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Vasectomies Unavailable in Canberra

By Deano 13 April 2007 15

It appears that due to a shortage of doctors, vasectomies are currently not available in Canberra. There is a waiting list and it is not known when the service will be available again.

If you’re interested in the job, the ad is here.

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Vasectomies Unavailable in Canberra
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C’mon people, I need you all to reproduce as much as possible, so there will be lots of Australians working themselves to the bone in 30 years time for the companies I have shares in, living in my rental properties and paying tax to provide services that I will get to use for free.


Kramer 11:16 am 14 Apr 07

I think this could be the underhand workings of the federal treasurer’s attempts at getting australia (the ACT in particular) to reproduce. “But why only in the ACT?” I hear you ask – on average we are the smartest people in the nation (yes, I must be pretty damn smart to account for some of the bogans that manage to infiltrate our capital). Smart evil man that mr costello 😉

virgil99 9:52 am 14 Apr 07

There’s basically only two people doing it. Both GP’s….and very busy.
The comments on specialists are more than a little over-generalised, but are basically correct in regard to certain groups / specialties.

sb14 11:57 pm 13 Apr 07

Who’s your source vandam?

miz 11:20 pm 13 Apr 07

I thought John James is now run by Catholics (sisters of some kind?), the same ones that run Calvary, and they won’t do any kind of sterilisation procedures on moral grounds. Heard this on the radio recently.
Marie Stopes, on the other hand, is a family planning clinic that do all sorts of procedures.

emd 10:23 pm 13 Apr 07

Yay! Looks like I’ll be having more babies in the future 🙂

Seriously though, this is a problem. Vasectomy is supposed to be much safer than tubal ligation for those who want permanent sterilisation.

vandam 7:33 pm 13 Apr 07

I’ll tell you why there is such a long waiting list, and this comes from a respectable source. It is that in the ACT most specialists are employed on contract. They basically choose when they want to work and choose when not to. They get transferred from interstate, get cheap reduced housing and get paid a shit load for the little work they do.

If you can’t get one in Canberra, just slip over the border to Queanbeyan where you do the job yourself using a bottle of Jim Beam a pocket knife and a ciggarette lighter. A nurse smoking a winnie blue makes sure you cauterize everything properly.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:33 pm 13 Apr 07

I pity the fool who doesn’t get a chop chop…

Absent Diane 2:05 pm 13 Apr 07

wtf are you on about?

Anyway if you must call me anything call me absent.

astrojax 1:10 pm 13 Apr 07

diane wrote: “bugger vasectomies”

o, diane, how you make me laugh! the image, o dear, the image…

Absent Diane 1:04 pm 13 Apr 07

bugger vasectomies all humans should be made sterile to avoid overpopulation. Then once we have the numbers down we can start cloning..

James-T-Kirk 12:16 pm 13 Apr 07

That is off, where did you get the information about the facility being unavaliable across the ACT?

I thought that there were a couple of private providers who operated out of John James

barking toad 12:07 pm 13 Apr 07

I have two bricks – similar result achieved.

Sore thumbs a problem though.

Sammy 11:55 am 13 Apr 07

In related news, Canberra is currently more fertile.

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