What’s going on on Gundaroo Drive?

Meconium 7 January 2008 8

This morning at 10am there was an emergency van with 000 written on it, and a few police cars parked outside the preschool on Gundaroo Drive near Gungahlin. They had blocked off access to Nellie Hamilton Avenue, the service lane that runs parallel to Gundaroo Drive and Stride Lane, the alleyway that comes off the service lane.

The media were there too – a bunch of guys coming out of cars with cameras, weren’t sure which agency they were from.

They were still there when I came back around 11.30am today, but they’re probably gone by now. I came on here expecting a full explanation of what’s going on in my backyard, but nothing! Not even a mention of it in another thread! So spill the beans and tell me everything you’ve heard.

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8 Responses to What’s going on on Gundaroo Drive?
CanberraGreen CanberraGreen 11:30 pm 12 Nov 07

Bd84, maybe the stench was Bob McMullan’s rotting corpse? It would explain why he has been quiet for the past three years.

bd84 bd84 9:12 pm 12 Nov 07

It must have been Bob McMullen’s campaign launch, he was looking for a big bang to start it off after not been seen or heard from for 3 years, but the residents just got the same bad smell lol.

Though it had to be more of an event than them pledging $500,000 to “upgrade” albert hall, the greatest promise ever covering up for the useless ACT Government can’t be bothered spending the money.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 3:16 pm 12 Nov 07

Election candidate savaged by Rottweiler dog while doorknocking.

Williams has been all over Gungahlin (or at least his bloody posters are), perhaps he is no more??

eggman eggman 2:28 pm 12 Nov 07

I can confirm from discussions with a fireman. It was a gas leak. At 8.45 I could _see_ the gas escaping from 100m so it was a big one…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 2:25 pm 12 Nov 07

No chance we could revise the dog-story to involve the CEC conspiracy theory candidate?
I’d pay good money to see that one happen. More if it could be filmed and played back in slow-mo…

Having had a dog attached to my face before, I too agree it is scary.
*has a set of slowly-fading scars across his nose and chin-neck*

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:08 pm 12 Nov 07

Election candidate savaged by Rottweiler dog while doorknocking.

Been there myself – one of the scariest moments of my life!

Meconium Meconium 2:02 pm 12 Nov 07

Pah, boring. Anyone want to make up a more interesting but perhaps less plausible explanation?

GregW GregW 1:48 pm 12 Nov 07

According to 106.3 it was a gas leak, no confirmation from AFP, CT or ABC websites as yet..

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