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What happened to our community?

By FormerlyCommunityMindedCanberrans 4 July 2013 82

When did it become acceptable to resort to criminal behaviour over the issue of ‘parking’? It is assault to abuse someone and it is vandalism to damage someone elses’ property. The street in which you live is not “yours”.

It is not ok to run out of your house and shout at someone for parking in “your” street. It is not ok to leave a note on someone’s car telling them not to park on “your” street. It is not ok to run a key along someone’s car or “egg” it because it is parked on “your” street.

Have Canberrans forgotten that we live in a community? That we all pay our taxes to the local Government so that we can enjoy the benefits of that community? If someone chooses to walk 10, 20, 30 minutes or more to walk to avoid paying for parking so what? They pay to live in this community – why are they not allowed to enjoy it?


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What happened to our community?
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evilone 3:07 am 13 Jul 13

What has happened to “our” community?
I’m not sure that you even know the names of the people’s houses that you park in front of, let alone leave a xmas card in their letterbox for any inconvenience you may have caused them during the year.
And most people who don’t have a problem with parking in front of someone’s house, you could safely assume that they don’t have people doing it in their street.
But more to the point, this need for parking in suburban streets to save some dollars could be avoided if parking was cheaper, or public transport was better. Lets face it, car parks are cheap(relatively) to build and maintain. Why is the price for parking getting more expensive then? You want to be community minded, try to start thinking about what’s best for the community, what is cause of your problem, what can be done to solve it, and STOP being selfish

Innovation 8:54 am 10 Jul 13

nhand42 said :

Masquara said :

You don’t own the road outside your house! It belongs to the public, and you don’t dictate who parks there.

Legally, no. But the guy across the road who parks his commercial trucks in front of my house, every evening and all weekend, rather than park those trucks in front of his own house, well he might be following the law and be legally entitled to do so, but he’s still an inconsiderate jerk.

Especially when there are no cars or trucks parked in front of his house. He just finds it convenient to park his commercial trucks in front of other people’s houses.

Why is he inconsiderate? Have you asked him why he does it and have you explained why it bothers you?


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