Unearthed Review: OmniGlam? Three stars.

Barcham 19 September 2013

I return to the pits of Unearthed Reviews to dig through some more local music.

My mission? Review every ACT band on Unearthed whose name I think is cool and whose music I’ve never heard before, in an order decided by the Gods of chance.

Today they game me OmniGlam?.

OmniGlam? are a two-piece electro/pop/dance/funk thing and I don’t entirely know what to make of them.

I’m gonna stop putting the question mark in their name as it upsets me.

OmniGlam haven’t filled in their bio, which always makes me sad. However I’ll forgive them as they did list Knight~Hammer as an artist they like, meaning they have SUPERB TASTE.

My quest inevitably leads me to review a great many bands that are odd and don’t always take themselves seriously, which is fine by me as I find a lot of music far too bland and samey to hold my attention for long. OmniGlam are not bland, they are the opposite of bland. They are interesting and distinctive. Those are way better things to be, no doubt, but there is also an element of person taste involved.

OmniGlam fit my criteria for being the kind of band I like, that doesn’t mean I like them.

In Sensai Loco they manage to collect a whole bunch of annoying sounds, and combine them into a song that isn’t entirely but is still mainly annoying sounding, yet somehow I don’t hate it. For whatever reason, I am slightly charmed by it… but I don’t like it.

Their other track Rub some Funk on it has a lot less byu the way of annoying sounds, and a much less distinct sound. Some very lazy sounding vocals repeatedly instruct me to rub some funk on my problems, and again despite myself I am kinda enjoying it.

But I don’t like it.

OmniGlam exists, and that is a good thing. I won’t say they’re good, but I do recommend maybe listening to them if you want.

I am aware how much of a non-review this is, I don’t like it.

But I don’t hate it.

Three stars.

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