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Wanted: ACT Government DeathStar

By johnboy - 14 May 2010 32

In a fascinating move the Chief Minister is asking for ideas on how to build one mega administrative centre to house all of the ACT Public Service.

Presumably this would mean next time there is a horrendous cockup it’s easier to haul the miscreants before the Chief Minister to explain their indolence and incompetence.

Mr Stanhope doesn’t put it quite like that:

Centralising ACT Government services in one sought location would deliver significant benefits for employees and the community, Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today.

“The co-location of Government departments would result in improved workforce efficiencies, increased productivity and bring extra vitality to Civic.

“The consolidation of 17 separate shopfront locations will also result in major improvements to the delivery of ACT Government services for all Canberrans.

The 53,000sqm monolith is going to take over the parking spaces next to the Legislative Assembly.

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Wanted: ACT Government DeathStar
Gungahlin Al 1:39 pm 14 May 10

amarooresident3 said :

JessP said :

Build it at Gunghastly and save Civic!

Save civic from what?

From the traffic/parking/congestion problems that plague every single other city that tries to jam everything into a single CBD, rather than the decentralised “satellite city” concept so well conceived (but not so well delivered) for Canberra?

JessP: harsh, but not entirely untrue.

Sasquatch Sam 1:25 pm 14 May 10

Why do people go to shopfronts these days?

amarooresident3 1:12 pm 14 May 10

JessP said :

Build it at Gunghastly and save Civic!

Save civic from what?

Swaggie 12:08 pm 14 May 10

Anything release from Stanhpope with the words “efficiencies” and “productivity” in it is just doomed to failure. The guy’s never had a ‘real job’ in his life and wouldn’t recognise productivity or efficiency even if it came gift wrapped from Bob Winnell

JessP 11:50 am 14 May 10

Build it at Gunghastly and save Civic!

Waiting For Godot 11:13 am 14 May 10

This is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard of. Are people in Banks or Dunlop expected to go all the way into Civic to pay their rates or rego? And what about the Dickson shopfront which deals with drivers’ licences and number plates? If you think we have a problem with queues at the shopfronts now, what will it be like when 350,000 people all have to use the same shopfront in Civic?

housebound 11:11 am 14 May 10

Overall, this is a ridiculous idea, and it has been around for at least one budget if not two already.

A socially responsible and competent government would be looking to decentralise – relocate a department out to Gungahlin. Give the SES a pool car to drive to the Assembly for meetings. It would give your lowly peasant workers somewhere to park (the peasants never get the replacement parking), bring much-needed employment to Gungahlin, and relieve the pressure off Civic.

churl 11:06 am 14 May 10

Great idea, just wrong site.
Should be at Gunghalin.

PM 10:58 am 14 May 10

What a silly idea. The size of the PS should change in response to changing demand, naturally affecting the floor space required. Any co-location won’t last for long.

Also, shopfronts should be in the town centres as well as Civic – immobile people need to access them most. What a dumbass!

Hells_Bells74 10:21 am 14 May 10

Bunker shopfronts? Could they mean things like ACAT, DHCS and ACTION etc?

johnboy 10:13 am 14 May 10

Follow the link Mothy, realise I’m quoting the CM.

Hells_Bells74 10:09 am 14 May 10

One can only hope there would be a monolith child care centre built into it and nearby. Buses that don’t penalise you and can actually work in with you smoothly.

It’s a bit of a slap in the face they already treat admin like scum and there’s hardly enough money for them to do their jobs properly and crappy hiring means being short staffed lots already. Yet they pull a rabbit out of a hat here. How about getting it right first?

Once again, Stanhope misses the point.

Good luck, we’re gonna need it.

Mothy 10:05 am 14 May 10

steveu said :

Stanhope, you are a joke. Another excuse to reduce parking even more…

To be fair, the press release does state that “respondents would be asked to provide car parking and to replace lost surface parking”.

Though I wonder if the same is said of these sites in perhaps a more prominent spot on London Circuit?

Mothy 9:54 am 14 May 10

Read that differently to your take there Johnboy.

Sure, his Standopyness does mention “co-location of Government Departments” and building a nice shiny office building, but I still think it was more about the “consolidation” (i.e. removal of a couple) of the Shopfronts (i.e. the where the “services” are provided).

If they were a bank we’d probably see people complaining about closing branches about now…

Anyone know how you arrive at the figure of 17 shopfronts (as opposed to these 5)

Maybe I’m just getting hung up on a word…

steveu 9:49 am 14 May 10

Stanhope, you are a joke. Another excuse to reduce parking even more (if people have kids, and have to take them to school/care – its simply not practical to take the bus, ok?), and further pollute the civic landscape with more concrete. I am pretty sure they wont be able to build a building big enough anyway to hold them all. “extra vitality to civic” – you have turned it into canberra’s largest toilet, I dont think this measure is going to help.

Consolidation of shopfronts? Are not shopfronts meant to be out there in the community to make them more accessible? Reducing them is not the answer.

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