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User reviews of Three mobile broadband?

By johnboy 7 January 2009 55

Due to the complicated nature of share house living I’ve currently got no internet at home with no immediate prospect of it. (The phone line is in the name of one dude no longer living there, the expired internet contract in the name of a girl who’s departed and no current housemates want their name on a contract)

This has got me looking at Three mobile broadband plans with a little USB dongle.

The prices look reasonable, but before committing to it I’d like to get some idea about whether the speeds in Canberra are actually anything approaching what’s promised.

Thoughts? Suggested alternatives?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
User reviews of Three mobile broadband?
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H1NG0 4:23 pm 08 Jan 09

Cool. Keep us posted on how it goes. Their coverage looks pretty good. $49 isn’t bad for 7Gb either. Do they also charge uploads?

tylersmayhem 4:11 pm 08 Jan 09

Sweet JB – cheers for the outcome! Sounds pretty good!

johnboy 4:05 pm 08 Jan 09

Online now with a 3 internet key, $24.95 for 7GB/month (up and down).

Speed is significantly faster than my girlfriend’s ADSL.

Might degrade at night but we’ll see and it’s daytime speed I’m after anyway.

20 minutes signup with friendly people in the Canberra centre, no money down for a 24 month contract.

tylersmayhem 4:00 pm 08 Jan 09

So JB – lots of help and advice your way…so what your decision?

toriness 10:26 am 08 Jan 09

JB i live in inner north and have been using 3 mobile broadband for over a year now and am happy with it. before i signed up i checked out their coverage map and was concerned about the fact my house was located on the very edge of the coverage area (because i am right by oconnor ridge) – i raised this concern with the 3 peeps in the canberra centre and they said that i had a fortnight to test it out and if i wasn’t happy with the coverage then i could opt out of the contract with no penalty. as it turned out my coverage is fine, i am perfectly happy with it – the speed for downloading giant files isn’t amazing for me (not sure whether it is 3 to blame or my location) but that is by the by, it’s not why i wanted the internet connection (just plain surfing 99% of the time) so the cost and convenience is perfect for my needs – all the sites i use regularly load fine and fast on it. my initial reason for looking into mobile broadband was because we don’t have a landline activated at home so i didn’t want to pay for landline connection just for internet use, as well as the internet connection – so all i pay for now is my 3 cap plan.

phototext 9:27 am 08 Jan 09

I wanted to leave a comment last night as I remembered that sometimes this site is slow to load on my 3 connection.

It was insanely slow, I tried several times and gave up.

Earlier in the evening it was alright, but by nine it was just plain stupid.

This site in particular is slow sometimes, more so than other sites I visit, mainly being photographic sites, might be the ads ?

Either people are returning from holidays or lots of people in the area have started using 3 mobile broadband in the last week or so.

In O’Connor/ Lyneham area.,149.119572&spn=0.007841,0.017166&z=17

At the moment, 9.30 am, working fine.

eggman 8:56 am 08 Jan 09

in case you didn’t find it from the whirlpool link above here is a link to the list of wireless providers in ACT

You may also want to consider if the ISP charges for uploads (most wireless plans seem to) as well as downloads since this would add to your usage.

s-s-a 8:45 am 08 Jan 09

From Weston Creek = down 1024, up 115

Signal here is 2 bars. At TCH the signal is much stronger and my other half reports speeds up to 1.5Mbits/s.

realityskin 8:07 am 08 Jan 09

What, the ‘editor’ of Riot-Act doesn’t have his own big house, fast car and steaming internet connection ? I’m shocked !

taco 12:57 am 08 Jan 09

My work has been trying out Telstra 3G and Optus modems

– Telstra is very expensive, but is pretty good speed wise, though I try to avoid the company myself
– Optus is much cheaper, but also substantially slower at least from Civic, which as previously mentioned is due to network overselling

I tested out the big blue Telstra modem myself for a few days and the actually speed was much lower than the reported 7mb, but plenty fast to do what I needed to do. I encountered a few drop outs, which tended to be clustered (i.e. fine for 4+ hours straight and 4 drop outs in the next hour) – is annoying when you need to re-establish the VPN connection again, but for straight web browsing it wouldn’t be an issue

Another person I work with recently got 3 for his personal use, and seems to like it thus far. The only complaint so far was the low download limits when it came to things like Windows Update

Granny 11:00 pm 07 Jan 09

My daughter did have some problems with the Indian helpdesk people, but she was able to go into the shopfront in Civic and they helped to get her up and running. Sometimes I think they take the offshore help thing a bit far ….

She also lives in the inner south so it seems to be a good location for it.

kowpow 10:46 pm 07 Jan 09

I’ve been with 3 mobile broadband for just under a year. I use it as my main internet connection, so I don’t have any issues with roaming as it’s just connected to my main home computer.

Normally (and regularly) get speeds over 1000 kb/s (uploads around 250 kb/s). Currently it’s 1261/245. Never had a problem with any regular internet use (web, msn, etc).

Rarely have any drop outs – although it has happened.

I think it has a lot to do with where you live. I’m in the inner south.

Very happy with the service (the broadband service – i have no comment on customer service as i haven’t needed it).

ant 9:26 pm 07 Jan 09

A relative had the dongle hanging from the ceiling, as extensive testing showed that this got the best signal…

PsydFX 9:26 pm 07 Jan 09

JB, I’m up for handing over my device for a day or so if you want to test the Exetel / Optus option. Maybe others using other providers would be up for it also.

Adza 8:55 pm 07 Jan 09

As long as you don’t want to use it outside the 2100MHz 3G service then it’s fine.

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