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We’re bidding for the Commonwealth Games? Is this a cunning plan?

By johnboy - 23 August 2008 29

According to Canberra is in the running to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games:

    The Gold Coast will be in competition with the city of Perth, which also officially announced its bid Friday, while Canberra has also said it was bidding.

Leaving aside the question of why any city would want to inflict this barely-glorified sports carnival upon itself…

Is this a cunning plan to bring the self-government era to end? Are we planning to bankrupt ourselves on Athletes Villages and new buses before throwing ourselves upon the arms of a Commonwealth Government that, at the end of the day, can’t allow its national capital to rot?

Maybe it does make sense…

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
We’re bidding for the Commonwealth Games? Is this a cunning plan?
Smackbang 6:45 pm 23 Aug 08

Perhaps you shouldn’t believe everything you read on “”.

Felix the Cat 6:36 pm 23 Aug 08

spoonbill said :

Surely the government can come up with better ways of pissing rate payers’ money up against the wall!

A few more public art works or half-arsed roads should do the trick.

spoonbill 6:29 pm 23 Aug 08

Surely the government can come up with better ways of pissing rate payers’ money up against the wall!

Bundybear 6:06 pm 23 Aug 08

Hey Granny, is the word you’re looking for boganfillea?? Tish boom!!

Pandy 6:02 pm 23 Aug 08

^ Agreed

Wide Boy Jake 5:28 pm 23 Aug 08

I can still remember the last big athletics event in Canberra, the World Athletics Championships in 1985 at the old Bruce Stadium. The athletes kept getting swooped by magpies and the whole thing was an embarrassing flop.

GottaLoveCanberra 4:01 pm 23 Aug 08

Yeah but I’m sure the Government of Victoria, BC wasn’t a hodge podge collection of useless twats.

vg 3:45 pm 23 Aug 08

Read the above re Victoria, BC

Less people did it easily

Davo111 2:48 pm 23 Aug 08

The population on Canberra just isn’t big enough.

Granny 1:33 pm 23 Aug 08

I would personally be embarrassed to invite people to Canberra at the moment. I have always been proud of my city, but I have never seen it look so shabby. It just looks tired and dirty and potholey and … and … bogan boganly full of boganity.

Primal 12:11 pm 23 Aug 08

The Head of the Canberra Bid Committee, a Mr S. Baldrick, was unavailable for comment.

Whatsup 10:53 am 23 Aug 08

Johnboy… the cunning plan. I can see it and think we should have a go.

vg 10:47 am 23 Aug 08

Victoria, BC, Canada

The whole area only has the same population as us and held the event just swimmingly.

Could do it easily here and in the local surrounds

harley 10:30 am 23 Aug 08

I got out of Melbourne just before the last CG..

I think it would be crap here. We’d need a statium big enoough to hold a quarter the population of the ACT. Can anyone say “white elephant”? I’m not paying for it…

The Atheletes villiage might help with the “housing crisis”. The quotes are intentinal – as the subjects of the crisis couldn’t make use of them for about 10 years from now, so it’s kinda moot. Then there’s the fact we’d have to send more than half of the events – and the athletes – to other cities that can actually support the events.

“barely-glorified sports carnival” doesn’t cut it… WAFTAM is much more accurate… Though the extended Theory of johnboy does have some wieght to it.

Adza 10:28 am 23 Aug 08

Canberra is simply not big enough to host a games of that size.

It would be nice, considering Canberra is the capital, but you just couldn’t do it here.

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