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Watch out Rioters. We’ll be first against the wall. (also the Canberra Times tarred by association)

By johnboy 20 August 2011 10

No less a rabid lefty than the former Daily Telegraph editor David Pemberthy has typed out a piece for the Murdoch owned “The Punch” website in which he concludes that the protesters filling up Federation Mall aren’t “Real Australians” after all.

Not just a little bit wacky, but card-carrying, rolled-gold, fully paid-up fruitcakes who may well have thought they were being followed to the protest by black United Nations helicopters.

And there down in the comments, telling Pembo he too is wrong and she is right (while failing as ever to address any points raised) is our friend Julie Coker-Godson known in these parts as “cdtreasure” (although any woman self-identifying as “rubenesque” should be reporting to Ian Miller for treasure removal)

And, joy of joys, she’s reported RiotACT to the highest authority in the land. A 2GB talkback host. (Although only Chris Smith after Ray Hadley and Alan Jones lost their nerve.)

got to meet Chris Smith from 2GB personally and handed him the details of my infamy as printed out in full from The Canberra Times online forum RiotACT written by someone called Johnboy and who referred to us as “seditious, treasonous boguns who should be strung up”. Underneath his comments others had posted that we should all be sent to the Tower of London for beheading and our heads stuck up on spikes on Traitors Gate. Isn’t hea lovely man? Such gentle thoughts he has! Chris asked if he could have the print out and I said yes, of course and gave it to him

Bogan Julie, with an A, you’re a bogan not a bogun. But given everything else you’re confused about from that thread what’s a bit of spelling.

Hang on, you can’t spell bogan and you want to re-write the Constitution of Australia?

So if the absolute worst case scenario* happens on Monday at least there will be some joy in watching the Canberra Times burn down out of confused association.

And if anyone asks you have never heard of this website.

* The Canberra Times this morning describes the seditionists as a “seemingly unstoppable force”.

Also look, there are Janet and Matt Thompson! As described in The Exiled’s peek under the convoy covers:

Matt and Janet Thompson – the American couple in charge of Convoy #6 – used to run a factory farm near Narrogin, a town east of Perth. Though only licensed to keep 6,000 cattle, they seemed to have been squashing nearly 10,000 into their feedlot until Narrogin locals complained about the smell.

When the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) pushed them to do something about it, they cried persecution. Janet claimed the feedlot complaints were a government plot to bankrupt her husband because he refused to believe in man-made global warming. Or report greenhouse gas emissions coming from his factory farm. Or admit ammonia was a serious pollutant

It’s too late to curry favour with our new overlords now CT, you’re on Julie’s list.

What’s Your opinion?

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10 Responses to
Watch out Rioters. We’ll be first against the wall. (also the Canberra Times tarred by association)
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EvanJames 11:25 pm 20 Aug 11

They can’t even differentiate between a news forum and a newspaper… I can’t even fathom how they linked RA and the CT. Lunatics, and morons. But hey, they’ve got trucks so they get to impose themselves on us all.

Come on AFP, grow some guts and make the twits park outside the ACT until a civilised time of day.

creative_canberran 11:00 pm 20 Aug 11

There’s this curious comment, which is even more amusing in light of the second quote below:

“It is pointless doing these blogs or giving “general in nature” information if the information given cannot be relied upon. I have been the victim of cyber bullying and it is continuing as I speak but I have taken all the necessary steps provided by Facebook. Nonetheless, these people, unable to get to me directly now, have approached two of my friends. One through Facebook and another via his private landline! They will be in for serious trouble if they do it again as both my friends won’t stand for this kind of nonsense. I haven’t got the money to sue for libel so am unable to stop them. The law of libel and defamation, it would appear, is only for people like Alan Jones, and film celebrities or people with high profiles. It is not right and it is about time the law was amended accordingly.”

And here’s some insight that explains a lot:

“I am a permanent resident of this park and would have appreciated it if the previous reviewer had put their name to their review – it has no credit without it.

Yes, things are not too hot at the moment but the park is in the midst of major changes under the new owner and these things will take time. The previous owner sold the place so he wouldn’t have to spend the money required to bring the park into line in accordance with legislation governing parks in fire prone areas. This legislation came into effect on the 1st July 2008, he sold the park on the 28th March 2008.

In addition we are not on town water here, we have bore water. We also have a drought situation here which is brought to the attention of visitors to the Eurobodalla Shire by way of a large advertising board at the large double roundabout on the cnr of Kings Highway and Princes Highway just before the bridge into Batemans Bay. I am sorry the previous reviewer didn’t speak to any of the permanent residents prior to writing this review and, more importantly, signing their name to it. Miss Julie Coker-Godson, [address withheld]”

LSWCHP 9:36 pm 20 Aug 11

I’m with Thumper. In my travels I’ve run across quite a few military people. I thought the South Korean armed forces were the scariest bunch of stone faced, ice cold killers I’ve ever met. I can’t begin to imagine what the North Koreans were like.

But Julie CG and her crew are far more frightening, with their “God is on our side” certainty that they are right and everybody else is wrong, combined with their overwhelming need to have their way.

So please, go away scary people.I don’t like you. I don’t want you near me or may family or any of my friends.

Thumper 7:42 pm 20 Aug 11

Oh I should point out that I am generally conservative, but the heads on pikes commet was mine.

Please go away scary people. I spent four years in our army and two in our air force and you people are coming across as a greater threat than anything I trained for, or against.

Thumper 7:36 pm 20 Aug 11

This is becomeing quite hilarious. By Tuesday everything will be over.

Well, I hope the nutters in trucks are gone anyway, and Julie Coker-Godson, who is a disgrace to us with double barrelled names.

nobody 7:25 pm 20 Aug 11

nobody said :


seditionists (bloody dyslexia)

nobody 7:20 pm 20 Aug 11

The ASIO photographers will be busy cleaning their lenses ready to take high resolution snaps of all the right wing sediontists coaxed out from their survivalist lairs and conveniently gathered together.

They then pop these snaps into their Cray Supercomputer, add a little facial recognition software, then attach it onto that individuals profile. They must be eagerly waiting for these seditionists to all arrive.

Erg0 5:26 pm 20 Aug 11

I’ll rest easy in the knowledge that they probably don’t know what an IP address is.

Diggety 3:09 pm 20 Aug 11

This is getting funny. This [little] convoy is bringing out the dregs of Australia.

From both sides.

Overreactions can be detrimental to most scenarios. In this case, it is entertaining.

Please continue.

mareva 2:12 pm 20 Aug 11

Julie should go back to where she came from.

In other news, I am locked and loaded. 100 cartons of eggs. Come at me bogans. I am ready for you.

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