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Water use blowing out

By johnboy 25 October 2008 52

After Sepi’s strident call for an end to water restrictions during the week it appears Canberrans are taking matters into their own hands.

The ABC reports that our stalinist water use targets have been flouted!

    ACTEW is reminding Canberra residents that mandatory water restrictions are in place, after the ACT exceeded its daily water consumption target every day in the last week.

    Average consumption blew out to 127 megalitres a day, 15 megalitres more than the target set by the utility.

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Water use blowing out
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sepi 3:26 pm 28 Oct 08

But it might also make them consider better ways to use water.

It is stupid that I am faffing around saving the vegie rinsing water in a saucepan, and yet tankers are spraying down dirt carparks every day to prevent dust.

It’s worth noting here that increasing water costs for industry will result in higher prices for consumers. Presumably we are willing to suck this up (in many instances it’s probably fine).

Thumper 2:34 pm 28 Oct 08

but I’ve bred like a rabbit and we use more water bathing all of them, so we should get a rebate…”

And surely Mr Rudd can come up with some more money for my new boat, I mean, kids…

Gungahlin Al 2:32 pm 28 Oct 08

Yep there are inequities in the controls on external use but not on internal use.
Get rid of the restrictions and just skew the pricing regimes to penalise excessive use inside or out. I believe JB has been plugging such an approach for eons…

But then I’m sure there be someone complaining “but I’ve bred like a rabbit and we use more water bathing all of them, so we should get a rebate…”

Thumper 2:22 pm 28 Oct 08

I wasn’t moaning or whinging, i just said it would be nice to wash my car now and then, given the fact that I use bugger all water anyway as I have no kids that take 30 minute showers twice a day.

Thumper 2:20 pm 28 Oct 08

That’ll work 😉

I may just go an extra wheelie bin, disconnect a down pipe, and put a tap on the said wheelie bin.

S4anta 2:14 pm 28 Oct 08


I have a plan. I will come over and drink your guiness holding the hose while you are having a shower standing in top of your car.

Two birds (plus a fat bloke)… one stone!

Maelinar 1:42 pm 28 Oct 08

Hi tylersmayhem – since you asked me a direct question…

I don’t think its the responsibility of the taxpayer to subsidise industry for the use of the same resource, regardless of the cost of the item, which is the crux of the issue.

Lets not forget that a Government is set up with the first and foremost priority of servicing its taxpayers, which is a value the incumbent Labor Government only appears to aspire towards in election periods.

tylersmayhem 1:07 pm 28 Oct 08

What I foresee happening is the ACT will increase water costs,

Yeah Maelinar – but c’mon, water is hardly expensive enough at the moment for people to justify curtailing it’s use. Last time I checked, it was about $3 per THOUSAND LITRES if you were in the higher use bracket! Considering many people don’t blink an eye when paying around that same amount for a 500ml bottle of Mt. Frank, where is the incentive to use less? I think the price of water has a long way to go!

Maelinar 12:33 pm 28 Oct 08

The ACT water target will continue to be obsolete until the water target relates to domestic consumption, and not overall consumption.

Saving 200 mls by only having one glass of water instead of two is a proverbial drop in the ocean when industry is consuming water by the gigalitre.

But lets face reality here;

What I foresee happening is the ACT will increase water costs, and simultaneously offer discounts to industry groups, which will equate to something in the margin of… what they are already paying now… Domestic consumers wil be lumped with higher bills, Industry will continue as normal, and there will continue to be water shortages due to the incompetent handling of water in the Territory.

Watch and Shoot.

tylersmayhem 12:04 pm 28 Oct 08

When I can afford a tank, i’ll put one in.

Simple as that.

Cool then Thumper. You know some options. Quit moaning about washing your car in the middle of a drought then yeah?

Thumper 11:26 am 28 Oct 08

When I can afford a tank, i’ll put one in.

Simple as that.

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