Uriarra Sunset. Images of Canberra

johnboy 12 December 2011 12


Exception has sent in this photo of a lurid sunset taken out Uriarra way, along with a more tasteful panorama.

uriarra panorama

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12 Responses to Uriarra Sunset. Images of Canberra
Classified Classified 2:59 pm 12 Dec 11

carnardly said :

… it’ll have a ball cock thing underneath …

Tee hee!

carnardly carnardly 2:51 pm 12 Dec 11

automatic water trough. Its just the sun reflecting off it and it’ll have a ball cock thing underneath the councrete lid.

Noice photo!

martyo martyo 2:41 pm 12 Dec 11

what is the glowing thing in the bottom right – out of curiosity? car truck, skip?

p1 p1 2:33 pm 12 Dec 11

I’ve taken a few photos with camera phones which have a similar look. Very small lense plus pretty simple photo compression (and “auto correction” of colours) will do this kinda thing.

I like it anyway.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 2:10 pm 12 Dec 11

qbngeek said :

What was done to the top one to make it look so horrid. Someone needs to stay away from photo editing.

It looks like some severe saturation boost. If the photographer hasn’t manually boosted the saturation, the program used to take the photos certainly has. I imagine the actual scene looked more like the second image.

poetix poetix 1:50 pm 12 Dec 11

Top one looks like an a backdrop for an amateur production of ‘South Pacific’.

Mumbucks Mumbucks 1:41 pm 12 Dec 11

I love it!

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 1:40 pm 12 Dec 11

To be technically correct, no photograph is a 100% faithful representation of the scene it contains. A photograph is a function of the systems used to record and process the information, and the judgement of the person operating those systems.

This is especially true of digital photography in which the standard JPEG output of almost all digital cameras is designed to be “punchy” and as a result has the default contrast and saturation boosted quite a lot. Additionally both film and digital imaging systems have different colour response to the human eye, though digital is getting closer every year.

If it’s true that no adjustments have been performed after the photo was recorded by the camera, in the case of the first photo the brilliant colours have been caused by the camera’s exposure settings. The sky in the red channel is almost completely blown, and there are large areas of overexposure in the green channel.

Deref Deref 1:22 pm 12 Dec 11

If not ‘shopped, spectacular!

I’d love to see a larger version of the second one.

qbngeek qbngeek 12:39 pm 12 Dec 11

What was done to the top one to make it look so horrid. Someone needs to stay away from photo editing.

    johnboy johnboy 12:48 pm 12 Dec 11

    no editing, we’re assured it’s all natural.

winter winter 11:53 am 12 Dec 11

This top one is truly disgusting.

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