15 March 2007

Watch where you leave your car...

| johnboy
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[First filed: March 13, 2007 @ 09:40]

Thanks to our friends at YouTube we have footage of Jibran and Umair learning how to “drift” in a CIT carpark. It looks a lot more like a burnout to these untrained eyes.

The orange car is a Silvia but we’d be happy to take advice from the readers as to what the black car was.

We also feel for the owner of the little white Laser parked in what they would have thought to be an empty car park while these lads did their “learning”.

UPDATED: Word reaches us that the owners of both cars have now received Traffic Infringement Notices to the tune of $415 and 3 demerit points

It would have been the perfect crime if not for videoing it and putting it online!

(and a big welcome back to police readers who were unblocked over the weekend)

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Wow – Intelligent too

Ha ha Johnboy, if you can not understand what I am saying you really are not the birightest lightglobe in the box, you tool !

Shame you don’t seen to be making one.

Thanks Johnboy you have just proved my point!

communicating with this govt is almost as easy as communicating with the taxi despatch system.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:33 am 16 Mar 07

C’mon – the best bit of the clip was at the end when the walking penis behind the wheel showed his number plate to the world!

who are you addressing that comment to ncmacca?

Um you are not definelty not the brightest globe in the box are you? To actually show your rego plate to the world while doing something illegal shows prove how brain dead you are.

Vic Bitterman12:03 am 16 Mar 07

Any actual proof of these TINs issued? As in a media release or what not?

PS: Hargreaves is said to moonlight as a cabbie occasionally too; but for obvious reasons I won’t take a ride with him, thank you.

Well he got me and my shopping home OK, a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see him as the driver, and even gave him a tip.

I had taken it that bigred was speaking facetiously.

Simon has never done that liar. Shows the proof.

great stuff. We now know that we can make a poor res camera phone video of any random dickhead doing stupid things on the road and they will be fined. Next time I see Simon Corbell parking his ministerial car illegally in the taxi rank outside the Weston Ck Woollies I will reach for the trusty Nokia.

i d i o t s

… slightly soiled.

“What’s next, funny ebay auctions?”

One unused Al Grassby sculpture?

I worry about it yes.

But they seem to be popular, and some of them have got national attention so they’re certainly interesting in the opinion of more than just myself.

If it’s Canberra related and interesting it’s really right up our alley.

Do you think you may be linking too many youtube videos JB?

What’s next, funny ebay auctions?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt3:26 pm 15 Mar 07

Sucked in losers. This is what happens when you try to attract attention by being a tool.

Ha Ha Ha – the “look at me, look at me, look at me” generation will now think twice before posting this crap on the ‘net.

YouTube – helping the long arm of the law bring dickheads to heel since 2005. 🙂

barking toad1:38 pm 15 Mar 07

So much to laugh at. So little time.

Absent Diane1:25 pm 15 Mar 07


just dipshits. Wait till they realise they can’t re-fininance next years insurance premium and the 4 Sale sticker will be on the back window…

That or they have mechanical probs and realise the parts cost more than the piece of shit their driving….

Ah, you’re bring back so many teenage memories this week j.b……..

the origins of the probe/mzda re even murkier.

it was originally meant to be a mustang replacement. but various things such as fwd and lack of a v8 kept the fox platform in use and ford sold it halfheartedly as a ‘probe’.

Actually the Probe was designed by a woman – an Australian woman at that, who is one of Ford America’s designers, and I think it has fairly nice lines actually. Not saying she had anything to do with the suck of a name…
But then who would have thought any right-thinking Australian would buy something called a Kluger…?
I do hope the boy in blue among our readership got that number plate though – having some fun is one thing – damaging someone else’s car is a different ballgame…

Aren’t Probes’ and MX6 both Front wheel drives?
I think it’s going to take a whole lot of practice to get that drifting:D

I’m not a huge fan of driftiing, but I know this is NOT drifting. This is a couple of halfwits who have cars that are not capable of spinning the wheels on bitumen. Also as the video shows, they barely have the skills to control their cars going sideways on dirt – I would hate to see how they fair on the road if they tried this…

… and anal retentives?

Ari, Americans.

Who’d buy a car called a ‘Probe’?

yeah, i think threeze is right, exactly what i was going to say: a Probe or an MX6.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt12:00 pm 13 Mar 07

They’re cheap when you’re not the one paying…

Those cars weren’t cheap you know.

What is it about the losers in society that attracts them to dumb, brain dead, stunts in cars?

I considered that possibility.

But I think the owner of that car would both park it further from the excitement and also be unlikely to be hanging out with the “drifters”.

The white laser could well belong to the person holding the camera phone.

They both look like Wankcars to me!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt, drifting is pretty cool (at least the Japanese pros make it look that way) but it seems to be in the process of being groomed as NASCAR 2.0 in the states.

I probably should have put it in. The text accompanying the video is:

jibran and me(umair) we were drifting well sort of drifting in CIT’s car park,this video mostly contains Jibran’s Silvia the Orange car

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:22 am 13 Mar 07

Jerking around in a dirt carpark spinning the wheels is not ‘drifting’.

FWIW, I think drifting is a sport of wankers. Spinning the wheels occasionally is something every self-respecting rock ape does, but trying to dress it up as motorsports? Puhleeze!

looks like a FWD Maxda MX-6 (also sold as the Ford Probe with slightly different body panels) and that is not drifting in any way whatsoever.


neanderthalsis10:12 am 13 Mar 07

Looks like an old Toyota Supra. Images like these just reinforce my support for the confiscation of cars from idiots.

West_Kambah_4eva10:11 am 13 Mar 07

That is not ‘drifting’, whoever said it was. Drifting has to be on bitumen/tarmac so you can smoke the tyres at high speed around corners. What they’re doing is called “doin’ a doughie in a dirt carpark.”

Good to see the numberplate is so clearly readable. Hope someone catches the shitheads.

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