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Wasps: help still needed

By Pesty 22 August 2008 25

Just a quick reminder that once again Dr Phillip Spradbery who runs the European wasp and insect identification hotline is in need of a live European wasp nest to continue his vital experimentation to find a means of controlling their spread in Australia.

Anyone finding one (rare this time of year) is urged to contact him on 6162 1914 for removal if suitable. If it’s not possible to remove it it will be destroyed for free until November. 

Thank you all. we need to get on top of this problem! Last summer the Cotter was closed down because of them, this year it could be worse.  

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Wasps: help still needed
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Skidbladnir 5:46 pm 03 Sep 08

In case Gungahlin Al ever reads this, I don’t have anything against him, he’s tremendous.
If I didn’t like him I wouldn’t talk to him, but he keeps encouraging Government to spend my taxes on his ridiculous “developing Gungahlin” hobby.

I pay taxes so I can grind -my- axes, not his. 😛

Also, don’t use homemade napalm unless you know what you’re doing, and do not punch a wasps nest.

Pesty 3:54 pm 03 Sep 08

Hero said :

I have checked all around the house for any obvious nest and haven’t found any evidence. I don’t think the nest is on my property. Anyone know how far they usually travel to get their food?

we get so many of them around here that it is impossible to eat outside in summer….
many years ago i worked at coles and found an angry european wasp in the fish case (well, angry after someone tried to beat it with a notebook, inadvisable, i hear) the pest guy was called (or whomever one calls to remove an e. wasp) and he reckoned they love fish (irrelevant but weird) and that they’ll travel a couple of k’s for food…which is really annoying because though we have a waspy problem there seems to be no nest near my house (rivett), so i can’t find the source!
I’d be really glad to know how to get rid of the little bastards.

Hero- Rivett was the worst affected suburb last season, along with the rest of weston and Kanbah.
I would say that the pest controller who told you they travel a couple of Ks is off the mark quite considerably, 1km would be tops, 50m more an average.

Wasps are attracted to movement, aggrevate them at your peril! They are also attracted to bright colours. One other thing, only the females sting…. You guess which is which!

Skidbladnir 3:35 pm 03 Sep 08

We need a subheading of “Wasps” given how often we have to cross-link these threads… Al advocates going in unarmed for the first time Gungahlin Al uses the word “pussies” to describe people who won’t have a bareknuckle brawl with the wasps, and still none of us believed they set up nests on awnings has picture of a nest on an awning from the ABC (if swallowed seek medical advice), and I refer to them as a bunch of communist pansies for urging people to go to pest controllers. One person goes so far as advocating punching the nest. is where Pesty first shows up acting as a voice of reason.

Hero 3:22 pm 03 Sep 08

no, i’m absolutely in favour or napalm….acquisition may be a stumbling block, however.
do you have any idea if those traps work?
they sell cute little venus fly trap styley wasp catchers at the nurseries, but they’re crap 🙂

S4anta 2:55 pm 03 Sep 08


If you are a bongo playing hippie try this.

Or see comment number eight in the thread.

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