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What’s the hurry?

By Swaggie - 8 November 2005 35

Nice to see the government registered vehicle on the Parkway yesterday afternoon Rego 21129* It came past us clearly exceeding the speed limit then it got stuck behind an ‘inconsiderate’ driver who was sticking to the speed limit.

Rather than cruise at a safe distance behind him, it then proceeded to tailgate him for at least 3 km before the driver in front pulled into the inside lane allowing government car to vanish into the distance.

Oddly enough this wasn’t an emergency service vehicle in a desperate hurry somewhere but a white station wagon with ‘Vehicle Inspectors’ emblazoned all over the bodywork. It’s hard to imagine the impending disaster that could warrant such urgency in their driving.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
What’s the hurry?
Thumper 1:18 pm 08 Nov 05

The reckless will also kill the innocent which is a fact already, only it would be moreso.

As a point, how many times have you been driving along when some idiot decides to overtake you around a corner over a rise on a dodgy county goat track, only to just miss another car coming the other way.

That one moment of sheer idiocy could have caused the three vehicles to crash.

Bonfire’s idea about natural speeds is fundamentally correct but also impossible to implement.

Maelinar 1:12 pm 08 Nov 05

Yes, but allow the upper limit of speed to be breached and those who wish to drive at reckless speeds will decline through natural process.

If you made them or their families responsible for recompensation for any damage they caused while destroying themselves, you’d also find a natural selection process at work.

I say give it a go. The reckless will kill themselves and we can get on with it.

Indi 1:02 pm 08 Nov 05

Tough one bonfire – you’re probably right, it’s too difficult to ‘prove’ beyond a doubt in court that a driver was driving in a dangerous manner or speeding without tangible evidence (speed camera).

I’d take a punt and say if you removed speed limits in Australia, it would be hard to believe that drivers would cope with the lack of some form of boundary. Speed may only be one factor in road accidents, but it is certainly the easiest one to curb via setting ‘suggested’ speed limits…naturally just about everything hinges on driver attitude and subseqent behaviour – hard to control this.

bonfire 12:40 pm 08 Nov 05

indi the problem is collecting evidence.

it comes down to he said she said.

as a person who was subjected to a criminal act and contacted the police, the response i received was (my summary) ‘cos no copper saw it, it never happened’ despite the fact i retained physical evidence.

i resolved to take my own action if it happened again.

in regards to speeding, imagine getting into the dock:

so indi – how fast was bonfires stanley steamer going on the day in question ?

faster than 80kmh

was it faster than 120 kmh ?

i dont know ?

was it faster than 100 kmh ?

probably ?

the courts and police would not even bother.

i’d be steaming off while you complained to a current affair about the injustice.

in any case, dobbing in someone for speeding is an offence in itself worthy of a thrashing.

accidents are cause by a variety of factors, incomptent drivers being the leading cause.

if people who had spun out in the wet had attended an advanced drivers course, they may have an idea about how to correct the car. most people dont. of course there was also the fellow who had taken 3 ecstacy tablets and drove head on into another car. his girlfriend gave them to him cos she didnt want him to drink and drive.

speeding is a very small factor in accidents.

do away with limits entirely for a six month period, monitor the speeds the roads are naturally used at and then apply a limit at the upper end of the median.

if we need limits at all.

ive seen little credible evidence to support them

Indi 12:27 pm 08 Nov 05

A question for the relevant department (or all of ACT govt depts) – is there a call-in reporting system of driver behaviour, good or bad?

If some private firms have adopted the idea, what would stop the ACT government?

Thumper 11:41 am 08 Nov 05

Exactly Mr ferret.

However, I would suggest if people want to drive faster (as in much faster, not just a little faster)than the said limit then they should take up your previous sport.

*sigh* I’m sounding like my old man….

Maelinar 11:38 am 08 Nov 05

back on topic, it may have been an undercover copper a bit late for an anti-terror raid perhaps ?

Growling Ferret 11:36 am 08 Nov 05

“It’s the speed LIMIT…. the absolute maximum ’safe’ limit for any road”

Speed limits are set as a safe limit for the most unskilled driver to travel at a ‘safe’ speed in a vehicle with less than ideal handling and safety characteristics.

Get out anywhere west of Wagga, and every two lane goat track has a 110kmh limit…

The Parkway is safe at 110 at any time other than peak hour and in the wet, and safer if drivers obeyed the law and kept left unless overtaking!

Thumper 11:14 am 08 Nov 05

Yeah, I’d agree with that Indi…

Indi 11:07 am 08 Nov 05

Just curious about the setting of lights here – I get the impression bloodnut1 that, as an example, there is no point speeding down Northbourne Ave as the lights are set to control traffic flow and you still end up arriving say from the City to Dickson in about 10 mins if maintain your speed at 60.

Highway driving – well drive to the conditions, but anything in excess of 110 on the Parkway indicates a driver has a problem with authority and their own (and others) safety…

Battle_Kath 10:32 am 08 Nov 05

Uhhm hello!? It’s the speed LIMIT…. the absolute maximum ‘safe’ limit for any road. Not a guideline for you to then make a judgement on. Whether you think you can safely go faster or not you’re breaking the law.

bloodnut1 10:17 am 08 Nov 05

uh nice one bonfire… i hope your speech was muffled due to the tongue in your cheek.

speeding is never ‘safe’.

I enjoy nothing better than seeing offensive idiots tailgating a law abiding driver only to speed off, yet be caught at the next set of lights. i laugh and i laugh and i laugh because they’re dickheads.

sadly it never sinks in that they look like/are wankers.

bonfire 10:02 am 08 Nov 05

uh oh, one of those ‘i will do exactly 80kmh and no more ‘ types.

in a civilised society you’d be allowed to ram these people.

if i did that today – i’d be the bad guy.

whats the big crime in a little speed on the parkway ? 120-130 is a safe speed on that road.

colsim 9:57 am 08 Nov 05

Fair enough to keep left unless overtaking but if some arsehole whooshes up and is tailgating me before I get a chance to move back to the left lane I’m not movin’. Tailgating is very very poor form.

Kramer 9:26 am 08 Nov 05

Why is the speeding govt vehicle the bad guy and not the driver who is failing to keep left unless overtaking? Just because you are doing the speed limit it doesn’t give you the right to sit in the right lane.

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