Unearthed Reviews: DRAGONSHEAD. Two stars

Barcham 2 May 2013


Unearthed Reviews 2.0 delivers it’s next update.

Today the random number generator told me 18, which means I’m reviewing DRAGONSHEAD.

Good name.

It’s probably supposed to be Dragon’s Head, but I can’t help but read it Dragon Shead. I’m aware a ‘shead’ isn’t actually a thing, but I can’t help but see it.

In my head it’s pronounced ‘Dragon Shee’d”

Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

Dragonshead are a studio concept band working out of “The Studio” in Canberra. Creating radio/Internet friendly tunes and songs that cover a wide range of styles. Dragonhead has never [to date] appeared live and concentrates on recording songs for the Internet.

Here’s what I have to say about them:

DRAGONSHEAD seemed so promising, but unfortunately did not turn out to be as exciting as their name suggested. I was hoping for something a bit more… dragony? I don’t know.

DRAGONSHEAD lists itself as a dance/pop act. I don’t see it. To me they seem to sit somewhere between electronica, david bowie, reggae, and folk rock. Probably mostly the ont he folk side of things. However instead of being a wonder mix of what makes all of those things great, our Dragon kinda feels a bit too thin.

Less like a dragon, more of a wyrm.

I have no idea why I felt that distinction was necessary.

They say that they are not a ‘show’ band, but instead want to put music together for the internet, and their style certainly suits a more passive approach. I’ve had their two tracks playing in the background for a while as I work and they don’t offend. When I stop and focus though I find myself losing interest.

Downloading Life reminds me of those songs you get when an ageing rocker tries to re-imagine his sound for the modern era. I have images of Sting trying to sell himself as a dance electronica artist.

Lay Down Your Guns has a much better idea of what it wants to be. It sits a lot further towards the rocky folk music side of things and is much easier to get behind.

It’s not that I believe the band is bad, it’s just that I don’t think they really know what they’re trying to achieve. I think if they really picked a sound and direction, and perhaps put a well placed space in their name, I would enjoy their work a lot more.

Two stars.

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