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What’s the Quangers bit??

By Sad_Mushroom - 2 January 2011 22

I know it goes both ways…

Geesh most of people in Quangers in court on Mondays are from Oaks Estate (ACT) Majority of them came from ACT (still in ACT) just offended in Quangers.

Civic wanted them out,,,,give them Govvy housing in Oaks Estate and send them in Qbn for thier Methadone and free meals…Still ACT’s issue just palming them off…

Quangers wouldn’t have such a bad name if it wasn’t for the Oaks (ACT) Estatians running the shit from either side of the border…

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
What’s the Quangers bit??
Grumpy Old Fart 9:55 pm 03 Jan 11

Hey ‘JustThinking’ why don’t you think before you type it might just save us all. I suggest that in most cases a town doesn’t get a bad name because offenders come from interstate or intrastate.

Canberra has a ‘bad’ name because the press always state ‘a decision was made by Canberra today’ instead of saying ‘a bunch of politicians from all over Australia made a decision’.

Mr Evil 7:40 pm 03 Jan 11

It’s the ACT Govt’s way of paying NSW back for all the millons of dollars owed by the NSW Govt for all the NSW patients who use the ACT Health System.

Pay up now – or we’ll send more undesirables across from Oaks Estate to steal your priceless Picture magazine collection, or your Winnie Blues and thongs.

bobbatty 5:09 pm 03 Jan 11

EXTREMELY savage budget cuts to the NSW education system are evident in your post and I’d also add that QBN is just a place with people like me and possibly monkey’s like you.

Mimiboo 1:20 pm 03 Jan 11

I’m with ummmmmm_no.

Chop71 11:04 am 03 Jan 11

I think it’s funny how Americans call illegal imigrants “wetbacks” as most of them swim across the river between Mexico and USA.

I wonder how many “wetbacks” floated across our boarder during the latest floods and have been unable to swim upstream home.

Mystery2Me 10:31 am 03 Jan 11

My memory only goes back as far as the 1960’s, when Queanbeyan was the place to go if you wanted to have your car stolen or live in a really cheap flat. Interestingly, there was no Oaks Estate public housing until 1974. I’m wondering who OP would like to blame for the crime that occurred in Queanbeyan at that time and the bad name that Queanbeyan had even back then?

Thoroughly Smashed 10:17 am 03 Jan 11

The ACT Government is responsible for social problems everywhere, not just Queanbeyan.

miz 10:09 am 03 Jan 11

Hello JustThinking – criminals are prosecuted in the jurisdiction in which they offend, not the jurisdiction in which they live. As you say, it ‘goes both ways’ – there are always going to be ‘issues’ near borders. Plenty of people who offend in the ACT come from NSW, and vice versa. Ditto for health and other services.

It appears from your post that you dislike public housing generally, and object specifically to the ACT having public housing (Oaks Estate) near the NSW border. However, public housing itself does not equal criminality. There are other Canberra suburbs near the NSW border with a high proportion of public housing (eg Gilmore), which do not appear to give you any difficulty.

Your concern seems to be with certain individuals who are charged with criminal offences. However, you should be pleased that the community’s law enforcement processes are fulfilling your expectations by apprehending offenders.

Check out the following recent stats:

This shows that, apart from a rather large increase in retail theft of alcohol/cigarettes in the South East region (which includes Queanbeyan, but also includes a lot of other places), criminal activity in NSW is trending down.

I would therefore ignore concerns that Quangers has a ‘bad name’ for criminality. Canberra, similarly, has a ‘bad name’ – for being full of out of touch fat cats. We all know these ‘reputations’ are rubbish.

However, if the criminal behaviour of others is affecting you personally, ring the police.

vg 8:36 am 03 Jan 11

Pop across the border and see how many Quimbeyan people populate the ACT courts.

The re-think your post

beejay76 8:26 am 03 Jan 11

Us vs them gone mad.

georgesgenitals 8:25 am 03 Jan 11

Just goes to show that dickheads live everywhere.

sexynotsmart 1:29 am 03 Jan 11

Well, if they offended in QBN that’s where the offence should be heard.

I heard they have stopped handing out free gumboots for “people in Quangers in court on Mondays”. The river level dropped enough that dry socks are de rigeur again.

natecv8 12:02 am 03 Jan 11

Out of interest – do you hang around the courthouse for fun, or are you racking up enough appearances of your own to come to this very scientific and statistically proven conclusion?

ummmm_no 11:59 pm 02 Jan 11

I’d reply, but your post is pretty much impossible to comprehend.

eyeLikeCarrots 10:59 pm 02 Jan 11

Savage budget cuts to the NSW education system are evident in your post.

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