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What Joinery should I use to do my new kitchen?

By ACT Roo - 23 July 2009 28

What Joinery should I use to do my new kitchen?

[ED – Bonus points for concision]

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28 Responses to
What Joinery should I use to do my new kitchen?
Mike Bessenger 1:53 pm 23 Jul 09

DIY if you want a job done to your standards

paperboy 1:52 pm 23 Jul 09

I know they’re all quite different, but what sort of total prices are we talking about, with savings of $3,500 and being $9k over budget?

flag_elation_fanatic 1:42 pm 23 Jul 09

I recently used Kitchens Direct. The quote was $3500 less than the place with the nice showroom and pushy staff. What I got was proper quality joinery. When the measure was done it was discovered I would be better off with 800mm high cupboards rather than the standard 720mm. Not a problem because they make all their own cabinets from scratch. They also use proper timber bases, rather than the plastic legsand kickboards that most of the showroom pushers use.

After several months use every cupboard door and drawer is still perfectly aligned, and the whole kitchen still feels as solid as a rock. Whereas one of my neighbours had a similar kitchen installed by one of the big advertisers and already they’ve had to put silastic in a gap that has developed in the bench and their cupboard doors don’t have the same solid feel that mine do.

I’m sure there are dozens of similar joineries around Canberra. Rule of thumb for me is if they have just a showroom they probably buy in the flatpack kitchens whereas a business with the machinery out the back will almost certainly be making what they can on-site.

mzih8u 1:41 pm 23 Jul 09

Inline Kitchens and Joinery in Mitchell
Steve: Contact Details
Ph:0409 913 517.

Awesome job!

Russ 1:26 pm 23 Jul 09

Have a chat to Marshall Constructions – they’ve got their own joinery in Queanbeyan for doing kitchens and other cabinetry work.

I’ll add the disclaimer that I’ve just photographed a bunch of this company’s kitchens, and what struck me was apart from being very nice and well-finished kitchens (which in itself, isn’t that remarkable) every homeowner mentioned how pleased they were with the communication and professionalism of both the owner and his joinery guys.

misspris 1:10 pm 23 Jul 09

Pioneer Kitchens & Joinery (02) 6260 1407
24 Raws Crs, Hume

bugmenot 12:48 pm 23 Jul 09

We avoided Benchmarc when they clearly displayed that they were unable to work to a budget (over budget by ~$9K).

We are currently having a kitchen installed by another joiner in Canberra. I will not mention their name at this stage as they are still trying to resolve a few issues and I believe that one of the largest differences between places is how they deal with issues (you will always have some issue/problem that needs addressing).

One thing that I would say is find out where the cabinetry and painting takes place. Our kitchen ended up being made & painted in Sydney, then transported to Canberra. We had some issues that appeared to be due to the transportation, which may not be a problem with a significantly shorter trip. Also helps with the turnaround time for fixing problems.

I’ll submit another post when we’ve finished up and have made a decision on whether we are happy or not.

V twin venom 12:40 pm 23 Jul 09

I recently completed a kitchen reno using Knebel. I will never use them again.

Their cabinetry is very good but thats about where it ends.

They were reluctant to vary the design that they came up with and it took a lot of my own work in order to marry the design with the distictive appliances that we wanted to use.

Every trade was a subcontractor and the Knebel project mangement that was supposed to bring it all together was poor. The plumbers had to come back three times in order to reach an acceptable level of finish for their work. The tiler was terrible, he had to come back four times and in the end we abandoned the feature tiles because he was not prepared to take the time or did not have the skill to do the job properly. In my opinion it should have been the project co-ordinators that hassled the trades until the work was suitable, not me chasing the co-ordinator.

Sorry ACT Roo, you asked who was good, not who was bad.

Summary, go with someone who will take care of the little details and who is willing to LISTEN when it comes to your design. Also of importance, get good advice on the finishes you use. eg. Gloss laminate looks great but will scratch easily. Composite stone bench tops are durable but make a hell of a clatter when you put things down on it.

Good luck

Wraith 12:19 pm 23 Jul 09

Have a crack at it yourself, I did, good fun, time and patience is all it takes, worth while if you are prepared to learn and give it a try.

realityskin 12:02 pm 23 Jul 09

Douglas Joinery

MWest 11:44 am 23 Jul 09

Holden Caulfield said :


Don’t forget the allen keys!

Holden Caulfield 11:31 am 23 Jul 09


semaj 10:54 am 23 Jul 09

I’ve just recently (last month) had a kitchen installed by About Kitchens in Hume.

Very, very happy with the result and also the way in which they handled the small issues you find with any project. Nothing has been too much trouble for them. Price was very reasonable too.

dr phil 10:44 am 23 Jul 09

A classic through dovetail is beautiful and very strong, and wil add a touch of class to your new kitchen.

screaming banshee 10:41 am 23 Jul 09


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