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che 7 September 2007 7

Heard on the radio the other day about a free hearing test done over the phone called Telscreen. The hearing test is based on similar tests overseas but includes speech material and technology developed specifically for use in Australia. So I gave them a call and found out I’m near the edge of normal hearing, no real surprise there for me, but it could give you an indication that you need to get your hearing tested properly. Results from others in the office included normal hearing, and outside the range of normal hearing.

The phone number is 1800 826 500 and takes less than 5 minutes. Don’t forget to call it twice so you can test both ears, and you don’t have to supply any details if you don’t want to.

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7 Responses to Whats that you say?
kenk kenk 1:03 pm 08 Sep 07

The following link is a pretty good hearing test from Uni NSW. It is no substitute for a proper evaluation by an audiologist but is useful.

green_frogs_go_pop green_frogs_go_pop 10:34 pm 07 Sep 07

sorry, you’ll have to speak up hun, cant hear you! 🙂

my left ear is below average!! ha!! (everyone, dont listen to ipods and such at a loud volume! woops!! :D)

Nickamc Nickamc 9:30 pm 07 Sep 07

Around normal hearing. And that’s after ten years of solid gigging too…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 8:09 pm 07 Sep 07

I tried it today. You set your phone volume to whatever suits you. The voice then says a series of three numbers against a noisy background, and about 10 or so iterations of these random numbers against varying background noise.

Not a bad concept really.

Give it a shot – it’s a free call from your home phone….

jono1 jono1 5:25 pm 07 Sep 07

I don’t think so asp. It’s not testing the volume of your hearing. From what I heard on the radio the other day, it’s more like the auditory equivalent of those colour blindness tests – you have to listen to a voice speaking, but as the test goes on the level of background noise gets louder and more distracting, and your level of hearing is determined by how long you can distinguish what the voice is saying.

asp asp 3:58 pm 07 Sep 07

Many home phones and of course mobiles have variable speaker/ear piece volume. Would that affect results?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:53 pm 07 Sep 07


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