U-Brew It Opens in Canberra

Kramer 11 November 2007 17

This weekend U-Brew It opened in Canberra (23 Raws Crescent, Hume – 6260 1160). These guys are a DIY microbrewery, where customers mix up and boil their wort – for the uninitiated that’s water, hops, grains & malt which is fermented into beer. The wort is transfered into a fermenter, which is left to brew in their cool room for about two weeks. When the beer is ready it is filtered, and then punters have the option of keg, bottle or even can packaging. A single brew produces 50 litres of beer!

I think this gem on their website says it all: “Many of our brewers find that they ‘SPILL’ so much beer during bottling they have to arrange a taxi to get home”.

Unfortunately, we missed the grand opening yesterday, which I believe had a sausage sizzle & beer tasting, but maybe they’ll invite us out for a personal tour (and tasting).

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17 Responses to U-Brew It Opens in Canberra
Gord0 Gord0 11:46 am 07 Dec 07

I went and checked out the facility with a mate a week ago. VERY professional. They were very happy to show us around and provide a free 500ml can tester of 4.8% Cream Ale. *Very* nice stuff.

We’re currently getting a crew of 6 together to give it a crack in the new year as you get the 6th brew for free and it works out at about .70c a 345ml stubby. Price depends on beer type. If you stuff your brew you get the next FREE too. But with their tuition and top grade ingredients I would suspect this doesn’t happen much.

I’ll be *very* surprised if another one doesn’t open too long on the north side. There’s 17 franchises so far around Australia.

Check it out !


Meconium Meconium 1:30 pm 12 Nov 07

I’m definitely up for a tour. Do they have bottles for sale? I find the Coopers plastic brown longnecks are the most useful, since they aren’t fragile and don’t explode leaving broken glass everywhere.

Interesting idea, I’ve heard the name before I think but never knew this is how they operated. I’m keen for a few batches for the holidays.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 1:10 pm 12 Nov 07

My mates and I used to home brew through Uni, no money for packaged beer in those days. I still have about three dozen largies full of beer from about 4 years ago and a heap of stubbies and largies ready to be used. I’d be keen to try these guys out. Like many others would still love to home brew but its a tough act with the kids at your feet wanting to help etc.

Mælinar Mælinar 12:25 pm 12 Nov 07

Gas your own – I have 2 taps on the outside of my fridge – 2ndary fermentation is a thing of the past…

Dark and Mysterious Dark and Mysterious 11:53 am 12 Nov 07

Sounds like the perfect ‘blokes’ Christmas present! Anyone have any ballpark figures on costs to prepare me, so I don’t ring them and then fall to the ground when I hear the prices?

Mutto Mutto 9:34 am 12 Nov 07

Finally!!! And I’m moving to Brisbane )-: My cousin bought some of his U-Brew It beer from Geelong one Christmas. Fantastic stuff. Crisp, clear, commercial quality without the nasty chemicals. I checked it out in Geelong about a year ago and have been salivating ever since. Now it arrives, and I’m leaving )-:

Kramer Kramer 9:27 am 12 Nov 07

I’d be in for this, as I hate sterilising everything (altho I’m a bit of a nazi, as I have never had an off brew), and bottling. So rocking up to have everything sterile and a canning machine would be great.

jemmy jemmy 9:23 am 12 Nov 07

Won’t be the sanitiser, that just stops bad yeasts, which will still produce CO2 so will still carbonate, just will taste off. I wonder if you’re capping properly after bottling; getting any leaks out of the caps? Laying the bottles on their sides?

ant ant 10:13 pm 11 Nov 07

They are not! I used them my first brew, and talk about insipid. Went to sugar after that, and it adds a real zing. But I’m still underwhelmed with my carbonation. Starting to suspect the sanitiser I’m using. Can’t be anything else! Have eliminated every other possibility.

johnboy johnboy 9:09 pm 11 Nov 07

Carbonation drops are the answer, basically a barley sugar shaped to go down the bottles neck, keep them away from lolly guzzling girlfriends.

perfect every time.

ant ant 8:11 pm 11 Nov 07

I had some incredible black beer at the Canberra home brewers’ club meeting back in winter. It was some Russian something-or-other. Incredible stuff, real art. Most of them do the mashing and mucking around though.

So this homebrew place fine the beer, by the sounds of it, that’s fancy, and sounds like they pump gas in before sealing it up. I carbonate the old fashioned way, chucking in some sugar as I bottle, but it’s been a bit hit or miss lately.

johnboy johnboy 5:37 pm 11 Nov 07


Carbonated = dead !

Kramer Kramer 3:24 pm 11 Nov 07

According to their website, after the beer has completed fermentation, it is filtered and then carbonated. So I’m guessing that the beer will be OK to drink at that stage – altho I’m sure it would be a bit green and better with some conditioning.

Swaggie Swaggie 1:25 pm 11 Nov 07

I tried this Home Brew lark and gave up after my quest for the perfect Home brewed Guinness turned out to resemble liquid Mud. I might take a look at this though – we need some good, incisive, on the spot, investigative journalism by the RA team on this one 🙂

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 12:13 pm 11 Nov 07

Ahhh … beer …. Something we can all agree on. Why don’t we have more threads about beer?

I have heard of something very similar up in Bisvegas. Basically you can do it all or get them to do it all – except add the yeast. Up there you have to add the yeast to meet licensing and excise requirements, might be the same here.

The chaps up in Brissy have hundreds of recipes to choose from and my mate gets 50 litres of a very passable impersonation of Grolsch for around $120 dollars and a couple of hours effort – he reckons that the most expensive part was collecting the 100 500ml swing-top bottles he needed!

I will definitely be dropping by to avail myself of these services – a brew now will be ready and bottle conditioned for Christmas!

Mælinar Mælinar 9:01 am 11 Nov 07

I’ll be interested in the RA tour

ant ant 8:53 am 11 Nov 07

That’s interesting. Sounds like they make the mixing and boiling and mashing etc user-friendly. I just bought a fermenter kit (Morgans) and make kits, which is still a bit of fussing around but at least the wort bit is easy. Chuck the can of hopped malt in with some hot water and whatever sugar you’re using, get it up to 23 litres at the right temperature, chuck in the yeast, and let it go.

I’m interested that this new mob reckon people are getting drunk while bottling though! It’s not great at that stage. The bottle/keg stage is where it clears, and gets bubbles.

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