What’s Tracie doing and should she stop it?

johnboy 24 March 2007 20

Strolling down a path in Dickson I was suprised by the following piece of graffiti on the footpath:

Odd, I thought. A curious way to leave a message for someone you must be quite sure will be walking down the path. And will she know what it is she’s supposed to be stopping?

But there was more on a fence a bit further along:

(Yes, I’ve air-brushed the first word for those with delicate sensibilities)

All very odd. So, with no facts at all, would anyone like to make up a scenario that fits these limited insights into another world?

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20 Responses to What’s Tracie doing and should she stop it?
astrojax astrojax 1:49 pm 29 Mar 07

noice l’il graffito above the urinal in the wig and pen:

the poster for stopping doemstic violence had ‘australia say’s no’ changed to ‘computor (sic) says no’.

seeing as the wig is like a little british pub, ‘n all… aww forget it! 🙂

Absent Diane Absent Diane 1:45 pm 29 Mar 07

its actually a secret code meant for me. Thanks JB for posting it here means I don’t have to walk past retrieve the code.

astrojax astrojax 1:35 pm 29 Mar 07

without a comma after ‘tracie’, she doesn’t appear to have anything to stop, rather, she is more likely an actor, whose actions did themselves something stop.

but grammar doesn’t appear to be the graffittoist’s friend, so perhaps tracie should stop both breathing and moving; should solve much…

Dante Dante 3:52 pm 26 Mar 07

that comment doesn’t make much sense bonfire *cough*hypocrite*cough*

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 1:41 pm 26 Mar 07

It must be Art.

Al Al 1:20 pm 26 Mar 07

So now despite all the rants of the past on the subject of graffiti, Bonfire concedes to not just tolerating, but appreciating, some forms of graffiti….
Well my world just turned on its axis. 😛

bonfire bonfire 9:55 am 26 Mar 07

although i detest graffiti sullying our urban landscape, i do miss the graffiti on the the back of uni library reading cubicles and toilet doors.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:11 am 26 Mar 07

As long as it’s tv screens and not cameras, good on ’em.

mriainr mriainr 9:40 pm 25 Mar 07

In canada there is a company making a killing putting tv screens in the sport stadium toilets. closed circuit stuff showing commercials and the odd game update.

emd emd 1:33 pm 25 Mar 07

We had public toilets long before we had advertising in them. Is there any ad-free space left in this town?

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:40 am 25 Mar 07

Maybe the person who wrote it has an invisible friend named Tracie. Maybe Tracy was making her do bad things like burn things and then blamed it on the voice in her head, AKA Tracie.

johnboy johnboy 11:11 am 25 Mar 07

something’s got to pay for the free amenity you’re enjoying in that time.

I’d rather advertising than a meter.

emd emd 10:59 am 25 Mar 07

Occasionally there’s a nice bit of feminist poetry on the back of toilet doors. Although less of that these days.

I’ve always wondered if the advertising on the back of toilet doors is a good thing. Less room for annoying graffiti, but I don’t want to be “sold to” in my two minutes of quiet time.

johnboy johnboy 9:37 am 25 Mar 07

revenge from ex’s!

“That bitch, I’ll show her, I’ll put her number on the backs of lots of toilets”

That sort of thing.

But maybe I use the wrong toilets, mostly I see men’s numbers seeking other men.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 9:34 am 25 Mar 07

How do the girls numbers get on the back of the guys doors?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:42 pm 24 Mar 07

At least you get ‘conversations’ to read. All we get on mens toilet doors are girls’ phone numbers. Oh, and some blokes’ too.

bubzie bubzie 7:26 pm 24 Mar 07

hahaha, i agree with schmeria 😀

schmerica_ schmerica_ 3:30 pm 24 Mar 07

Its kind of like reading the back of the doors in womens toilets… you can read whole converstations with girls slagging off other girls.

Spectra Spectra 1:51 pm 24 Mar 07

Interestingly, that second one looks like it could have been written with up to 3 different pens, and quite possibly made by editing an earlier, maybe unrelated message.
Unfortunately, my awesome forensic skills run out at about that point (besides the observation that the writer could use a lesson in elementary grammar, but that only really narrows it down to about 95% of ‘net users…and of the rest of the population).

gurunik gurunik 1:37 pm 24 Mar 07

modern day romeo & juliet?

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