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Update to “Tharwa Bridge IS safe…”

By asp - 25 September 2007 32

(a comment from j dawg inspired some designs)

The top design is representative of the overspending on arguably under utilized bike paths and how oftenbike riders are put first at the expense of motorists. Not a day goes by when a cyclists in the Lanyon Valley isn’t cycling on a road not 10m from a proper bike path.

The bottom picture is the solution to the Tharwa bridge saga and the costly ACT Prison project. Work in progress.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Update to “Tharwa Bridge IS safe…”
Mr Evil 3:47 pm 25 Sep 07

I thought they wore lycra because it helps to keep all the body parts together whenever they are cleaned up by a 20 tonne truck?

By the way, I don’t wear lycra: a barrel doesn’t look good clad in lycra! 🙂

Maelinar 3:33 pm 25 Sep 07

It is expectable that a Cyclist will attempt to place themselves in mortal danger when wearing lycra. This is a medically proven certainty, as lycra restricts the flow of blood around the body, and thus to the brain. The more lycra they are wearing, the more dangerous their behaviour.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 3:20 pm 25 Sep 07

Don’t worry Mr Evil, there are wanker drivers everywhere. Usually goes that the higher the vehicle, the bigger the wanker.

Mr Evil 3:08 pm 25 Sep 07

The only time I have ever had a safety issue whilst riding on the road has been when some moron (with a forest on their shoulder!) has swerved out of their lane and onto the verge to scream “get off the road” at me.

asp 2:48 pm 25 Sep 07

I should point out that to my knowledge, cyclists are entitled to use the road.
Though for their safety and other road users, why cyclists would use the road if a bike path is available right next to the road is anyone’s guess.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 2:39 pm 25 Sep 07

Thanks for the tips Kramer, but I think my issue isn’t of a sexual nature, it is the fact that fluro yellow tight outfits went out of style in the 80’s. In fact, I don’t recall stating the sex of the cyclist at all. You can leave your homophobe gay jokes to your fellow primary school mates.

I don’t have a problem with cyclists on the road as long as they stick to their lane. I have often seen cyclists holding up a line of traffic because they aren’t in the bicycle lane. Not to mention the fact that they only follow the road rules if it suits them. When a light turns red, suddently they are a pedestrian, if it is green, they demand the same rights as motorist.

There is a reason they have bike paths, and that is because its safer to ride there. I pay taxes too, and they also pay for your bike paths, so does that mean I have the right to drive there? Get realistic.

asp 2:34 pm 25 Sep 07

People, I understand often, bike paths don;t go where we want to go (I do ride by the way). But if you read my post, I am talking about time when cyclists are riding on the roads, when just a few meters to their left or right it a proper bike path that was built at great expense.
On Tharwa Dr, there are often cyclists riding on the two lane road when there is a cycle path running along side the road just a few meters away.

The joke in the image is there is the old bridge that motorists will have to use, and along side, a brand new bridge for cyclists which will be used by only a few. The other will probably use the old bridge.

Thumper 2:33 pm 25 Sep 07

Um, back to the bridge peoples?

Kramer 2:20 pm 25 Sep 07

hingo – Cyclists share the paths with walkers, runners, skaters, etc. I quite often see cars and motorbikes either driving in, obstructing or parked in cycle lanes on the side of the road. Besides cyclists are legitimate road users even when there is no cycle lane.

If it makes you uncomfortable seeing cyclists arses clad in tight lycra, then maybe you should have a good hard look at your own sexuality.

Kramer 2:13 pm 25 Sep 07

ASP I doubt you have ever commuted on a bike, let alone ridden on a bike path. Bike paths meander all over the place, are kept in worse condition than the roads, and are inhabited by walkers who wander along the middle, right, or left side of the path oblivious to the bikes approaching at high speed.

Insisting cyclists commute on bike paths is akin to insisting cars travel from tuggeranong to belconnen through suburbia (and not on the parkway).

Mr Evil 2:10 pm 25 Sep 07

Yay, the same old crap about cyclists having no right to use the road argument again!

I don’t own a car, but I can almost certainly guarantee that a percentage of my taxes go to fund roads and bridges; so I’m quite happy for the average law abiding cyclist to use the road if they choose to do so.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 12:54 pm 25 Sep 07

JD114 ,

If cyclists have their own path to ride on, then why do they need to ride on the road? I don’t particularly want to see their spandex arses. You don’t see cars driving on the cyclist’s paths.

Maelinar 12:50 pm 25 Sep 07

Why should vehicle users subsidise the building of a bridge for cyclists convenience only ?

Perhaps if the ACT Government were to put a caveat on the repairs of the bridge of when ACT Cycling has fundraised for the entire amount to repair it, then they will go ahead ?

Likely outcome, spectacularly, would be that the bridge would collapse from neglect…

JD114 12:34 pm 25 Sep 07

Why shouldn’t a cyclist ride on the road?
All good roads have room for both
Never been inconvenienced by a road rider
Knee jerkers like you should think a little
Each to his own, some like paths, some like roads
Really, you should read the first letters…

hingo_VRCalaisV6 11:33 am 25 Sep 07

Hahaha thats great. Love your work asp.

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