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when is canberra best?

By astrojax - 19 June 2008 22

we’ve had lots of threads and posts about what to do or what to see in canberra, but wafting about between appointments in a cab today, and out at lunch kicking a footy yesterday, i was reminded about how much i particularly like canberra in winter – the fresh quality the air has, the stillness of the lake, the shape of the city revealed by the deciduousness of the foliage and its commensurate carpet of leaves on the lawns and paths. personally, i dig canberra’s genuine seasons preferentially in order from autumn best to summer least – but when do other rioters most like canberra and why?  when would you bring a visitor here, rather than what, apart from the wig and pen and questacon, would you show them…? 

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
when is canberra best?
Thumper 8:41 pm 19 Jun 08

I have to admit those foggy freezing winter mornings when the eastern sky is a blaze of grey and pink, the grass is white and crunchy underfoot and the lakes are a dark deathly stillness, are quite stunning.

Thumper 8:39 pm 19 Jun 08

You are all class Pandy 😉

Pandy 8:24 pm 19 Jun 08

Summernats time. Lots of Boobie Birds to be seen. After 3 short days they fly back home.

staria 8:18 pm 19 Jun 08

I can’t pick either. Have you seen the amazing sunsets we’re having lately? I think I’ve seen about every shade of pink and orange there is. I’m looking forward to mid winter when the grass is white with frost in the morning and crunches when you walk on it. The air is fresh and freezing, but still. Or the foggy mornings where you can’t see more than a couple of feet in front of you, and crossing the road becomes a challenge because the fog dampens the sound of the cars and you have to hope that they have their headlights on so you can see them before you get smushed.

I love autumn too, with the changing leaves. Spring with the trees in blossom. Summer with the long evenings spent outside with bbq and a beer (or two). All gold, would not swap it for anything.

Clown Killer 5:59 pm 19 Jun 08

Cant pick. I love those scorching hot summer days, with screaming cicadas and heat haze. The halcyon “indian summer” of Autumn – t-shirts through the day and cool nights with golden trees, icy cold mornings under the mantle of an azure sky – oth thick fog that dosn’t lift until after lunch and spring – with the cherry blossoms through the older suburbs and a maggie pecking at the back of your head as you try to ride around the lake …

Overheard 5:52 pm 19 Jun 08

Autumn for me. Brilliant colours in the trees, mild days, mild nights and the National Folk Festival.

What’s not to like?!

niftydog 4:02 pm 19 Jun 08

Thumper said :

Spring… everyone seems to be in a good mood.

Yup, everyone comes out of hibernation and can’t wait to get outside. Birds sing louder, the garden goes bananas, skirts get shorter… I constantly reassure my BBQ that spring is just around the corner.

Whatsup 2:23 pm 19 Jun 08

Autumn. The crisp hint in the morning and the leaves changing colour.

lenny 2:17 pm 19 Jun 08

I disagree Hamilton, I have travelled the world and think it canberra is wonderful, although perhaps not the winter mornings spent de-frosting the car.

I think Canberra has a wonderful spring, especially when there is a nice breeze, although this often turns into a gale force!

sepi 1:53 pm 19 Jun 08

Late spring or early autumn.

Spring is better – Autumn can be windy.

Winter can be cool on those freezing but sunny crystal clear days – but today isnt’ one of them, so winter is off the agenda.

Hamilton 1:36 pm 19 Jun 08

Canberra is generally best when living in another city!

Gungahlin Al 12:38 pm 19 Jun 08

I love the changing seasons too – brown to green and everything in between. However – it’s been a few years since I’ve seen the green phase…feeling like a never-ending summer – even the winter temps are mild.

DawnDrifter 12:11 pm 19 Jun 08

im with thumber but minus the pollen
nothing like cycling around LBG at that time of year witnessing canberra transform before your eyes.. very nice time of the year

Thumper 12:01 pm 19 Jun 08


The sun is warm, trees are starting to green up, birds sing in the early morning, the mornings are still cool and everyone seems to be in a good mood.

justbands 11:53 am 19 Jun 08

Autumn…when the trees are changing colour & the sunsets (particularly lakeside) are beautiful. The days are (often) still warm.

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