When Magnet Mart Man goes bad

johnboy 8 May 2007 33

YouTube now brings us the trailer of the perpetually awaited Canberra science fiction movie, Silicon Spies. The National Gallery and Magnet Mart Man never looked so mean.

Anyone in the know able to tell us how it’s coming along?

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33 Responses to When Magnet Mart Man goes bad
kambahbaby kambahbaby 9:51 pm 12 Jun 07

There’s a heap going on behind the scenes with the people who made the trailer. Saw the comment about a waste of time and money (actually its $160K at last count) and while I understand the resentment, wanted to set the record straight and assure that value has been had. Will post an article detailing all the good stuff going on.

Ozhair Ozhair 10:51 am 11 May 07

Most over-exposed ACT actor doesn’t necessarily mean the best ACT actor by a long shot.

Downy Downy 8:16 pm 10 May 07

it’s a bit sad when the best actor the ACT has is him!

ncmacca ncmacca 2:04 pm 10 May 07

The magnet mart guy is a flog bag, I pulled up once behind him getting some fuel and the idiot just acted like “oh dont come near me I am famous”
He had a shitbox soarer hehe I should have hit it and seen what he would do

r.blair r.blair 7:21 am 10 May 07

Hope this doesn’t carry the lead in ‘From the producers of Strange James’…can anyone remember this locally made all Canberra film? It also had the Magnet Mart fella in it.

We went to Manuka to see it on the big screen, I never laughed so hard at the movies! The director, poor fella, sat in and was a bit pissed off that people were laughing in the wrong bits. Yet it was one of the more memorable films I’ve seen! so many corker lines, so badly delivered! A classic! I’ve still got the poster.

Bring on the Silicon Spies! It has got to be better than ‘Danny Deckchair’, one of the worst Aussie film I’ve seen.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 10:40 pm 09 May 07

I’ll wait to download it from bit torrent…. maybe….

kennardly kennardly 9:18 pm 09 May 07

On ya Sloaney!

Ralph Ralph 6:11 pm 09 May 07


OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 5:12 pm 09 May 07

I don’t think it’s MagnetMartMan (Brendan’s) car. Last I saw him he was driving a black Honda S2000. He told me it was the fastest car ever made and he told me some other sh1t too.

fnaah fnaah 1:37 pm 09 May 07

Looking through the crew listing on the site, I see lots of ex-AIE students on the CGI team – good to see them getting into something cool, without having to move interstate!

Al Al 1:02 pm 09 May 07

Maybe the money all went into buying the car, and everything else’s computer rendered? 🙂
Hey – maybe the Magnet Mart man’s computer rendered…?

fnaah fnaah 12:49 pm 09 May 07

I wonder if the Corvette belongs to the director (Dean Toovey) – he used to have a 70’s stingray, woulnd’t surprise me if he’s updated by now.

S4anta S4anta 11:03 am 09 May 07

much like your lack of syntax and grammar kemposon

kemposon kemposon 10:29 am 09 May 07

100,000 dollars of gov money,4years in making a trailer ?????.will never be made was it worth it.!!!Grant money could have gone to at people who fin what they start

bonfire bonfire 9:42 am 09 May 07

i enjoyed sunshine. because i hadnt read any of the previews i was surprised half way through. great villain. nice take on ‘end days’ solution as well. i found it a thought provoking film.

the review by dougal mcdonald or whatever his name is in the ct was pretty poor. he gave away every plot element and bagged it.

he probably hated solaris as well.

this clip looks suitably cheesy. 4 years to make ? well good luck to them – it takes longer than that to get most films through the hollywood machine before they even start filming.

lets hope dendy gives it some support.

johnboy johnboy 9:30 am 09 May 07

Ah, but those are outlaws! And the car would be a museum piece in that era.

Al Al 9:26 am 09 May 07

Yes it wouldn’t be hard to top Sunshine. What a let down! Might be fun though.

I’m intrigued by their vision of Canberra – good to see cars in there – because as we constantly get told here, Canberra was designed for cars… 🙁

ducks ducks 8:54 am 09 May 07

That looks absolutely hilarious and I want to watch it.

TAD TAD 5:11 am 09 May 07

I’m always a bit suspicious of a film trailer that shows nil dialogue whatsoever.

Meconium Meconium 12:53 am 09 May 07

LOL. Looks like a shite movie, but it’s a good idea to use the trippy architecture of the NGA to film a sci-fi.

I just saw Sunshine, the new Danny Boyle movie, in Woden… let’s hope Silicon Spies is better than that. Apart from the massive budget-for-special effects discrepancy, it wouldn’t be hard to top Sunshine.

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