I have removed some comments on this thread that I viewed off topic.

If you want to start a new debate feel free to submit it as a story for our consideration. Or post it on your own site.

Thank You.

johnboy johnboy 6:58 pm 15 Jun 05

If it goes against the fireworks then fine.

What makes me angry is parties making decisions in government they never had the guts to take to the people.

wonsworld wonsworld 4:29 pm 15 Jun 05

I personally choose not to set off fireworks to celebrate the Queen.

However, I live next to a household of people of Chinese descent. They tend to really let fly with the fireworks for celebrations (i.e. very pretty but very loud) and they also let a few off on Chinese New Year. Do I mind or complain? No.

Do they complain when I get a l’il noisy reliving my teen years with some good old loud rock music and a few beers late into the night? No, they don’t. Nor do they mind when I have parties that START well after midnight (because of the nature of having “after-show” theatre parties). They know it doesn’t happen all that often. Kind of like the June Long Weekend.

Come to think about it, nor do any of the people around the street mind that the guy down the road gets pissed on New Years Eve and breaks out the bagpipes.

Where I live actually seems to me to be a fairly typical Australian traditional street. Yes it’s true that not all the street gets along 100% but we also don’t run to the phone to complain if there is a problem. We tend to knock on the door and let people around us know if there is going to be something on that could affect them before a problem occurs.

Maybe it’s because a call to a local legislative member to get something changed that you don’t like is easier than going to a neighbour and talking about it.

And don’t give me any of that “it’s the times we live in crap”. We create the times we live in, things happen or not very much so because of how we as a community act and react to each other. I shudder to think that I’m starting to sound like some kind of tree hugger here … and that wasn’t my intent. Just to say that it’s not ALL bad out there in suburbia.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:16 pm 15 Jun 05

That’s rich coming from you, unsung.

Bodhichitta Bodhichitta 3:26 pm 15 Jun 05

so sad to see so many people that have lost the fun in thier lives.
I didnt let off fireworks this year, but I am happy for those that did. I watched some over the roofs of the houses for a while.

I also have two dogs, they were fine, sure they got a little flighty at one point, but they will live.

Instead of worrying so much about what others are doing (sign of the times I guess) go out and have your own fun.

GuruJ GuruJ 3:20 pm 15 Jun 05

I know I’m in a minority on this site, but I would prefer a ban on private fireworks.

It’s just noise pollution as far as I’m concerned.

If people want fireworks displays, I’d rather see more government-sponsored fireworks. At least then I know when the fireworks will be on, and they will only be for an hour or so.

Under the current situation, I get intermittent bangs for 6 hours three nights in a row.

bonfire bonfire 10:14 am 15 Jun 05

im not convinced a plebiscite would result in the outcome you desire jb.

bulldog bulldog 8:31 am 15 Jun 05

So this is what happens when politicians are told to be ‘proactive’. Just jump on the nearest conservative bandwagon and ride that puppy home.

Once again, what an absolute crock of sh*t.

Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 15 Jun 05

Actually, it probably did sound like Saigon given the explosion and the monsoonal rain!

terubo terubo 8:24 am 15 Jun 05

But it did sound like downtown Saigon during an ever-so-slight lull in the monsoon….

Thumper Thumper 8:08 am 15 Jun 05

One is left with the lingering feeling that Ms Gallagher and her erstwhile ALP comrades are building up to a complete ban, but don’t quite have the ammunition (bad unintentional pun) at present.

This place is becoming so incredibly over regulated its not funny.

The community may, or may not be getting less tolernat of fireworks but I’d have to say that the weekend did not sound like downtown Saigon during the Tet offensive.

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