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Water use blowing out

By johnboy - 25 October 2008 52

After Sepi’s strident call for an end to water restrictions during the week it appears Canberrans are taking matters into their own hands.

The ABC reports that our stalinist water use targets have been flouted!

    ACTEW is reminding Canberra residents that mandatory water restrictions are in place, after the ACT exceeded its daily water consumption target every day in the last week.

    Average consumption blew out to 127 megalitres a day, 15 megalitres more than the target set by the utility.

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52 Responses to
Water use blowing out
sepi 10:36 am 27 Oct 08

JB – I’m warming up to the idea of charging more for water – although more so it will make business pay attention, not households.

But realistically the rich can now have great gardens – they have bores sunk in those huge places in red hill. Or they can just buy a truck of water to fill their tank.

sepi 10:35 am 27 Oct 08

I’m not saying get rid of restrictions. Just ease them back a bit, and introduce some real ones for business/industry.

At the moment it is really not their problem.

– I like the SEP thingy though.

How about ‘someone else’s problem innit’ or SEPI.

Thumper 10:24 am 27 Oct 08

When you realise that Cubby Station in QLD holds more water than Sydney harbour then you can say it’s someone else’s problem.

johnboy 10:23 am 27 Oct 08

Or charge properly for the damn stuff and let people decide for themselves how best to expend their resources.

A lot of business could be much smarter with water if they had an incentive to be.

Yes it means the rich have a nicer garden.

Guess what? They have nicer everything else too. Get over it.

Overheard 10:19 am 27 Oct 08

Industry’s too blame. Business is to blame. Let’s crack down on everyone else but me.

Until we shake the ‘SEP’ mentality, we’ll keep losing the battle on this front and many others.

SEP = someone else’s problem (thank you, Douglas Adams).

justbands 10:05 am 27 Oct 08

> But I’m not allowed to water my plants daily.

I still can’t believe your attitude sepi, not at all. My garden is doing just fine, it’s lovely even….water restrictions or not.

sepi 10:02 am 27 Oct 08

or maybe, just maybe, business and industry need to cut back, not just gardeners.

tylersmayhem 9:30 am 27 Oct 08

Maybe, just maybe, the water targets are unrealistic . . .

Or maybe, just maybe humans are not intelligent enough to make responsible decisions and need to be flogged with a big stick and forced to be responsible.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:00 am 27 Oct 08

I’m a little suprised at all the hassles over ‘saving water’. The reality is that there is a more or less constant amount of water on planet earth, in solid, liquid and gaseous forms, and this water moves through a fairly well understood cycle. We are not ‘running out’ of water. So it becomes a business logistics problem – how do we get the water from where it is to where we want it, in the form we want, for the best possible cost? I think that if we look at it more in these terms, we would have a lot less emotion and angst about the whole thing.

Thumper 7:02 pm 26 Oct 08

We should all shoot ourselves in shame. What would Tim Flannery say?

I-filed 5:25 pm 26 Oct 08

You ain’t seen nuffin. Just wait till the Greens’ eco-fascisma is in control …

miz 11:08 am 26 Oct 08

Maybe, just maybe, the water targets are unrealistic . . .

sepi 8:20 pm 25 Oct 08

Yep – The Chronicle front page is about daily ‘watering’ of the dirt carpark in Kingston to keep the dust down.

But I’m not allowed to water my plants daily.

Felix the Cat 8:01 pm 25 Oct 08

Domestic water use is just a drop in the ocean so to speak. Building industry uses heaps, not only for making concrete, there’s watering down the dust or adding water to help compact the soil at building sites. Plenty of other businesses guzzle water. Car detailing, laundries, restaurants, car washes and plant nurseries just to name a few.

Pandy 10:54 am 25 Oct 08

Is it not amazing that on weekends and especially long week ends the water useage decreases? Maybe to do with the use of water by the contruction industry and making concrete?

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