Unearthed Reviews: The Ethernet Man. Four Stars

Barcham 30 July 2013 1


Egads, it’s back!

Unearthed Reviews is here, returned from wherever we left it.

When we last saw Unearthed Reviews I was using a random number generator to pick bands off a short list I had made of ACT bands on the site.

That is still what we are doing.

To make it onto the shortlist the bands had to follow three rules.
1. I had to have never heard the band’s music before.
2. They had to have an interesting name.
3. They had to be based in the ACT.

I started with a list of 30 or so bands, making them off as we reviewed them. We are now down to 10.

Today the RNG gave me a 1.

That means I’m reviewing the Ethernet Man.

Here’s what he has to say about himself:

The Ethernet Man is an experimental production android designed to make next-level electronic beats for consumption by robots or humans.

A solid concept.

A robot making music for robots. Well played Ethernet Man, that means if I don’t like it, it doesn’t matter. It’s not for me.

The Ethernet Man doesn’t make music solely for fleshy meatbags like myself.

Here, I found the android’s Facebook Page, this is radical.

However I do like it.

I like a band with a shtick. I like a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I like robots.

The music is nice and bassy, but has enough going on that it never gets dull or repetitive.

Each track sounds unique and has something different to offer, I recommend starting with Into The Darkness.

The criticisms I’ve most often made towards bands in these reviews are that everything they do is dull, that there is no point or joy in what they’re doing, and that all their songs sound exactly the same.

None of those criticisms work here, despite The Ethernet Man playing electronica music which is a genre that is often the target of many of those comments.

Well done you crazy android.

Four stars.

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One Response to Unearthed Reviews: The Ethernet Man. Four Stars
Grrrr Grrrr 5:12 pm 30 Jul 13

.. and he connects his music making devices together using an Ethernet LAN?

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