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By vdaycanberra2008 - 25 October 2007 46

As part of V-Day 2008, a benefit production of The Vagina Monologues is taking to the stage in the Canberra region.

Actors, stage managers, techies, set and costume designers and most importantly; those women who want to get involved and have their voices heard, are needed to make it happen!

What is V-Day? V-Day is a global movement committed to ending violence against women and girls. Through V-Day campaigns, community volunteers produce annual benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues to raise awareness and funds for anti-violence groups within their own communities.

To date, the V-Day movement has raised over $40 million and educated millions about the issue of violence against women

If you would like to get involved in V-Day Canberra 2008 please come along to a meeting at the Kippax Health Centre, Kippax, 10am-12pm, Saturday 1st December 2007 or contact the producer: Abby Phillis on 0412204909 or

Until the violence stops!

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46 Responses to
caf 3:13 pm 25 Oct 07

I’ve never heard of V-for-victory day. Is it the same as VE (Victory in Europe) Day? Is it the same as VP (Victory in the Pacific) Day? Halfway in between?

Lord Mælinar 2:32 pm 25 Oct 07

No, V Day is V for Victory Day.

If the women in Africa have a problem with being constantly raped etc, then perhaps they should do something about it ?

I hate to point this out to you, but you are proposing the American solution.

The American solution is to go in on a white charging horse, whitewash through the country, install your own pro-American puppet, and then leave before people start identifying that no problems have actually been fixed, and the puppet is less effective than the previous guy.

I don’t call this a bubble sunshine.

So, if by imploring all the other overweight fat-slob, raggy clothes wearing, leftie, pinko, pro-lezzo, one legged fem-nazi accomplices of yours is going to make ANY difference whatsoever, I think you’ve got another thing coming.

I bet you won’t shave your armpits and might even get out your Canberra Folk Festival clothes just for the meeting – well Kumbayah to you.

Want to know the real solution ? – heck there may not even be one, it’s bloody comprehensive whatever it is. One of the few things I do know, is standing around all lovey-dovey holding hands and thinking that you have the solution is downright dangerous. Read here what happens when lovey dovey solution brokers get good ideas

I’m not proposing any solutions, merely reinforcing the appropriate measure to go through to ensure the judicial system has the opportunity to act appropriately.

As Australia is quite far away from Africa, the advice remains sound. Anybody suffering from DV really should, and I cannot stress this enough, make contact with the Police.

At no time have I mentioned that the issue stops with the Police, or is entirely over to the Police to resolve, but they remain the appropriate contact point.

As for Africans, maybe they need a Government change, maybe they need a social uprising. All the standing around in Canberra you do isn’t going to change their situation one iota.

I bet you even buy this V-Lady’s book, you victim of social economics.

FC 1:28 pm 25 Oct 07

Interesting you think that you are 2 steps ahead of where I’m at, considering I didn’t make my position known – Only commented in relation to your earlier comments.
And if you’ve had any experience with Domestic Violence or with victoms of Domestic violence you would know that they are VERY OFTEN indirectly blamed for the violence -and the focus is on “Why” they (the victim) did not do this or that, instead of it being on the perpetrator – as I stated earlier. I made no reference to to being arrested or convicted.
And again – if you had knowledge of DV cases as far as the police and court system goes – you would realise that the going to the police doesn’t always help – and that going to court seems to effect the victim more than the perpetrator as convictions are rare and sentences minor.
Oh – and I’m sure all the women in africa and other nations being raped, sexually mutilated and beaten are going to find you advice about calling the police extremely helpful..especially considering if they take your advice it’ll probably get them killed.
V’day is about:
” generating broader attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation (FGM) and sexual slavery”
Wise up and get out of your bubble – its not as simple an issue as you think….
“call the police” problem solved. eh.
And I’m sure that

This is

Lord Mælinar 12:03 pm 25 Oct 07

Make an E, P and a J with your fingers then. After that, get in your timetravel machine and tell Winston Churchill how to do it.

I’m offended that you think my comments so ignorant that you are not offended. My comments are so far ahead of your own rudimentary thinking, I’m talking about topics that are more than 2 steps ahead of where you are.

Snahons is more on the ball than you, including a liberal injection of sarcasm.

Just for the record – I am unaware of any DV victim ever being arrested and convicted for a DV issue. Your comments about responsibility being directed upon women are entirely unfounded.

Persons suffering from DV should contact the police. – yes that’s a fullstop. Yes that sentence applies internationally. Twit.

VYBerlinaV8...the_or 11:58 am 25 Oct 07

I am going to start a day to promote awareness of preventing violence against men. It’s going to be called P Day.

caf 11:47 am 25 Oct 07

I thought VE Day and VP/VJ Day were the two days celebrating victory in WW2.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 11:20 am 25 Oct 07

Why stop at violence against women… why not go the whole hog to end violence against all.
Now where is my vw combi and peace pipe 🙂

Ari 11:16 am 25 Oct 07

I always thought September 7 was the national day for Brazilians.

Thumper 11:10 am 25 Oct 07

I think they could have come up with a better name given that V Day celebrates victory in WW2.

FC 10:51 am 25 Oct 07

Lord Maelinar – if you didn’t seem so ignorant your comments might be taken as offensive.
It’s about violence against women around the globe…
And WTF has a women’s refuge got to do with Violence against women in general? If my sister got beat up in the street would she go to a “women’s refuge” – Refuges are about homelessness. Twit. And yes – I know that there are refuges for people escaping domestic violence situations – so women have a roof over their heads. Going to a refuge is not going to solve the problem of violence.
Those types of comments really show where the responsibility for violence is being put – on the women! Responsibility for violence against women should be on the perpetrator of that violence.

And are you being sarcastic in your last comment?
if your not: Twit

barking toad 10:45 am 25 Oct 07

Wouldn’t it be better if the had the meeting at Lakemba?

Lord Mælinar 10:39 am 25 Oct 07

hmm – you can also call the police before you get hit, you can also go to WR before you get hit.

Who died and made you pedant supreme ?

caf 10:16 am 25 Oct 07

Um, I think this is supposed to be about prevention rather than reacting afterwards – haven’t you heard than an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

Who shat in your cornflakes this morning?

Lord Mælinar 10:01 am 25 Oct 07

Apologies and a hearty thanks to the Admins for modifying some of the nasty swears.

Lord Mælinar 8:27 am 25 Oct 07

F–king bunch of idiots.

I implore everybody to not allow this to sully the true V-Day memory.

If you have a problem with violence, GO TO THE POLICE. After that, go to one of the many leech organisations that HAVE BEEN SET UP JUST FOR YOU. Womens Refuge springs to mind immediately.

Or is this just a hear me roar activity ?

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