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WonsWorld 1 April 2005 15

Has any one got any idea why planes were flying in formation above the ANU at about 5:20 PM today. I assume it was the Roulettes.

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15 Responses to What gives
wonsworld wonsworld 6:50 pm 02 Apr 05

There were certainly more than two planes in the air. My eyes arent what they used to be but they aint that bad.

vg vg 2:24 pm 02 Apr 05

One of them crashed weeks ago. They do have spare aircraft and there are many formations you can fly in with an even number. Diamond, line abreast, line astern, circle, square….endless

b2 b2 9:10 pm 01 Apr 05

there are normally 7 planes but there were only 2 on wednesday, this is because as Blossy said, one of them had crashed. and you can’t fly in formation with an even number of planes.

Paul Galvin Paul Galvin 4:09 pm 01 Apr 05

It was to celebrate the RAAF’s 84th birthday.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 1:56 pm 01 Apr 05

He was RAAF, serving with the RAF.

1:36 pm 01 Apr 05

Can some one explain to me why our Air-force would be having a fly over for a british pilot.
Is this common????

em em 9:02 am 01 Apr 05

There was something going on at the Air Force memorial on Anzac Parade about 5pm so maybe it was timed for that.

wonsworld wonsworld 11:06 pm 31 Mar 05

After seeing the news tonight I also thought it might have to do with the return of the airman’s body, however I dont think that there was a plane missing. I have seen the missing formation before and what zoomed overhead looked like a full five in the fly past. Also I dont think they would be grouping over Turner and the ANU when the body was returned to Fairburn??

Blossy Blossy 9:14 pm 31 Mar 05

actually my laughter was more about the not so funny fact that the RAAF recently lost one of the Roulette aircraft during a practise flight over Victoria.

johnboy johnboy 8:21 pm 31 Mar 05

to expand, a plane missing from formation flying is the fly-boys poignant way of honouring a fallen comrade.

a bit like the army’s tradition of the riderless horse with boots reversed in the stirrups.

Matt Sheppard Matt Sheppard 8:07 pm 31 Mar 05

Noticed them as well. I could have sworn it was earlier than 5:20 though.

Blossy Blossy 7:57 pm 31 Mar 05

true 🙂

johnboy johnboy 7:19 pm 31 Mar 05

why shouldn’t you?

Blossy Blossy 7:18 pm 31 Mar 05


I shouldn’t laugh.

johnboy johnboy 7:09 pm 31 Mar 05

I suspect it might be related to this.

Was a plane missing from the formation?

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