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By Advertising Feature - 31 January 2012 55

road safety

Most people understand the importance of road safety. After all, it is something that can potentially affect all of us. If you want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, this is your chance to seek funding to make the solution happen. You might have a good idea about road safety around your local school, in your local community or in the ACT and region generally. This is your opportunity to apply for funding to help make that idea a reality.

Individuals and community-based and other organisations can apply for funding for projects or activities from the NRMA – ACT Road Safety Trust under the 2012/2013 Grant Program.

The Trust has identified the following as priority areas and will give such applications priority attention:

    — Drink Driving
    — Drug Driving
    — Driver Distraction
    — Speed
    — Unlicensed drivers

The Trust will also consider applications focussed on other areas of road safety.

The Trust is jointly funded by NRMA Insurance and the ACT Government’s road safety levy and its main objective is to enhance road safety for the ACT road-using community. The Trust is seeking well-justified applications for grants, which meet the Trust’s objectives and which have the potential to produce practical road safety benefit in the ACT and region.

Information and on-line submission form are available from

Applications close on 9 March 2012.

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55 Responses to
Mang 7:44 am 01 Feb 12

Fewer Police on the roads…

I am currently forced to use twice the necessary amount of fuel, driving the long way to places, to avoid getting defected.

So Who’s REALLY to blame for global warming?!

EvanJames 12:28 am 01 Feb 12

More dirt roads. Pull up the tar, and get it nice and gravelly. Only thing is the government will go broke, no more speeding money.

turbodewd 10:23 pm 31 Jan 12

Less intersections and more roundabouts. You cant run a red roundabout or get t-boned at a roundabout. I cringe at some ACT intersections which are low/medium traffic at any hour and I see cars stationary on RED while no cars are moving.

And roundabouts are greener – cars lose fuel economy badly when they have to stop and start.

Aeek 10:17 pm 31 Jan 12

whitelaughter said :

Cyclists are quite happy to go over hills etc; it makes the trip more interesting and is useful when trying to get fit.

Speak for yourself. Some do, some don’t. I don’t. I’ve gone out of my way seeking flatter roads on the way home.

OpenYourMind 10:14 pm 31 Jan 12

Personally, I think technology isn’t that far off where we won’t have to worry about road safety. The game change is approaching so fast and so few of us realise it. Every year our cars get a little more technologically advanced. The safety features of expensive cars filter down to the cheapest. We’re still a way away from an autonomous car sans steering wheel, but not that far. We’ve already got cars that park themselves, cruise controls that lock on to cars in front and stability control and ABS. But they’re just the pre-cursors. Audi this year is bringing out a traffic jam mode in the A8. This will allow the car to drive/steer itself up to 60km/h in a traffic jam all the while following the lane and ready to brake. The Google self driving car has already clocked up 200,000 accident free miles.

The toughest hurdles in the future will be trust and legal issues for autonomous cars.

Bramina 10:04 pm 31 Jan 12

I forget, how many road deaths did we have last year?

whitelaughter 9:17 pm 31 Jan 12

Expand the cycle paths *away* from the roads.
The cycle paths are currently set up for exercise/relaxation, rather than transport, so cyclists are on the roads as often as not. Cycle paths should run through the parks/hills, well away from other traffic, so that they’re safer and more pleasant; and end at covered bike racks 0.5k away from each city centre, so that people can safely chain their bikes and then walk the rest of the way to work. Cyclists are quite happy to go over hills etc; it makes the trip more interesting and is useful when trying to get fit.

p1 8:07 pm 31 Jan 12

Large blue and orange flashing signs by the roads side which say BEWARE OF DISTRACTIONS.

farq 7:47 pm 31 Jan 12


Have someone invent a camera we can install at every intersection that fines people for not using their indicators early enough.

Thats my biggest gripe with other drivers, everyone seems to put on the indicator AS they start the turn (especially older drivers and fat women in 4wds). Etheir people start putting them on 5secs before they turn or we should just do away indicators for good.

justsomeaussie 7:34 pm 31 Jan 12

We just don’t get it, the easier we make it to drive the more people will do something else like texting while driving.

If you want zero fatalities just replace steering wheel air bag with a large spike. You’ll find then everybody instantally becomes the most considerate, attentive and safe drivers around.

Everyone else’s solution revolves around placing a bigger and bigger bubble around people, making roads straighter, easier to drive on, bigger barriers and more police.

We need to encourage people to pay more attention to the roads not less.

m_ratt 7:25 pm 31 Jan 12

Road User (not just Car Driver) Training is conspicuously absent from the list of priority areas.

m_ratt 7:24 pm 31 Jan 12

Increase the speed limit on Gungahlin Drive.

futto 6:40 pm 31 Jan 12

Not true. I drive a BMW and I sometimes text and drive.

m00nee 6:18 pm 31 Jan 12

Well, since the ACT & NSW transport ministers (past and present) are aware of my opinion on what can help road safety (better education, stricter licence testing, road maintenance and more police on the beat/road), I’m going to go out on a limb with this one:

Install a camera in every ACT registered vehicle mounted above the drivers head that covers the instrument panel, the centre and RH door mirror and the view ahead. This camera incorporates a GPS unit which records location, direction of travel and speed. The camera operates any time the key is in the ignition and transmits all recorded information back to the ACT RTA in real time.

Then, as a requirement to receive centrelink payments, each centrelink recipient will be required to review a certain amount of recorded footage. Any time a reviewer notes a breach of the road rules it is reported & the centrelink recipient receives a bonus over and above their centrelink payment.

Any attempt to tamper with the camera will result in an automatic disqualification of the vehicles registration and the owners drivers licence.

Please note that this is posted with the greatest of sarcasm, although I’m sure the government will think it’s the best idea since the speed camera…

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 5:05 pm 31 Jan 12

Ban Hondas. People who own them text while driving. So do people they lend their car to.

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